Monday, 21 November 2016

WWE Survivor Series 2016

Survivor Series 2016

It was always going to be a tough stretch heading into to an already abysmal line up of PPV squalor, but WWE attempted to try and Survivor Series be something rather than nothing. What that was, however, was once more, quite unclear.

So it begins, live on Pay Per View on Sunday November 20th from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This of course, was the first event held in Canada of PPV since the infamous 1997 Montreal Screwjob.


Tag Team
Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari Vs Rich Swann, TJ Perkins and Noam Dar

WWE continued to overload its outdated and highly flawed midget division fresh from last week's international tour in England and Europe. 

Triple H's obsessed ego with one tape from midgets in Japan (Best of the Super Juniors) which was guided to him by Max Waltham, decided re-installing the division would be an excellent idea. With just a handful of Cruisers and highly ignorant flippy stuntmen doing acrobatics instead of actual skill was on hand on its rightful place, the pre-show. However even this took away the regular pre-show stars who deserve a place in WWE.

No wonder the highly ignorant Dar dallies.
What a stud. All two pounds of him.
Triple H's debuting star Noam Dar, an Israeli born, English faggot jumping about proved just how WWE has sank to its poorest of levels. No skill, trash and simple acrobatics of no value, with someone many consider to be harbouring the nationality of a Terrorist, all to try and manipulate a fandom and gay vote has been the greatest insult WWE has ever provided it's so called Universe.

Great move Trips.

They even let the closeted stick of no substance, style or personality the win over the talented star playing lower standards as a Cruiser in Tony Nese, ignorant bag of bones Drew Gulak and returning jobber Daivari. This division is a pile of jokes, yet the fabric it is built on is no laughing matter in the slightest. WWE are completely moronic and have no clue. This is getting worse than Dixie Carter's management style.

Kane Vs Luke Harper

Kane arrived out of the depths of nowhere to take on random geezer Luke Harper. Kane won. It filled the time.

Once the main show finally got going after a disgraced beginning for no reason whatsoever than to just be there, Survivor Series began properly. 

Tag Team
5 Man, Traditional Survivor Series 
Bayley, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair Vs Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi and Becky Lynch

A mish mash of disastrous divas now playing as women in WWE's bungled misdirection of girlies all over the place was another confusing battle. A Raw Vs Smackdown Live domination battle all night for simply to 'be the best' with no other emphasis of anything worthwhile was encouraging. 

Sasha 'bland' Banks
Team Raw with Bayley and crew, somehow managing to host more than five divas on its roster, laughable in context, took on team Smackdown's rabble of moderately talented but misguided lot. 

Alicia Fox, back from the realms of obscurity did her duty for the show with Carmella. Bayley and Becky 'stink' Lynch had a little ruffle that meant nothing ans showed no style or skill and was just there for the sake of it. Charlotte tags herself in to a multitude of hatred, not on the dishonourable side, but generally for being the poorest worker in WWE's diva land to continually be the favoured nepotistic champion by WWE's self luv ins. It really isn't working at all, is it?

Predictably Sasha Banks tags herself in also next to cause some friction between the two. Who would have seen that coming from Raw's only two female fighters? Bayley tries to keep order until as predicated, much earlier than usual, everyone clambers in to scuffle in a monstrous melee of confused interactions. There was no logic involved.

The two 'champions on either side Charlotte and Becky, laughable from both trying to be  thing and a champ, where Becky's title doesn't exist thanks to Raw's tangle on Charlotte never being separated once to form a brand exclusive one on either side, fought.

It was very boring and predictable, but hey, WWE need to raise its female standards to continue bragging about female empowerment they never created, endorsed or developed. No one is buying it.

First to go after the skirmish was Carmella, from starting entry Alicia Fox. Wait for it...

Alexa Bliss enters next and just like that, Alicia Fox is eliminated. Nothing like five years and beyond ago where the same routine is always played out in Survivors' style matches.

Naomi beats up Charlotte only to have Nia Jax come in and do a one move greenery crush on her to shove her to the outside. Oh no! Naomi is counted out to elimination. Well, that's err, new? What a comedown.

Natalya and Sasha have a go to mix up the battling babes' interactions. It wasn't really exciting at this point, despite Natalya trying to make the dreadful Raw ladies, including Banks relevant. Even on opposing teams, WWE can't get the Raw girlies interesting. Shame.

With a little support from Alexa Bliss, Natalya defeats the cruddy steroid junkie abuser Sasha Banks with a cheesy roll up. Sasha Banks is out. Thanks for coming.

What next? Charlotte takes it, once again, to Natalya, in another replay from the Spring, when Natalya did all the work for her. Fans were so empowered they chanted "Suplex City" to inform the divas and WWE they were bored as frig.

In a repay from the Spring, exactly once again, Dana Brooke got involved costing Natalya as Charlotte nailed a Big Boot to eliminate the Pink Prowess Natalya. Dana Brooke? The one who a month ago had Charlotte turn on her? Now best friends again and using her daddy's name for recognition to get over? How much has changed in six months to a year.WWE truly love Natalya's skill every time.

Becky and Alexa have an argument (What's new?) with a little shove, very unconvincingly. This gives meathead Nia Jax a chance but misses clobbering both, but Becky taps out Nia Jax with assistance from Bliss. The pair continue to argue. Zzzzzzz.

Nik Nat. The talent loses out once more.
Livid Ms Jax pulls borderline Pretty Wrong Girl Becky from outside. Getting her chance, Jax batters Becks into the barricade. Zzzzzz.

Bliss somehow manages to tag in? and fight Charlotte who gets a cheap moment with another Boot. Alexa Bliss is out o' there. Last remaining survivor (lol) battered Becky Lynch lost it for her team as Bayley took the winning Belly to Belly suplex to survive Raw with Charlotte and Bayley in a tepid and non eventful encounter that did nothing for the Women's, Raw's two divas, and the Smackdown locker ladies. Well done.

No surprise, Bayley was then battered after the win by Charlotte Flair, to set up an obvious new number one contender in the three diva Raw salute. Zzzzzz. What a colossal waste of time that was. Value for money WWE Universe?

Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) Vs Sami Zayn

Taxi for Zayn!
This was an interesting one. After winning the title over the last month for Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler, was set for Survivor Series with an open challenge on any Raw superstar. Should Raw win, they get the IC title moved to Raw. All the while, Dolph Ziggler was shockingly relieved of the title days before Survivor's on Smackdown LIVE by previous owner and quite possibly the biggest failed reliance on carrying the Intercontinental title so many times as champion, The Miz. Fans are getting bored of it.

It was never conceivable that WWE would switch the title to Raw, but they had to do something to keep Smackdown LIVE from losing ratings and boost Survivor Series amid the hype, which was zapped by starring acts Miz and Zayn. Fans were annoyed that they didn't get who they thought they would with Ziggler and Zayn, therefore WWE should have announced this months ago. Again, WWE were lazy and clueless.

Busy washing his hair.
The match itself was another boring sigh of emptiness and toilet break moments only one match in. Cripes! Ignorant Wrestle Talker and resident WWE tart in her get up, Maryse once again added her sad and childish mannerisms with face to the hand motions. Whatever. 

Note to WWE, what Vince already knows. No one gives a care in the world against flip sh*t no mark Sami Zayn, okay.

The Miz unsurprisingly won after another distraction from Dana Brooke on Smackdown mannequin, Maryse.  In all of WWE's efforts to add some depth and confusion to the title switch or not, the main show was ever predictable and redundant. Why bother? 

Is this really WWE's best? Back to the crappy writing board, guys.

Tag Team
10 Man Elimination, Traditional Survivor Series
Cesaro, Sheamus, Enzo Amore, Cass, Kofi Kingston, Big E, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Primo and Epico Vs Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Mojo Rawley, Zack Ryder, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Heath Slater and Ryhno

Once again WWE coined it in with the same toilet break, seem like they give you all something but need time stalling filler in a jobberville tag thingy. 

Wow! Who knew WWE had so many people on its roster when it wants to include them, let alone for its pitiful tag division.

To make things more confusing, only one representative of their team can play. 

WWE have long underrated and struck Fandango with a terrible partner and position. Tonight he made entertaining and handed out scored of fashion violation tickets to audience attendees and his partners. One would concur.

Unsurprisingly, as ever in WWE matches of this magnitude, Kofi Kingston leapt on Fandango and smashed him over the distraction. Fandango was the quickest and first to go like Kofi years prior. 

Don't worry, Kofi Kingston was eliminated seconds later by Jey Uso. HaHaHa! What a joke. He's not as big as Big E, you see, and this, is WWE.

Epico joins in, and with so many teams, it all looks like an inevitable rush of clumsiness. He took on Jey and Zack Ryder. Mojo Rawley helps his partner and shows good promise on Epico with some quick ground work. Epico and Primo now double team as fans wanted and chanted for "Heath Slater". Fans like, WWE don't. Hmm...

The pair of Primo and Mojo tried to do something good in the ring and were fairly consistent despite their limited time, but no one once again cared. Neither have been prominent in WWE, or the public eye, so why should anyone care?

The Shining Stars. Already fizzling out.
Luke Gallows joins in on Mojo. His ignorant bald pal and resident limp noodle, Anderson had his turn to play. Thanks for coming. Zack Ryder returns to add some good chances with technique, but after a cheap moment from Anderson, as usual, Luke Gallows easily dispatched Zack Ryder to the locker room.

American Alpha now join in. Zzzz. Gallows and Gable square up as Epico tags himself in. Oht Oh... Primo comes back in too. Geez... Slater gets another chanting ovation. Chad Gable eventually recover after three suplexes from Ep's to eliminate Epico from the match.

The final two sets of teams (?) go at it, with lofty mannequin devoid of personality, Cass throwing pint size Pineapple Head Enzo onto others, in another predictable, one move fashion. Brilliant. Slater finally joins the show with great adoration. He does what he can in limited time, but wasn't enough but luckily had a mark crowd to cheer him on. Sheamus and Cesaro have a go but Jason Jordan gets caught in the Cesaro Swing. Gable halts this as Gable gets thrown out quickly. Another miss mash towards the end see's Jordan magically return, to which ignorant bald chicken legs nobody Karl Anderson enters with a cheap action, again, to eliminate Jason Jordan

So, anyone on the team eliminated takes the fall for their group. Oh, now we get it... What a mess WWE took explaining or making sense of that one, eh? This is live on PPV, too. Hilarious. Whoever came up with this needs sacking. Unless of course, it was Vince himself, then it's just laughable to the very core.

Sheamus takes it to Slater for Ginger supremacy. Once more, another team has dysfunctional communication as Sheamus and Cesaro size one another up. When will it never end?

Gallows returns and knocks Enzo off the apron. Political loser Rhyno tags in as Gallows argues with Cass so Rhyno can enter and nail a Gore! on Luke Gallows, who gets himself eliminated. So, thankfully the baldie boredoms have left the ring. Heath Slater and Rhyno went shortly after by Enzo and Cass. 

Winding up now what was an abysmal run through of time and moronity, Cass charges a Boot at Slater and again throws Midget SpongeBob onto one of them for the pin.

The Uso's go down to the wire with Raw's beloved and most painstakingly boring team (No, not New Day this time) with Enzo and Cass. With a top rope splash Enzo and Cass are finally sent to the showers. There really was no point to them, was there?

Sheamus beats up both members of The Uso's.  After the main tag team style of Raw's match booking took place, tag, pin, move, break up etc., with such a short run through than normal, Cesaro once again shone, providing the skill and emphasis. The Uso's were also dependable but since WWE's lack of development are simply dependable, but made the match engaging with Cesaro. Sheamus was just there, because WWE have nothing for him.  Don't worry, he's Triple H's gym buddy and friend, so he probably won't be fired yet.

Cesaro finally gets the Cesaro Swing on Jey Uso as previously blocked earlier. So we were made to wait? Err, thanks?

The final interactions from The Uso's were very technically pleasing and added some substance with Cesaro to the closing moments of this poorly interlaced card until, eventually, Sheamus gets the win and renders The Uso's ever dependable. 

Stephanie McMahon and hobo ignorant dweller Mick Foley were seen celebrating. Some celebration, dear. Please spare us.

Cruiserweight Championship
The Brian Kendrick (c) Vs Kalisto

WWE do not have any other Smackdown Cruiser's to boast of and chose the ignorant midget jumper in Kalisto. Yeah, that'll work. Another way of WWE's failings to get a Cruiser on Smackdown. Didn't they recently have a draft?

Kendrick begins early adding technique, ground work and sheer depth to make a true joke of Kalisto, simply jumping about all over the place like a complete moron.

Kendrick dominated the entire match, while having highly ignorant tool Kalisto a change to be a spot monkey as is ever his pathetic routine. 

WWE would once again mess up this division and its brand battling with Kalisto making a mockery of wrestling, the shows, division and company. Then again, Vince McMahon made this imbecilic choice as before in the Spring when Kalisto failed to excel and Triple H hired the ignorant goon knowing full well it was the wrong choice. With it the company is in more dire straits and pitiful management styles than ever before. How are the ratings, by the way? Is this really what is "Best for Business?" darling?

WWE had to go one better. Resident obsolete star that will never get over or materialise in Baron Corbin ran in to nail The Brian Kendrick from behind. Err, what? Sense isn't a valuable asset in WWE, especially with Triple H hiring and Cruiserweight lunacy. Baron Corbin then batters jumping flipper Kalisto with a move to make this match a complete waste of time and effort. 

The Brian Kendrick retains his worthless title, after Kalisto is awarded an empty Disqualification win. Why WWE go to the effort of getting ignorant Cruiser's and then make a mockery of the show with it really fails to shine the company brighter.

Obsessive Ego COO. 
WWE really need to expel this title and so called division by Christmas, as we advised. Though Triple H went against such advise of hiring the piss poor Cruisers and other ignorance failings before. He thought he was so clever, didn't he? The ratings over the last two years, under Tripper's direction have lost huge ratings, money, investment and company brand being. Investors need to pull out as we advised. There is no profit in WWE for 2016 and beyond, only loss. Fans and some stockists have bailed. Others are living out the loyalty campaign in hopes it will win. It won't. Most of the stock is also being secretly totted up by WWE themselves, to look like it is stable. Hilarious.

Anyone, in WWE or elsewhere, who chooses to be ignorant for the sake of it, in any wrestling capacity or oversteps their mark in TV Stations or media, is signing their own death warrant. All for what? A moment of nostalgia, novelty or bragging? There is no doubt, when you go against the rules of wrestling and Max Waltham's crucial advise, you are bound to lose and you will never, and we do mean NEVER 'win'. So be wise and not a complete moron and simply don't do it. You only have yourselves to blame when it all goes up in smoke. Trust me when I say, IT WILL.

The final main event approached with swirls of high ignorance and immaterialising failings.

Tag Team
5 Man, Traditional Survivor Series
Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles w/ James Ellsworth Vs Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns

WWE decided to try and hide the failings of ignorance zapping its ratings in its title holders, giving them another night off to try and increase their title standing. Holding a title for a number of days without doing anything with it is not a historic or good championship worth to brands, holder or business. WWE still fail to understand this. Kevin Owens has been instrumental in destroying the ratings over the last two years with WWE failing to listen and Triple H giving his friend favoured title reigns without earning them. Owens, the fat boy who never woks, lazes around and drops WWE's value in every way possible, continues to make a laughing stock of WWE. Though now he has been joined by AJ Styles who has crippled them on the Blue Brand too. Aging paycheck enthusiast Chris Jericho is much the same and boring fans tenfold. Roman Reigns and his lack of direction from WWE and being John Cena Mark II has sent him to a point of no return. Much the same as WWE's ratings, no doubt.

Team Smackdown adopted his leading star Shane McMahon, after initial star Barry Corbin got injured and was due to seek a replacement only weeks before the event, throwing it into further chaos. Shane O filled the void. However, would this be any better?

The most useless champions of WWE in Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, who have been making a kayfabe Twitter feud to build some heat (lol) took to the stage first. Owens continues his excellent display of moving out of the way and rolling around the mat with AJ to begin his epic run through of idle skills. AJ avoids moves too in a pitiful game of cat and mouse. Wow, these two Indy muppets are really leading the way for WWE as its propelled and favoured champions thanks to the Triple H freebie club, huh?

Aging ignorant Chris Jericho joins in the match as his friend Kevin Owens gives him a big sweaty, Body Odourous hug upon tag in. You could smell the stench from here. Also hilarious how desperate WWE and Kevin Owens are to try and get some gay votes and manipulate the LGBT community. Owens was one of the big reasons WWE's fake charade lost big ratings. There is always a saying that is ultimately true. You never piss off or mess with the Gays. You will never recover when you f*ck with them unnecessarily because your disingenuous, immoralistic intentions of hate are laid bare. Foolish ignorance always causes failed loss. WWE think it is a joke or a statistic to manipulate and enjoy. Look at them now.

Jericho continues to live out his mid life crisis on screen, ever the pitiful and useless muppet no one ever wants to see again. It is so terrible and disengaging. What an embarrassment wrestling has become.

Seth Rollins and Shane O had a go and ripped it up with good interactions and skill setting. Though, again, too short to be anything worthwhile.

Dean Ambrose came in to battle the blubbering overloader in Owens to no successful avail of elevating the match to pleasing standards. Even former Champion Ambrose was resented through WWE's lack of booking, writing and direction. Ambrose may be a better challenger at this time but needs to really be given strong chances than playing second fiddle to a bunch of pitiful liabilities. Ambrose is still fighting his typecast demons that got him booed as champion months back, which this writer warned off over a year and a half ago. This is where we are, now. Clever, WWE.

Owens continues to roll around and stall while moving out of the way of manoeuvres of his opponents in another sterling success as a so called 'champion' of the Triple H ignorance fandom club.

Later Jericho returns to play with Shane McMahon. 

Fans chants soon for the real star not involved yet has two victories over the WWE chumpion AJ 'no ' Styles Action Man. WWE have constantly dragged their heels on recruiting and excelling the only selling point of Smackdown, being Ellsworth himself. They made him the Smackdown 'Mascot' instead.

The most shocking of actions had to be the first elimination, in Dean Ambrose, who was slammed with a running slam by Braun Strowman to be sent packing. Ouch! AJ Styles had argued with Ambrose beforehand as Shane O tried to keep the peace. AJ got Ambrose eliminated, in hindsight.

Braun Strowman had his moments and carried Ambrose around the ring, literally. A tall, block of immeasurable emptiness. WWE have made such a success of it all, at this point. He took everyone down, including some fights with Shane McMahon, before chasing James Ellsworth around the ring. He booted poor Jamesie down as Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt took it to Braun. They both placed him on to a table outside and smashed him through it. Wyatt called for him to be placed back inside the ring to which Braun Strowman was pinned and eliminated.

Everyone had their turn as Rand and Bray worked together and then had some dysfunction. (Again?)

Once again it returned to the repetitive start with AJ and Big Kev. Kevin Owens makes yet another abysmal mess but is thankfully met by AJ with a clothesline that drops the bloated bowling ball with legs. Kevin Owens charges in as the illegal man and cheats with a powerbomb that is usually walked into. Kevin Owens is rightfully disqualified and eliminated as Jericho is the legal man. There literally is nothing Owens can do. Cheating to cover him, as WWE realise, was the only way to try and salvage the useless floater that can't ever achieve in WWE. Again, it was poorly produced and even this lame choice exposed Owens yet again as someone who can never work a WWE match. Mark crowds were in tonight chanting "Bullshit" as Owens was sent packing. Ahh, all the WWE have left is a handful of Indy fans who have got what they want and still moaned. Owens has crushed the ratings and audience attendance. WWE is not a Indy place, well, until now. How sad for them and Triple H's blinded vision to try and use an audience to get himself over. All his fandom ignorance hiring have been an abysmal failure that haven't had one piece of success outside of Triple H's involvement, and never will. WWE do not have the balls to make drastic changes with the pink slip. Thus, Triple H's self destruction of WWE will be its downfall. All to be like Kev and feel included in the McMahon family other than the trophy husband. Ahh, diddums.

Chris Jericho follows his hugging friend to the showers to share a bath tub, presumably (if he can get in it) after trying to salvage a piece of paper called a list. He gets beaten from the battle by Randy Orton with a stunning and much needed authoritive RKO.

Orton takes it to old foe Seth Rollins as the pair finally bring some order and refreshing style to the proceedings with talents in ring action. Bray Wyatt and Orton work well together with tagging and ground work. Orton smashes another stunning move with a top rope Superplex, which Rollins takes wonderfully, too. 

Roman Reigns and AJ Styles come in together as Reigns is heavily disagreed with by fans in the stacks.

Roman Reigns fights old enemy Bray and gives him a hefty Samoan Drop. He also takes down Action Man figurine AJ. Orton has also received a Drop as Reigns is 'dominating' with walk in moves. Fans will not accept this cheap level of WWE booking, as is why Raw is the worst brand in WWE. Who'd have thought that?

AJ Styles continues his trademark moves, flying around with taps and kicks with no power to fly around the ring in a piss poor jump fest. He's been doing this same move set for ten plus years and still can't get over in the premier company known as WWE, which is allowing him to just do whatever. This is meant to be the main WWE champion? HaHaHa! Well done Triple H. Great foresight there, darling.

This is your WWE Champion.
Shane McMahon enters the fray against Roman Reigns with some quick moves and a Coast2Coast (The Rob Van Dam bin thingy) but Roman Reigns magically gets up and Spear's Shane McMahon mid air. Oooh! Shane bafflingly kicks out of a two count, but is rapidly eliminated by referee decision after he cannot compete any longer. Err, what? Kicks out but too weak to continue? All to make Reigns look good? Reigns didn't, Shane looked weak and WWE was even more pitiful for a flawed choice that made no sense. Well done, WWE. Or was Reigns just sloppy and injured Shane O for real? Ooh dear...

This is your Raw, random champion.

Shane was an afterthought as the match rolled on. Wyatt and Orton kept Reigns in check, as fans were till unconvinced with harsh chants for Reigns. It was all a messy interaction again as Reigns took down Wyatt, only for Rollins and AJ to take control. Eh?

Some do an outside all down moment. It was very momentum zapping nonsense.

To make matters better, the WWE Network feed decides to mess up and causes some interference with the feed. Hey, it's only $9.99! It shows.

Sexy Shane O still looking good
in and out the ring.
After all the in and outs of it all, as boring and clumsy as ever, AJ Styles is thankfully eliminated, after being put through a table outside where all three members of The Shield reunited briefly to do the Triple Powerbomb. Ahh, WWE with nostalgia and trying to coin in a cheap spot. With two hating each other and one on the opposing team. Booking at its finest with excellent brain cells. Ambrose is once again a chump who can't be his own, nor respected by fans fuller. This, of course, is WWE's fault, once more, but still does him no favours having to live through it.

All of a sudden Luke Harper (lol, what?) comes down the ramp to lay out Rollins and Reigns. We still haven't seen much interaction with Wyatt and former Family member Strowman. Another missed opportunity by WWE. They haven't exactly raised either up in a year or so, so there you go.

Rollins and Wyatt have a go but Orton gets an enziguri after tagging in after taking down Harper. What a mess this all is. Quick moves on everyone at every second sees Randy Orton smash another perfect RKO on Seth Rollins who attempted a Frog Splash. Bray Wyatt covered Seth Rollins to send him out. 

Wyatt waits for his old buddy Roman Reigns, as sole survivor for Raw, to take him on. Smackdown clearly now have the edge with fickle fans, who once chanted for Raw now chants for Smckdown. This will only provide Vince McMahon with the truth that fans don't deserve anything, in his mind, and on this basis, he now knows what we all did. Raw is a failure and can't compete. Yet he makes no changes. Eeek!

After a decent battle of all three and some necessary moments of mat work bring back some stability, mostly by Randy Orton, WWE gave this one to Team Smackdown. Bray Wyatt lands Sister Abigail on Roman Reigns to win the math with Randy Orton on the Smackdown side. What a long and irrelevant battle it was.

Oh! There's one more match. Oh yeah, the part-timer's who have been absent from WWE but get millions of dollars of a pay cheque to perform the odd show. We almost forgot of this didn't we?

Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

It's time for WWE's grand spectacle. Lesnar/Goldberg II or III is it? Didn't they have that disastrous Wrestlemania match years back which was a complete mess and WWE were pissed off with both of them for leaving and quitting the useless promotion?

So has anything changed this time around?

The man who defeated The Undertaker's Wrestlemania  streak in a pointless match two years ago, (maybe also responsible for the ratings drop) who has done nothing with it and continues to be a part timer earning a whopping six figure salary for three years returns for a rare night appearance. 

His opponent is magically parachuted in ex star that WWE once alienated in Goldberg, in hopes to carry its can and reclaim diehard fans. Though it wouldn't work and had lacking hype since. WWE's team of bigwigs failed to build the match beforehand, had barely any appearance from either and were playing on an old age return with added nostalgia in hopes to make it eventful once again. While we love Goldberg and wanted him tor return to WWE, these quick circumstances have obliterated the grand return Goldenberger could have had and its sheer impact to boost the company back to a new path of development.

For the so called big one, WWE have finally been forced to realise, that even with a shoehorn, hasty acquisition with poorly produced principals surrounding it won't instantly make it outstanding or a huge draw to behold.

Well, they finally took to the stage, both Brock the ignorant Stone Cold loving talker who finally shows up, against the old age WCW and WWE-ish megastar they had failed to convince was a viable option. 

The pair faced off one on one with a tepid hardman trying style that was somewhat laughable. The bell instantly signals the beginning as Brock Lesnar stuck first moving Goldie into the corner post with power. Goldberg however stares at Brock and brutishly shoves Brock to the ground, leaving him in disbelief. 

The battle of the two titans saw Lesnar reclaim his feet as Goldberg charges a Spear at Brock. Fans love it, despite previously cheering for Lesnar. Goldberg smashes a second Spear as Lesnar regains his footing as Paul Heyman screams in shock at the brute force of Bad Baldie Billie. Goldberg yells for the crowd to join him, which they do, like puppets evermore. 

Goldberg has the chants and thrill as he pulls a battered Brock Lesnar to the centre of the ring to raise up for a Jackhammer smasher, which Goldberg crushingly lands to cover for the shockingly short and squash jobbing victory over immeasurably weak Suplex Machine Brock Lesnar. Ouch!

It took just 1 minute 25 seconds. 

Goldberg stands victorious as fans are shocked and stunned of Brock Lesnar's short spell in a WWE match, since putting in the effort for a week or two. WWE then destroys the magic by bringing Goldberg's son into the ring with the PG intolerance that continues to divide how WWE end its PPV's with kiddie involvement to try and sway fan appreciation, which never, ever works, in a sympathy case. It was also unnecessary as Goldberg needed to stand tall in his victory which, while all very sweet, dispelled his moment over Lesnar which made a joke out of the job that Goldberg returned for.

You wait all that time for a main event and it ends with a cheap and tacky run through rehearsal. WWE seriously need to get with the program on what could have truly been an epic night of nostalgia, success and development. Instead it chose to simply work to age old routine that adds no value to product or place. With that, Survivor Series is once again, for another abysmal year, over with. It will probably be the same next year, too. So what really is the point?

Looks like lazy Bork Lester has upset the mighty Vince McMahon again, who gave him a six - seven figure salary for three years.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of the PPV - Natalya, The Miz, Cesaro, The Brian Kendrick, Randy Orton, Goldberg

Man/Woman of the PPV - Goldberg

It would have been far better to have a diva title removing match than this messy, same old, routine this time with the ladies trying to claim to was gender balanced and fun. It was already a starting washout to what would lie ahead. 

Too many titles and not enough credible or even general challengers continue to mar WWE, especially with its IC titles. Less is more. So many titles has cause immense contempt to the IC one. The entire direction of WWE's make it up with no plan in sight whatsoever is ever more embarrassing.

WWE should have had a unification match with the Universal and Intercontinental championship to render the Universal title obsolete. There is no value in this vanity title that will never achieve a single thing, is poorly named, and looks an utter joke. there is no value in Vince McMahon's shoehorned championship which has no championship value and being built on its 'Universe' is complete despised by who it is said to represent. No good can come of it, its holder and the branding of such. It would also have been much better for entertainment and shock value to finally see WWE get its act together and drop Owens to someone like The Miz. That would have been an attraction and developing moment for the IC title to behold. Though WWE are just too weak.

WWE need to neuter its Universal, Cruiserweight and Smackdown titles in Diva's Women's and Tag Titles. The grounds upon which they were set were irrelevant and as such, everyone of them as a title with value is exactly what it is based upon. All are irrelevant and unnecessary. Bin them all. WWE never think and just assume a title will cover it all. How's that working out? All are abysmal. None of which will ever grow, no matter who holds them. This experiment has failed. Save what grace you have left to make the show grow, if you actually care, but you don't and are simply clueless. No. One. Cares. Not even you.

All the Multi-man 'Traditional Survivor Series' matches were a routine washout that never meant a single thing. It was just time filling all thriller no filler. 'Cept there were no thrills.

Goldberg/Lesnar calamity course version II was a complete disaster. Why WWE blew so much money on each was a complete f**k up, to say the least. It had no emphasis, being or worthwhile depth.

James Ellsworth is the only interesting being in WWE right now, and is treated as some extra. A man that should have been the WWE champion, but WWE constantly chose to stall. He's also been outselling Goldberg and Dean Ambrose in merchandise, which should be a foretelling sign and yet still WWE are clueless to act on what is forward success in a time where WWE is truly hitting the skids. They still can't make drawing decisions. How did it get to this lacking foresight delusion? Ellsworth is the hottest property right now, which says a lot about the WWE in general.

So Survivor Series was a PPV to set up incoming matches for the next set of PPV's? How utterly abysmal. As one of WWE's Big 4 PPV's and a lack of run through every year, with similar routine and repetitive actions, WWE is the problem, not Survivor Series. It is exactly the same every year and have no depth, style or charisma. Everyone, while some tired their best, simply coined it in to routine than skill. It was a sheer disaster that made WWE, its darling champions of no value and the business as a whole inherently weaker than ever before. There may not be any way forward for WWE at this point.

Using Survivor's as a stepping stone as a regular C PPV was enough to show the WWE Universe that WWE could not care less and are fresh out of any ideas. There is no direction, a real lack of ambition and a true failure to develop the writing and booking side of actions. This is troubling, but WWE continue to fail to push the necessary stars and Triple H convincing Vince McMahon to let him hire highly ignorant morons that will NEVER, EVER achieve in WWE. The past two years have been confirmation enough, with almost every fans of WWE bailing on what they now know is not the WWE it used to be. Even with its Indy Darlings, courtesy of foolish brown noser Triple H trying to use the audience to gain favour as an ascender to WWE office power, fans are not duped any longer. If WWE truly put its contemptful and hated attitude to the only individual that can excel the dhow, its stars and its direction then WWE really will have it all. For no and beyond WWE is a cesspit that will cease to exist and fail every, single time. A company that was riding high years ago but because it was too comfortable in its own ego thought it was untouchable. 

Depraved Narcissist.
The eyes tell all.
Her we are, with WWE once again on the precipice, ever more closer to falling off the cliff, only TNA will be the first to go, WWE won't be far behind. It's doors will always be open, but its attendance will not be coming in. A few Indy darlings or fan luvvies won't be an excuse to caress your ego as a success. It's all downhill from here. 

To think WWE is a business that says they do what is best for it? Yet it cannot move with the times and get the one thing that has been most loyal and exceptional to its best direction. How sad for them. It isn't working, babe, and nothing you attempt to do in defiance, will ever succeed it once more.

WWE really need to take time out and think long and hard about its future with its employees. They continue to make the wrong, ignorant hires, snub those who will benefit the company and cave in to nepotistic failings. WWE is the creator of its own problems, and until it gets its act together, is forever doomed in the realms of obscurity, depravity and past. 

Living in one's false hope of what they know as the past that worked is never the future to behold. If that can't be sought, then there truly is no future, by your own admission. Business is about making tough and crucial decisions for the better of the show. Vince McMahon once used to know this, but has since over the years let it and himself go. The man has no balls, hates those who have better ideas and can excel without his own configuration. 

Where did all go so wrong?
Currently WWE is full of a charade of Ignorant hobo's son's, Indy workers who never made it now behind the scenes writing and directing crap, Triple H obsessed with his own ego, hate and ignorance hiring's, and Vince McMahon failing to try and make those choices work on screen with an outdate principle that has neglected the small set of fans who hope they can salvage their departed WWE they once knew and loved.

Time to get smart and add a premier team that will work with and succeed than one that goes up in smoke. Vince McMahon has lost his respect, above all else by fans of the business. All that is left is uncertainty for those and experts. Only one who knows the answer, and it would be oh so easy for Vinnie to figure it out if he actually sat down in a dark room on his own and thought about everything without any bitterness or hate. It is the one thing the almighty McMahon has never been able to achieve. Surely you or no one watching this display of WWE shows can truly be proud of such output?

You're Welcome.

© Max Waltham 21st November 2016
All Rights Reserved

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