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WWE Backlash 2016

WWE Backlash 2016

WWE presented its rehashed PPV, exclusive to Smackdown, in Backlash. Lacking options and desperately trying to make the blue brand and the brand split meaningful, with a densely populated roster, WWE tried to dig deep. However, was it as successful as it had hoped?

The newly created titles in the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship and WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship was the first disaster for WWE. 

Not only are they the exact belts with a blue background on them from the tag and Women's straps on Raw, WWE decided to rename them. This renaming has devalued the titles, their holders, linage and appeal. The Women's championship can be split and renamed when it is the sole one. You cannot just 'make' a title and expect it to take off. WWE have no brains or creative direction on how to make the titles co-exist in a brand split with prestige. The same for the Tag Titles.

With a lacking roster treated like stooges, and the crew of females called up from NXT, this was a sure fire disaster. 

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Elimination, Six Pack Challenge
Alexa Bliss Vs Becky Lynch Vs Naomi Vs Natalya Vs Nikki Bella Vs Carmella

This was now billed as a Six Pack Elimination. It has handled very badly. Alexa Bliss was the first to hit the showers after taking a joint powerbomb by Natalya and Naomi who pinned her. Natalya quickly locked on the Sharpshooter to make quick work of Naomi, the only real prospect at this point. Natalya was then dumped by Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella then got rolled up by Carmella. Carmella was hit by Nikki after taunting her, allowing Becky Lynch the cheated victory to lock on the Dis-Arm-Her submission. 

Talk about rushed. empty and pointless. It was brief and even in this short skirmish, there were so many botches it was unreal. Completely and utterly a sloppy mess. Another empty win.

Tag Team
WWE Smackdown Tag Team Tournament, Second Chance Reprieve
The Uso's Vs The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder)

The Uso's were offered a second chance reprieve alongside The Hype Bros to get to the finals to battle Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Tag Titles. 

This is interesting as the tag titles on Smackdown are newly created. However, they are non-existent and meaningless because the WWE Smackdown titles already existed in the previous brand split. WWE also claimed that the winners (mentioned below) were the first ever WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions. An outright lie. Does WWE even think or research its own title history, or does it simply make it up as it goes along without a care in the world and treatss its audience as complete idiots?

After a decent match (all things considered) with the nasty The Uso's and The Hype Bros with lacking direction on all cylinders, the show was a total mess in production values. 

The Uso's advanced, but not before tapping out Zack Ryder with a moment of Manspreading nomination for the Wrestling Wonders Awards. This was the only real highlight.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) w/ Maryse Vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is somehow still lurking in WWE's shadows as the jobber than just might but never will. His opponent in The Miz isn't really a selling point either, but WWE and the blue brand are at a tough point in their booking times. Which really makes you question why the brand split was enforced.

The Miz dominated the match and made Ziggler a useless heap. It was a long match but before his victory, helped by Maryse spraying something in Dolph Ziggler's eyes, The Miz, who technically could have won on his own, was another useless coward who is going nowhere with the white strap accessory no one really cares about any longer. 

It was all filler, no thriller.

Randy Orton Vs Bray Wyatt

Earlier in the PPV, Randy Orton was seen on the floor yelling as a camera ran the hall to get closer. Bray Wyatt botched an attack on Randy Orton to sideline him form competing tonight. That's right, the scheduled Wyatt/Orton battle wasn't going to happen as falsely advertised. Fans who had paid for this match were getting none of it as Randy Orton was being saved for part time calamity Brock Lesnar for their second battle, which Orton will clearly win, soon. What a rip off. WWE just treated its fans like grade A fools.

Lesnar 'beat' Orton at Summerslam two weeks ago, after gashing him open with a seeping scar. WWE admitted it "was a work" which is interesting as WWE had banned all blood angles in wrestling as unsafe to workers and PG children watching. In times of desperation WWE can alter its ways for its own selfish desires. Usually people are fined if the bleed. Not this time.

Bray Wyatt was announced victor after a formal forfeit victory. Hilarious. This is the guy Vince was desperate to do something with, and now tried to use him as a distorted Max Waltham shell. Now, Bray Wyatt is the most inconsistent being in WWE. 

No Holds Barred
Bray Wyatt Vs Kane

Bray Wyatt's gone all Rastafarian
WWE weren't finished yet, though. They told Bray he would compete in a No Holds Barred (Insert shoehorn here) match with a Mystery Opponent. Who could it possibly be, if we couldn't already guess.

The trained eye knew exactly who it was as Kane billowed out to beat up Bray Wyatt. The match was simply a stall for time, get it over with battle where Bray Wyatt was once again a hilarious fool to a 49 year old dependence of the company in Kane, who has no believability in his presence any longer. so much for this New Era slogan.

Tag Team
WWE Smackdown Tag Team Tournament, Finals
The Uso's Vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

The vacant and nonexistent titles were awarded to Heath Slater and Rhyno. It was an uneventful match where Slater and his random geezer with terrible legs and knees was living out his lost youth in WWE. Fans were finally awarded a Heath Slater victory. 

Why? Because Smackdown is desperate to draw in some fans and get some attention for dwindling ratings. McMahon views Slater like Zack Ryder types. He doesn't want to give them the titles, but when he needs to use them, that is what they are there for. Already he has been booked like a stooge and will ultimately fail as a result. Other talented teams in American Alpha and The Vaudevillians were dropped by WWE as the don't really 'rate' them. So why have them there then? WWE is more fickle than the average fan in never figuring out what will succeed WWE. 

For Heath, he could have found a better partner that would elevate the potential, but WWE settled for its comfort zones than its professional depth.

It was another nothing match.

WWE World Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) Vs AJ Styles

WWE decided to rename its WWE World Heavyweight Championship the WWE World Championship. This is wrong. This is not the WWE World Championship as a new title must be introduced for that. This is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a purely new Heavyweight title. WWE continue to mismanage its own product with such laughability that makes it truly shambolic. They don't care, They should. The company is going down the pan, TNA style.

The match was the Triple H favourite who can never succeed in AJ Styles, the flippy stuntman who has had multiple title opportunities to win, and fail. His opponent is lacklustre champion Dean Ambrose. 

Dean Ambrose was booed by the crowd. Not because they wanted AJ 'no' Styles, but because Ambrose has been an abysmal letdown, which we warned about over the last year. WWE had no direction, passion or way forward for the vanilla t*tty monster. Either way he was doomed. that's right. Creative had nothing for him. Yet, he still remains employed.

Triple H, obsessed with AJ Styles doing a flippy jump one or two times in Japan, which Max Waltham guided him to, has been instrumental in trying to use AJ Styles to win the gold. WWE allowed AJ Styles to beat Dean Ambrose in a poorly laced spot match Ambrose tried to sell. Despite lacking character and direction, Ambrose can handle himself in the ring. He made AJ look good, at his expense. As long as Triple H gets his fan favourites, who cares, right? Ambrose should quit. 

Why was Styles the victor? Simple. Smackdown is low on rostered stars. John Cena won't get over for the New Era, Randy Orton is injured/being saved for Lesnar II, Ambrose is treading water, Ziggler is a jobber, Corbin is the pre-show loser, Wyatt is a joke and there is no one else on the roster. 

AJStyles wearing the gold exactly when Rey Mysterio won it. Can barely wear the chunky bracelet.

Smackdown is hoping these things will give itself and the new cable company it's on some bigger ratings, yet with so many of Triple H's off-putting ignorance, the WWE is open for a swirl of calamity. Ratings will only plummet further and the future line of success will be worse off. The only way WWE can truly succeed is to drop the titles of Raw and Smackdown from the ignorant holders immediately to save face and book some proper stars. WWE, however, is stuck in the mud and desperately up the creek without a paddle. They clearly cannot see forward but a bumbling fat guy with no personality or star quality and a cruiserweight acrobat is not going to be a future WWE can be proud of.

WWE is not an Independent company, its meant to be the premier. Look at it now. All for Triple H's embattled ego, desperate to say he could. Vince McMahon's legacy, all the while, is simply stuffed.

They never listened to this writer, but always knew Max Waltham was and is right. Do it now. They resent and disrespect, but they know it's true. At this point WWE is clueless, talentless and broken. It needs to figure out how to change for the better, and no one in WWE seems capable of doing that. How much do you hate yourself? With hate comes grand failure. 

You're Welcome.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men / Women of their matches - Naomi, Zack Ryder, The Miz, Randy Orton, Kane, Heath Slater, Dean Ambrose

Man / Woman of the PPV - Heath Slater

Backlash was a shoehorned PPV filled with severe desperation to make Triple H's Project NeXT work after everything has categorically failure before him over the last three or so years.

Triple H and his lacking foresight of future stars has completely dropped WWE's ratings, clustered with ignorance hires on Hunter's bulging erection over seeing one tape of a flippy midget or bumbling tub of lard.

Wrestlemania set... for egotistical failure
Triple H's fandom favourites show a huge lack of ambition, direction and foresight. Triple H is desperate to be back on TV running 20 minute promos for his own ego and fill Wrestlemania with another match. Triple H cannot juggle the business side of professional with the in ring performer. Triple H must ruin every one for his own legacy and Vince McMahon has to cave in to make Trips feel like a proper McMahon and not just the trophy husband.

All of Backlash's winners were Triple H's personal interventions and NXT pandering. Becky Lynch, the no good lingerer who can't achieve success wins a title beyond her time a year or so later, when it doesn't mean a thing. That's WWE for you, always a year behind these days. Also joining the ranks was the demotion of Dean Ambrose who had nothing for him from creative and was dropped so Triple H's fandom choice of AJ Styles, to gain more popularity from the mark fans to latch on to popularity for his own ego was implemented. Triple H is the biggest mark going. He still hasn't learned that it won't ever work. He tried it and every NXT prospect has failed. How desperate it is to see Triple H, at his age and point of career, try to latch on to a few minimal dirt sheets in the hope to manipulate them for popular choices that wont go anywhere. These are simply flash in the pan, one hit wonders. It will crash and burn after their 15 minutes of fame are over and no one, money, title donations or booking BS will save them.

Heath Slater finally achieved the big one, with a geriatric state of Rhyno, which is so far beyond interesting and looks more washed up and a mess than ever with those legs. This is Heath's first and Rhyno's first title in WWE. It took Rhyno fifteen years to win one. Now it's just shabby. Rhyno, of course, was highly involved in NXT. Triple H strikes again and has latched on to Heath Slater to get his NeXT playground program over.

This is no level the future and Triple H continues to destroy it from within with his vanity hires, ignorance lording and incessantly hateful ego. WWE is the pits and Triple H is further lowering it into the abyss. He's even taken over the failure TNA model of Dixie Carter, with disastrous results and made a TNA fluffer who jumps around its Number one champion. What a waste and a massive insult to the roster who have been and are more deserving in their talent to be swept away like yesterday's garbage.

Look daddy, I'm important...
While Dean Ambrose hasn't been pulling his weight as champion, that is solely WWE's fault and Triple H, head of creative and hiring, has decided not to work for Ambrose in efforts to undermine him.

Morale is at its all-time lowest in WWE. Many are contemplating a move from WWE. No one really wants to be there and Triple H's independent darlings disaster infiltrating WWE, it is not difficult to see why. Only WWE seem to be inherently blind to the undergoing problems in its lockeroom. Many have left, are on the verge of going or contemplating a change. Even Summer Rae vividly announced online she was highly considering dropping out. 

WWE is a clunky mess with no future or depth in sight. Triple h and his hateful ego of this writer offering advice and his need to be top dog and preside over everyone while proving he is capable as a legit McMahon and not just the plus one at the party, isn't working as planned. 

Ratings were lost for many reasons. One was Triple H, the other his hires and his direction of ignorance. His tinkering of the main roster for his unmaterialising favourites, which he has become too interpersonal with, has sunk it further. Though WWE won't listen. They live in a world where they think money will solve all the problems. It won't. Though that is the world the McMahon's live in. They want to be proved right. Yet everything continues to go wrong. There's no listening or caring about WWE fans or critics and WWE hope that latching onto faves will save them. Because that was an oh, so fulfilling experiment proven to fail in the past years ago. 

A picture paints a thousand words.

WWE don't care about others or themselves. WWE's revolving door policy continues. Every year it is the number one company to have the most personnel leave and slip in the back door. Those entering are worthless talent and those gone are the stars WWE has pushed out through hate and disdain. The future is bleak because WWE has not, one bit, changed its practices and ethics. It is doomed along this troubled path. They will never learn. Until they do, and halter their ignorant egos, WWE is forever on the outside looking in. Fans are becoming smarter and have decided to put themselves first. Why wouldn't you, if your live is never going to change with all this BS that never rewards your fandom hopes of the 1980's with new stars you never get, who you want? Is your wallet empty and still unfulfilled? Try something else.

Vince McMahon doesn't have a life. He has dedicated his entire life to being a workaholic in the sense that it has warped him into his own world of lunacy. The only world he knows is his own, distorted from the real one in which no one in WWE can relate. He wanted to and still plans to dominated every night of TV with WWE shows. How desperate, sad and loony. No one has the time for that except McMahon, who has spent his whole life chained to his desk and never actually living or meeting people. The man has no soul.

What's next? All the back catalogue of crappy PPV's like Judgment Day, No Way Out and the like to give the brand split more chances to gain bums on seats? That is more divisive than inclusive but McMahon doesn't see it anymore. He needs someone to keep him in check, but resents anything that can benefit. The man, at this point, is a megalomaniac. His pandering to b!tch boy Triple H has immeasurable shelved WWE's future. McMahon used to be the greatest booker in the land, now he's just a sad old man who is latching on to any form of desperation he can get. He has lost foresight and feels he must help re-masculate Triple H in from of the wife by letting him have his toy playthings on screen. It is already a failing concept.

At what point did Vince McMahon become so weak?

Are small men, fat men, no personalities and NXT luvvies really going to make a future? Where is the creativity? Where's the passion, the desire, the fun? It's not here anymore and if fans and critics don't get that from their 'entertainment' then it is time for them to move on. This is not WWE as we know it, and never will be any longer. 

Max Waltham changed the wrestling business for the better, and WWE and Triple H, insanely jealous and hateful that it wasn't their way, copied and distorted it from what it was meant to be. The lack of respect has cost WWE tenfold and here is the result. An empty wasteland filled with steroid abusing junkies, useless immaterialistic fandom and cataclysmic structure. This is not WWE then, now or forever.

Despite a little gloss over of tinted paint, WWE really does have nothing to offer.

© Max Waltham 12 September 2016
All Rights Reserved

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