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Wrestling Wonders' Women's Pro 25

Wrestling Wonders'
Pro 25

The twenty-five best female workers of the previous year of 2016 are ranked here in the annual Wrestling Wonders Pro 25. Standing up alongside the men, the female division and its leading contributors have been assessed based on their contributions to the sport. These include quality of promos, depth of character, personal growth as a star backed up with in-ring talent, charisma, skills and strong in-ring action. This is the only list that truly respects and honours Women's Wrestling as its leading pioneer in the business. Everyone should aspire to make entry among it.

This list is not about securing a place, but also holding onto such position with climbing or sliding down the list based on such wrestling capabilities.

This is not a list about top of company faces who are out of their depth or given free titles/runs and lacking presence of true female wrestling. This is a professional listing, not a kayfabe fandom sheepherding exercise to feel loved and happy with biased cheerleading.

Last year's bonus 50 as celebration of our five year online anniversary provided an indicator of whereabouts others may be in raising their game to the list. 

Thank You.

You're Welcome.

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Until next year of 2017, let's see who rises up and rules the roost outside of gimmick flaunting.


2015 Placing - 13

Re-christened Sienna for bumbling Titanic Total Non-Stop Action which was a questionable and bravely inferior choice for former Allysin Kaye... Started constrained TNA run with weak run-ins on Jade, Gail Kim and alliances with Maria and Allie that made her look more of a laughing stock than impressive force built up... Credited with sending Velvet Sky out of TNA after clueless company callously culled her with no logic... Won TNA Knockout's title after much stalling at Slammiversary which was an Independent clunk fest in TNA with clumsy smiler Jade and Gail Kim... Dropped same female title soon after to another non-entity in pedestrian action with Allie at a five way divas match of rushed sloppiness... Soon formed a stable with uselessly numb performers and a random feud with Gail Kim to pass wasteful time in TNA. 

Has clearly made a huge mistake in signing from Independent circuit success to the disastrous calamity that is TNA... Known for destroying every performer and company attached with its careers, TNA, which has never made a profit in 15 years, and still sinking, has placed a huge dent in Sienna's future... Boring, laboured and showy sexiness only, Sienna's skills have been dropped in favour of TNA booking lunacy that strips her of all legitimacy... Could easily be watched on mute.


2015 Placing - 12

Pitiful Wrestlemania battle with Charlotte and Becky Lynch which was all about Ric Flair providing distraction for his daughter was as lame as they come... Engulfed in scandal at WWE with no action taken when proven to be busted for taking steroid enhancing drugs and instead used thirty day injury to cover benching, which does not count for separate violations of WWEs inherent needle injecting problems... Dropped to Charlotte once more at Summerslam after becoming random transitional champ... In efforts to seem WWE had more females in its 'Revolution' to build weakling hand me down Charlotte, added Banks and Bayley to weak Triple Threat at Clash of Champions... Defeated Charlotte Flair after interference from Ric Flair, solidifying Sasha as a complete non-entity favoured by lucky flukes alone... Random title change over to add some detail to lackadaisical diva's division billed as Women's was plainly embarrassing for the pair of them in WWE's bungled booking... Roadblock encounter in December was simply a pathetic waste of time. 

Year long feud with Charlotte has all but destabilised character, women's division and title worth beyond repairable sight... Reservations over injury prone Sash and untackled abuse of Wellness policy do not hold bright future... Exempt, weak and boring does not prove the breath of fresh air once perceived as since call up to live television from the magic airbrushing of developmental brand NXT... Yet another failed concept and flunkie of the NXT rabble lacking any direction on call up. 


2015 Placing - 9

Entering the year as champion to fight former out/in hiring's like Awesome Kong lost traction to TNA's pitiful booking failures... Directionless company took all emphasis away from title run once again with short matches, rushed wind up time and run ins losing the strap to Jade in three way with Madison Rayne as Maria Kanellis nailed Kim with the gold... Two weeks after said April title bout, Kim was idiotically and disgustingly written by TNA, kidnapped by Decay in an absurd story that mimicked Mickie James last year being thrown onto train tracks and presumably mowed down... Kim had to work completely laughable feud with Maria and Rosemary in this absurd story of lacking ambition that a five-year-old could do better with... Dixie Carter and co bungled even more of Kim's reputation with another title loss run in, this time by Sienna, which was completely senseless as TNA always manages to provide... Everything TNA touches it taints and once more crippled Kim again at Slammiversary clunk fest disaster with Jade and winner Sienna over the title, which was just another thing added to an already catastrophically directionless feud... Was inducted into TNA's 'Hall of Fame' copycat idea, which means absolutely nothing and has no value whatsoever ,from WWE which is used as a bargaining chip to keep performers loyal to TNA's sinking finances, direction, stories, staff and tacky productions that harm everyone and everything in the wrestling business with no profitable outcome in sight... Kim should jump like everyone else instead. 

Seems to be losing edge and tired out in TNA with swells of newcomers that fail to materialise or wrestle at all... TNA's open door, revolving circus policy of anyone they can get in desperate times to add numbers has placed veteran Kim in a precarious position of doubt... Is somewhat an afterthought to newbie's and a boredom chore when given title wins by default of lacking talent. 


2015 Placing - 13

Sidelined as wife to Tyson Kidd, who suffered injury, was moved into uprising 'Women's Revolution' which had no initial plans for her... Despite working through a broken ankle, out for two months, returned in January to refresh status on roster... Was tasked to make floundering diva Charlotte WWE's almighty female mimicking her daddy, credible, which Natalya managed at Roadblock without taking Divas championship... Returned to move into pitiful Total Divas five man team against Team BAD and Blonde which was another mismanaged rabble put together for attention than female empowerment with a nothing victory at Wrestlemania... Moved back into couple more matches to build Charlotte, with no actual competition on the roster and title hogging waste, to perfect matches on Raw and Payback which WWE had no intention of rewarding skeleton staff Nattie teasing a lame new Montreal Screwjob moment... Meek interactions with Charlotte sidekick Dana Brooke were inconclusive... Teamed with Becky Lynch in clunky Money in the Bank loss, where Nattie's wasted abilities proved interesting on villainous turn on Lynch for losing... Moved to Smackdown in the newly revived WWE Draft giving her a new chance of fresh change... Came into own in bouts with Carmella, Naomi and others to build the roster of newly green growers... Daft whodunit with Carmella was bungled programme with Nikki Bella which ended messy year.

As one of WWEs most committed and professional talents underlooked for years, has settled into obvious role of female building jobber... Support staff only and lacking presence of place to other females as capable jobber that should have but never did reach the summit of WWE carrot dangling... Career officially a bust which will no doubt see outside options sought at later dates.


2015 Placing - Unlisted

Moved from Triple H playground of non-entity ignorance to main Smackdown roster in WWE Draft to critical acclaim... Became the biggest let down after hype of drama simmered down with bratty rip off from Harley Quinn of comics and movies sold her down the river instead... Entered program with Becky Lynch by chance after Eva Marie caused WWE more problematic PR crises in August... Gaining first pay per view victory with nasty ladies Natalya and Nikki Bella at Summerslam... Rising profile began at Backlash, donning a bratty rip off look from Harley Quinn of comics and movies sold her down the river instead, also failing to win the Smackdown Women's title which could have made her a household name... Sat out of title opportunity by one month after Lynch had time off whilst as champion, with no stripping which stalled Bliss once more as legitimate competition... Further weakened in nonsense tap out to infeasible raver Lynch... Finally climbed the biggest mountain a little too late to beat Lynch's failed run for the championship at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs with a very commendable Tables smasher... Had to take selfie instantly after with brown nosing egotist Triple H to prove it was 'his creation' that won to promote NXT failings, which made Bliss overshadowed by fans and critics as a random stooge. 

After a strong call up with intention, Bliss floundered as another flash in the pan to the overhyped NXT rabble... Despite ego centric's, bolstered her own defences and provided the ratty, quaint and poised rookie focused on main prize... Childish antics and bratty behaviour stalled early progress... Has retained credibility which could easily have been evaporated in scarce turnaround when pumped outside of useless gimmick and poor writing from the back room. 


2015 Placing - 17

Spent first half of 2016 career re-building in esteemed independent  company ECCW with comfortable and easy flowing wrestling that had skills and depth feeling simply effervescent to view... Natural homelands in SHIMMER wrestling with Mary Dobson and Heidi Lovelace felt more organic and boosting pleasance over Heart of SHIMMER title... Held competent challenger role when falling to champ Taylor Made for SHINE title... Held strong contendership in tacky Money in the Bank five way elimination at ignorant SHINE event... Challenged for Phoenix RISE title with unsuccessful entries which added some raised interest to proceedings... Was dropped to disgraced ignorant nymphomaniac Mickie James in a questionable booking for SHIMMER promotion on November 11th... Day later win over highly ignorant loudmouth venom spouting Saraya Knight was a waste of time, which saw Matthews dropped night after in random Bunkhouse Brawl mess which made SHIMMER look completely retarded... Grabbed the ASW Girls Gone Wild title in a smooth December collision that needed to inject some life into Matthews' stalling career. 

Fish out of water, coming into own in last couple of years as SHIMMER's top lady was tough but rewarding... Still somewhat hobbling along instead of stunning with personality, mic skills and tender action to encourage fan belief to the fullest... Still a little green but could change if thought about harder... Too much emphasis on former tag team characterisation without clearer promos, tone and mature detail pushes her more backwards than forwards. 


2015 Placing - 22

Raised standard in quirky match with Heidi Lovelace for AIW Women's title loss... March madness in Legacy Wrestling Women's title defeat of Kimber Lee was first major title of the year to well received praise... Continued heartfelt battles with Heidi Lovelace in SHIMMER over its Heart title tournament collision... Used as cannon fodder for Jeff Jarrett's pathetically useless 'Non-Entity Wrestling' shindig known as GFW, which is officially dead before it began and cannot be revived... Fought with multi champ Lovelace once more in three way for A1 Alpha Male strap to prove Women can go with the guys comfortably well... Defended Legacy title from ignorant hoe bag Mickie James who devalued Scott, title and promotion with measly jabs and dives that meant nothing but laughable... Proved to be a sweet stunner in a TLC match with feisty Nanae Takahashi in October Japanese circuit skirmish, tasting some splinters in the process... Sadly misused in her first round offbeat defeat of oversized homophobe Jessicka Havok for Beyond WWR combo card to fill the numbers... Battles with Su Yung, and Davienne over FEST and CW title placings was tightly contested... Was announced for New Year by TNA for its Knockout's One Night Only mess that had her lose to Rosemary in a naively mundane scrap which TNA constantly destroys careers of growing stars. 

With lacking direction and useless company management or direction, Scott, realising made an inferior choice to assist the promotion, requested and was granted her release from racist, homophobic, sexist and ignorantly depraved backyard Ring of Honor in December... Some typical tough matches to live up to when already tainted opponents of ignorance cloud the waters Scott aims to wade deeper into as a personality to go further... Has taken care in her bookings overall. 


2015 Placing - 27

Announced intention to leave REINA company once contract expires in March on January 31st surprising its heartfelt fans deeply connected to her persona... Dropped ECCW championship to Cat Power over February with a tantalisingly erratic encounter... Forfeited World tag team championship in REINA one week before ending company battles on a high note... Went solo as freelancer after wrestling final match with REINA promotion which was granted a departing victory for her super-slick work... Also began side work as MMA fighter before returning to freelance work on Japanese wrestling circuit... Made good on skills with very first title alongside vicious pal Hikaru Shida on September 11th Oz Academy show for its tag team championships... Followed up equally exciting tag team championship win for Sendai Girls promotion with Shida to grab even more beaming gold. 

Feral performer with equally ferocious partner in Shida makes for a powerful combination to tag team dominance... Singles action takes no backburner delays with revitalised and sterling enthusiasm as freelancer... Cracking collisions, appealing interactions and character instability a pure joy to behold... Unexpected and unquestionable antics could really grow into high selling point for future developments.


2015 Placing - 4

After being treated as joke on main roster and bumped back to NXT so Triple H's favoured "Four Horsewomen" failed experiment could run with Charlotte Flair atop pecking order, Emma entered feud with Carmella... Viciously handsome rebel battled last match in NXT with leading female Asuka over NXT title... Returned to main roster on cheap episode of Main Event with Summer Rae... Joined with Team B.A.D to form B.A.D and Blonde multi tag match wastefest at Wrestlemania, where Emma was the stand out performer often neglected once more... Partook in brief encounters on Raw and Smackdown following 'Mania fallout with quaint bouts with Natalya... Suffered career benchmarking injury on May 16th as WWE had intended to re-build star later than thought out, which cost the female division drastically in her absence... Promised return as random glamour puss Emmalina, a Sable-come-Sunny delight with radiance lovability was so poorly written and produced by WWE, when she eventually showed up after months of delay, WWE admitted it failure and correctly promised a return to Emma, promised for debut on December 12th. 

Bungled re-package was unnecessary and delusional of WWE, who failed to push Emma, its top female performer on the roster, into a comfortable challenge... Right under their noses, despite failed actions from WWE to book, write and create for her, Emma's skills still manage to shine her calling card brightly... Embarrasses all over female performers lacking the Raw roster with scarce style, technique and smooth transitions. 


2015 Placing - 34

Magnificent Two of Three Falls loss where Marcela dumped the title to Dalys la Caribena as reliable veteran who can still go with the very best of them... Feud turned pal with Princesa Sugehit made good on extraordinary involvement setting tone for audience feel... Supported numerous tag matches with positive and negative outcomes to structure CMLL's female roster with grace and dignity... Rematch for CMLL Women's title loss to Caribena in November was another holistically homely Two of Three Falls Women's title battle builder... Had one more try in December with another invitingly hospitable environment, further proving worth to Mexican wrestling scene to build and develop scenarios for all included.

Gracious and dignified seasoned pro is invaluable to CMLL and all its competition ending guidance and strong competition... Four time Women's champion is one sturdy mountain to climb which Marcela offers to opponents perfectly... Committed professional with handsome appearances whichever side worked upon and comfortably slots into an angle or tag support structure. 


2015 Placing - 5

Returned to Mexican wrestling and AAA to defeat Taya for the AAA Reina de Reinas championship in another reflective bout of skill and smooth interactions... Dropped tag titles in August for Pro Wrestling Wav promotion with partner Yuu Yamagata with yet another charmingly tender and alternative battle of heart... Held stunning singles action that can only highlight extraordinary glory with watchful eyes of in-ring work on technical ground supremacy... High kicks and stiff seeming selling further draws into singles actions that saw mixed wins... Went to thirty minute time limit tag draw in November which was another masterpiece of stern stamina and capable believability as vulnerable but likely victor. 

Tag champion held impassioned defences, rejoining esteemed pal and rival Yuu Yamagata in 2016 ending in sombre affair when dethroned... Tough, agile and perfect in-ring psychology that draws fans interest on all levels. Size no object in taking down scrawny foes with equal and overpowering high kicks with swift power. 


2015 Placing - 24

Starting work proved profitable with in-ring actions against then Allysin Kay (Sienna) in brief twelve minute forceful frenzy with fun, beauty and power grabs... Took on all comers in Crazy Mary Dobson, Kimber Lee and others with dignity, ground ,,, and rising attitude... Fought Kay once again with a Singapore Cane brute fest with daredevil actions for hardcore pleasure... Failed to gain distant SHINE title which is blessing in disguise from plodding champ Ivelisse, which set a powerful contender working others up perfectly... Took numerous title match challenges after Summer period with WSU, Joshi and others with such determined passion to raise others' profiles which stood out for Yung as a committed professional that can hold her own... FEST title loss to Heidi Lovelace in October was another risky but stimulating watch... Finally came into own lifting multiple gold's one after another with Girl Fight, WSU Spirit and FEST wrestling championships as triple champ in various promotions to raise company and self profile handsomely.

Independent woman carving her own place outside of stereotypes with charismatic personality and tense action encourage female structure to wrestling landscape... Unsung hero with beauty, talent and workability is a dependable star who will clearly plan to headline instead... Revered professional for years often forgotten about will likely boost back to success in 2017. 


2015 Placing - 28

Began year strong in January by forming a stable of powerful prominence with former enemies Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani... Dominated as Threedome in coming months, including weak competition in Evie, Kellie Skater and Hiroyo Matsumoto to lift the Artist of Stardom Championship... Group moved over to promotional American shores event for shamed ignorant promotion Lucha Underground and Vendetta Pro Wrestling... Easily ploughed through weakling Santana Garrett for Wonder Championship, which was her fourth title opportunity... In late Summer, entered Inoki Genome Federation (IGF) with debut victory in Shanghai, with further resume bragging rights... Turned on and defeated rival pal Io Shirai in 5 Star GP leadership race... Suffered concussion from previous match forcing a withdrawal from the contest which looked likely to be victorious... Threedom dropped the straps on their third defence... Quietly had training and meetings with WWE office officials in signing contract in America for 2017... Informed office of impending WWE departure in March 2017, which was not best received from Stardom HQ.

Feisty brawler with potential but needs more controlled transitions than all over the place moments... At twenty-seven years only, with a powerful repertoire and agile nature could be a welcome addition to WWE, which have already sent her to its Performance Centre, acting as its new training ground for auditions, secretly signing a contract for 2017... Sloppy in places, which needs ironing out... Strong holder of tag team values and single smashers that outdoes the Barbie doll types for real women's wrestling and boisterous action.


2015 Placing - 19

Over at fun filled promotion Chikara, put in title opportunity thriller against Princess Kimber Lee where the crowd showered Lovelace with roses throw to the ring in true respect... It would be the first monumental moment any US promotion would allow two females to challenge for its main championship... Use of Chikara Special submission worked well for Lovelace over months with Heart of SHIMMER challenge with strong connective popularity... Made a brief mistake of ignorance pairing with shamed JT Dunn against disgraced ignorance of Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae which was an empty amount of fluff... Won SHIMMER tag titles with Evie at Four Corners Elimination mesmeriser in June... Dropped Crazy Mary Dobson in another stunning defence of AIW Women's title... Dropped one month later in surprise change over... Returned to SHIMMER to drop tag straps enthusiastically... Exchanged FEST Wrestling title to Su Yung in an outstanding singles title smasher... Made mistake with ignorance again in Ethan Page collision... Finished up on Indies after gaining natural and long overdue interest from WWE. 

Agile technique, sellable belief, good experience, small bulldog with bolstered heart and tries hard... Has worked with a number of inconsistencies on the indies, but her shining repertoire is respected by her meaningful opponents than flash in the pans... Took care to carefully pick opponents not involved with disgraced ignorance, despite a couple of forced hands... Is lucky to have jumped to WWE before Indy circuit ruined her... Young and fresh, 25 year old has bright future as alternative female lookers with backed up vigour.


2015 Placing - 6

28 year old warrior reinvigorated profile with yet another cracking battle for Oz Academy Openweight title opportunity foursome... Moved on through to mid-year, starting with commendable action in singles and tag builders... Built strong repertoire in events for Sendai Girls, Pro Wrestling WAVE and others with luxuriously brash and cocky attitude to withstand revered personality... Lost to Yuu Yamagata over Regina Di WAVE title near twenty minutes of brutishly hypnotic brawl... Joined Yumi Ohka in three way tag draw which was another versatile time draw... Lost Sendai tag title vacancy with pal Syuri at 10th Anniversary card... Grabbed those gold straps month later in shockingly rampant thriller of brawling technique and gripping action... Made headway on September 11th battle with explosive victory over Kaori Yoneyama and Tsubasa Kuragaki to capture the Oz Academy Tag Team Championships alongside Syuri. 

At just 28 years old and a hardcore stunner in all sense, Shida has a bright future ahead... Slick, ferocious and calamitous, has all the makings to be the monster fighter the scene could really elaborate on... Will undoubtedly be a shoe-in for title hunts and grab bags... Organic, fresh, hungry and skillful thriller to watch, Shida is a rapid grower honing her own from years of tasty experience.


2015 Placing - 33

Defended WACE heavyweight title from Sawako Shimono with incredible might over fourteen minutes for Joshi March anniversary... Paired with Yumi Ohka and Ayako Hamada over ASUKA and pals in May with enjoyable six man tag thriller... Boosted might with hardcore psycho Hikaru Shida to keep Regina title at Summer Games extravaganza... Retained tag titles with Hamada month later in all-action success bout... Handed over tag straps next month on with yet further technical prowess and physical forays that screamed top-notch entertainment... Continued to retain dominance as sterling heavyweight champion in two mesmerically powerful challenges with Ryo Mizunami and Kaori Yoneyama spectacularly... Was finally defeated on December 29th New Year vent to Mizunami in seventeen minute cracker impressing multiple traits including swift handover and building of opponent as legitimate competition. 

Strong, dependable worker that sets tone and possibility... Steady contender in tournaments and overall action... Is slow burning grower in business, that proves titles do not need to define classy, skilled and competent in-ring supremacy. 


2015 Placing - 29

Put in a very powerful year starting with Battle Royals, singledom and tags with moderate and well known performers including Yuu Yamagata, Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo to name a few... Defended December 2015 World of Stardom title (only 2016 counted) from Aja Kong in a seventeen minute test of strict discipline that intrigued audience... Strong midyear bout with Hikaru Shida as two brawling babes with crazed ferocity was a joy to behold with sheer anticipation... Sendai Girls World title defence from rising stalwart Io Shirai was another exceptional bout of brilliance, technique and fight... Dropped title months later in October to Chihiro Hashimoto in excellent handover that proved Satomura has depth, grace and unquestionable poise to grow further as a strong contender overall. 

Short star with powerful punch and agile technique work to her favour, currently... Has powerful brawling style but needs more fluidity in transitions that don't seem too rushed and sloppy in parts... Solid worker that can multi task in tag or singles action... Is a strong grower that needs to work on personality, but offers skill in comparison.


2015 Placing - Unlisted

Young Stardom promotion supremo held high octane battles in tags and stunned over Kay Lee Ray in NEO High Speed title defence in January... Intense performer would not slow down in Goddesses of Stardom tag titles with Io Shirai with successful defence or suspension builder... Captured the triple tag Artist of Stardom straps with Shiai and Kairi Hojo to boost reputation as one of the best in the world of female wrestling, at just 23 years old... Multiple defences of all three titles over following months with crazy bumps, stunning suplexes and comfortable in-ring psychology encapsulated general warmth and natural fire... Beloved favourite with crowd offered lovable humour and sarcastic wit with perfectly believable emotion... Won Cinderella tournament in May to bolster reputation... Dropped Goddess and Artist straps over coming months with dignity and heartfelt losses to audience love... Shocked promotions with announcement she may seek to retire in 2017.

Extraordinary talent, tights kicks, brawling style and fierce combat skills. The complete underdog story that can back up her in-ring prowess shines brightest for future generations... Maturity in performances with a powerful refusal to cave in to cheapness is highly adored among wrestling faithful... Could be a strong option to tag team championship building in 2017 and would be thoroughly deserved before gearing to a vital world title run in 2018.


2015 Placing - 8

Returned to esteemed promotion SHIMMER Women's Athletes to bolster reputation over June with solid entries including a polished tag battle with Heidi Lovelace over SHIMMER tag title loss... Sided with Asuka and Hikaru Shida in powerful Regina Di WAVE events over Summer... Named event on 15th anniversary saw a passing of torch moment to Dynamite Kansai to build further newer talents... Used that embarrassment to establish compassionately brutal feuds of fun and mystery in coming months... Despite losses, ploughed through many other performers to establish mighty stance in Japanese Wrestling scene as formidable foe... Joined exceptional star Tsukasa Fujimoto in September tag action that was sweet, glacial technique boosting... Held her own considerably, working way up ranks whilst selling for others to be legitimate competition handsomely. 

Esteemed veteran as support staff in recent years will naturally come into own with titles soon, no doubt... Incredible work rate with others to build newer stars in much needed landscape of variety... Is due big payoff in 2017... Has built reputation once more to credible standard to main event with honour... Considerable depth and smooth but rough actions prove further testament to superstar. 


2015 Placing - Unlisted

Returned fresh in May having to traipse through swamp infested waters of septic ignorance in Saraya Knight, who proved no competition for Martinez in NHPW tournament... Defeated empty shell of ignorance dabbling Madison Eagles at SHIMMER volume 85 in rough and ready tumble to lift SHIMMER championship once more... Committed professional dropped ECCW Women's strap to Cat Power in paralleled REINA anniversary scrap... Randomly dropped in a laughable encounter to Kellie Skater over SHIMMER title which seems to be losing its stride in efforts to make new stars as a company... Won gold back from transitional fluffer Skater moments later in nonsense battle for SHIMMER that harmed its production values than helped it... Despite looking initially foolish, Martinez recovered with plausible battles ending year with a suitable defence of SHIMMER strap in AAW event from Kimber Lee.

Nimble visionary managed to bounce back late and raise profile with dedicated and incomparable in-ring style... Effortless technique, power and battery, Martinez still has the makings of main eventer for many moons to come... Should be built up higher than fodder moments that won't elevate random encounters... Contains wrestling values with female wrestling to be truly proud of, which should be exemplified further. 


2015 Placing - Unlisted

Gave first defence against Kairi Hojo on January 17th with a lavishly illustrious encounter of punches, kicks, ferocity and heartfelt honour... Joined forces with Hojo and Iwatani to gain triple tag Stardom titles as Threedom stable to become befitting triple champion... Victorious in tournament to be crowned new Stardom World Association World champion passing opponents with ease and believable competition from Shirai's lean work... Perfect run as champion had to pass over tag titles in June with jazzy ground work... Needed surgery on tailbone forcing SWA title handover with dignity... Luckily needed only a month off to return still fresh and hungry... Passed triple tag gold as Threedom to integrate rehab and title contenders well... Simmered down and passed most titles after being offered well deserved WWE contract alongside Hojo, beginning in 2017.

With stunning suplexes, tight kicks and flicks, transitions, good selling, bumps and offense, is an obvious natural with empowered presence for audience... Speed and maturity boost reputation as one to more than watch with high regard... Would be a tough loss to female wrestling division... Outstanding worker with grace, fire, passion and style to fully engage heart and heat from onlookers... Keeps structured walls of any company and scene together with perfect believability. 


2015 Placing - 7

Was off WWE cards for first half of 2016 due to injury but quickly made up for absence with athletic skill... Stole the show in Summerslam return as the best performer on the card feeling the glow with funky fresh attitude despite six man loss putting five other females over... Amplified organic nature in elimination, six pack challenge for Smackdown Women's title on Backlash card, who was the only prospect dropped for deflated lam Becky Lynch... Replaced botch prone loser Becky Lynch in proposed match at No Mercy with Alexa Bliss to sail through her in brief five minute ground work with jagged edges needing refining from WWE's 'throw anyone out there' mentality to sink or swim... Joined Team Smackdown verses Raw Survivor Series elimination match serving no purpose on the event as the third candidate to leave early which did more harm than good. 

Harmonious input with psychedelic groove boosted repertoire and drive on main roster for Smackdown brand... Works exceptional well with remaining opponents and amps up the noise of the crowd as key figure that has a strong future WWE are too slow to fully go forth on... One of Smackdown's top females who has the natural ability and honed experience of WWE years to fully transform from gimmick dancer to fresh grooved champion with style. 


2015 Placing - 3

One of the most exceptional females as the former Athena continued scintillating entries that catapulted her high and retain position once more on WW Pro 25... Debut on August 20th event for NXT besting Billie Kay was another shining example of female stardom with impressive aerials... Challenged former independent circuit veteran Asuka which was a superb match for the ages for two powerful females meeting in a WWE ring... Passionate challenger rose to occasions in NXT opponents that would not falter and stands test of time alongside Asuka as its top performers inevitably bound for main roster call ups... Likeable worker with athletic charisma needs to be moved away from ignorance pairings in NXT, including Shane 'Haste' Thorn and the Gargano pair if to ever make a success on main roster.

Highly respected all-rounder destined for future success but comfortably growing reputation in WWE's training ground of NXT ... Natural star adds gentle glamour, style and warmth to all superlative contests involved in... Should focus on NXT building and not be given NXT Women's title typecast before call up to main roster to further build as a proper star in the making than a bypassed tier promotion stepping stone. 


2015 Placing - 2

Started NXT with caution being eliminated in Battle Royal for Women's title by Eva Marie of all people, which highlighted WWE may fail the former Kana's excellence... Helped Carmella against the odds of Marie and Nia Jax, with a random staredown of Bayley indicating title challenge with such resonating heat... Defeated Raw bound Bayley of the NXT Women's championship which wasn't an April Fool's Joke with a rabid technical submission... Raised title affinity over months from weak contests, proving failure of ignorance at NXT hiring's as top star unbeatable... Was given WWE nymphomaniac and ignorant hoe Mickie James as a 'special' return star after WWE could not convince intended role of Trish Stratus return, which would then be used to integrate on main roster which Asuka sailed through... Refusal to shake James' sullied hand forced a welcomed change of WWE disgust, separating her from the pack with a scrumptious veneer of potential turning. 

Sophisticated veteran on level of her own is extraordinary humble star with fierce technique... Silences critics and foes with natural ability and enthralling action... Powerful, in living colour and magical attire add to silent but deadly approach with caution megastar waiting to burst all diva bubbles... WWE will need to craft a very strong place at the table for her among its cheapened women's division on main roster call ups eventually...  Took WWE long enough to hire.


2015 Placing - 1

Impressive World title loss on second defence of Reina gold to Makoto was yet another superlative display of excellence and technical encounters... Kept fans in their seats content with a return after four years of Ice Ribbon founder Emi Sakura's return to the squared circle... Moved into the finals of annual Catch the Wave tournament putting on another respectable collision with Ryo Mizunami... Immortalised with monumental fifth Ice Ribbon title victory in mesmeric singles skirmish with Risa Sera that defined worth to Women's wrestling furthermore... Dropped Daily Sports Tag Titles month later in August along with the JWP titles in another smooth handover with dignity and grace... Superior quality as champion was shockingly stripped of Ice Ribbon title after nine outstanding defences after Tsukushi edged her to a thirty minute time limit draw...  Retained top contender spot, despite Risa Sera retaking the crown on New Year's Eve.

Most consistent performer in female wrestling today... At just thirty-three years of age, has stood test of time for many years, most recently for Japanese and international markets... First ever three time, back-to-back Wrestling Wonders' Pro 25 number one (and first ever in all listings) is every bit the true performer female wrestling bows to...  Has no legitimate competition to number one spot, but maintains equal standing with all opponents to maintain credible opponents in female wrestling scene... Wrestling Wonders' Triple Crown winner is shining example to empowered female wrestling with sheer merit. 

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