Thursday, 12 February 2015

Seth Rollins nude photos leaked

WWE superstars have private
images hacked and exposed. 
How will WWE deal with it?

Earlier this week, WWE were engulfed in another media scandal with revelations from its superstars. Beginning this week, high-flying heavyweight Seth Rollins was subject to a nude photo leak scandal.

Rollins' fiancee Leighla Schultz released two nude pictures of Rollins full frontal along with an NXT diva called Zahra Schreiber. Schultz debated whether the two were having an affair and uploaded the snaps from Rollins' Social Media accounts exposing the images. She later admitted she was behind the leak. 

The accounts of superstars are linked to WWE's website and hosted the images as a result. Chairman Vince McMahon was said to be "livid" that it played out over Social Media. 

Fans feared Rollins' career could be in jeopardy after the drama unfolded. WWE have decided to support Rollins, who publicly apologised for the images.

"I would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for private photographs that were distributed without my consent."
- Seth Rollins, Twitter, 10 Feb 2015 

WWE have realised Rollins did not purposely upload the images and is said to have his professional life viewed separate from his personal misdemeanours

While it is unfortunate, Rollins was not responsible for the images being released and should face no punishment. Rollins, who was the best wrestler of 2014, also, number one in the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 Wonder List, (click link here - Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 Wonder List Part 2 (25 - 1) has continue to remain professional. He also took responsibility which many do not do so afterwards.

As for the images themselves, which are not that upsetting on the grand scale of things, could threaten WWE's advertisers with their so called PG friendly image. While many can start questioning what has happened with the three involved, it is not our or fans' decision to personally judge their actions. Some fans have noted that Rollins' fiancee was only interested in shopping and never supported Rollins in his professional career. Their personal life has nothing to do with us and should be respected. Though at least we can be grateful for the released images, which, on the quietened surface, almost everyone a fan of the subjects were keen to see at some point. 

With an industry and an American-capitalist system that relies on selling sex to gain advertisers, why everyone freaks out about genitalia is somewhat more profound. Fans are more liberal these days and could not really care about private parts affecting a career of someone who can back up talent and entertainment in their line of business. 

Some fans also question how WWE could be so quick to possibly judge when the likes of Hulk Hogan and other stars have been welcomed back with open arms after public sex scandals of higher magnitude. 

Regardless, the images are not that damaging to WWE. Once the storm quietens, fans will continue to respect Rollins' in ring work and his beautiful, somewhat majestic features as well. As the future of the company and the sport, Rollins should continue to give his work as he has done and WWE should continue onwards. He shouldn't be made to feel ashamed for something that was beyond his control. What happened to John Cena anyways when he nearly tweeted his nether regions off with a torso pic near the waistline? 

As Triple H once famously said "I don't care what goes on in their bedrooms" in reference to WWE superstars and their private lives. 

The timing, however, couldn't be worse as Triple H appeared on the Stone Cold podcast two weeks ago, revealing former ex girlfriend Chyna could not come into the WWE Hall of Fame due to her adult career. Joanie Laurer gave a candid and revealing podcast interview on Vince Russo's on Monday which claims she was a victim of domestic violence in the relationship at the hands of Triple H. Triple H has since denied the allegations. 

Rollins' fiance Schultz has since declared herself as single online. 

WWE, which likes to gain specific media news stories, often leaked by themselves at times, have now faced a backlash. Numerous media outlets picked up the story. If WWE weren't too focused on 'showing off' to media sources for buzz, damage could have been limited.

Rollins however may pay a fine for these actions. McMahon feels someone should be held responsible and since Rollins' social accounts were the source of controversy, he should receive a fine. Triple H is said to be against fining Rollins. Many insiders feel Rollins, who is Mr. Money in the bank and guaranteed a world title opportunity may have been stalled as a result. Rollins was due to hold his opportunity until June, before it expires and become World champion, which may now see Rollins wait longer. 

As far as we can see it, Rollins should be pushed forward for the title regardless. He is the future and WWE have invested a lot of time. It is unfortunate but Rollins will be respected for his wrestling achievements and not his bedroom activities. This incident changes nothing to his rigorous professionalism and respectful attitude to the fans. 

Depending on how you look at it, erm, Happy Valentine's Day. :o More trouble than its worth. 

© Max Waltham 12th February 2015

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