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WWE Royal Rumble 2015

WWE Royal Rumble 2015

WWE has fallen back into its uncomfortable position once again where it has a small pick of stars rather than a selection of multiples. Still failing to launch any real new stars and letting the ones made slip down (some beyond WWE’s control) the company need to re-establish more than just one. There were only two real options to win the Royal Rumble. Randy Orton and Antonio Cesaro. With WWE’s drop of Cesaro it would be highly unlikely they would give him the ball to run with. Though that is exactly what they must do to launch him again. He has the skills, look, body and vocal depth given strong booking and character building. A win from the Rumble would be the starting point he needs and what the Rumble essentially is there for, to build a new star. WWE had considered its options. For WWE it could be Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns. The only viable name was Daniel Bryan, and is way too obvious that it would not make the Rumble as meaningful as it should be. Therefore Bryan is out. Orton is the only choice left. Building to a Seth Rollins as champion defence over Orton at Wrestlemania is the best way forward for WWE. Would it agree?

WWE presented its Royal Rumble Pay Per View live on Sunday 25th January 2015 from the Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the multi-man mega match that can start a career and guarantee a Wrestlemania title match, could WWE use this to better its future stars? Or would it revert to the same old formula of adding lost momentum back to an already comfortable WWE star? What of the supporting card itself? Can all work in unison whilst a red hot Triple Threat could drop the mighty beast Brock Lesnar and maybe crown Seth Rollins as WWE’s newest champion? The Road to Wrestlemania starts now. Let’s find out…

Tag Team
The Outlaws Vs The Ascension

Since their debut, The Ascension seem to have soured. WWE officials have lost respect and upset over their attitude whilst being out of shape. The pair, a necessary call up for WWE, at the time, did look washed up. This wasn’t their finest hour and has sadly lost respect. All are trying to hold a positive outlook but only the team can make that change now. To help the newbie’s WWE called back a favour from ageing tag team The Outlaws, Mr. Ass and Road Dogg.

The New Age Outlaws, still classed by fans as Old Age wore Philly crocodile type hats. It wasn’t a good start to boost Philly as intended.  “Ladies and Gentleman” began the old age address. It needs new legs or simply not be bothered with again. That’s a fair statement of address.

The Ascencion entered with face paint of The Road Warriors with a mix of Demotion which the pair had constantly referenced beforehand. WWE replayed the previous Raw in which the new team were hammered down on Raw Reunion by the veterans including JBL. This wasn’t the best boost to them even if they have some odd look once perceived as intriguing.

“You still got it” chants were so obvious and began before Mr. Ass even did anything. This is what makes a tiresome tirade of WWE and its audiences which neglects programming being one step above. 

The Ascension made work of the opponents with quick tags and slow beatdowns. It was a very brief match where The Ascension gained their first major victory after Konnor blind tagged in and the pair leg swept down Mr. Ass of The Outlaws for the starting victory in a poor but starting feast of the PPV thrill. It was decent selling at least but thoroughly underwhelming.

Steph and Trips had a chat as to how the “nobody” Sting could get into the “house of McMahon” Steph added. It wasn’t a WCW house, she mentioned. Mr. Heyman entered for a chat. Steph wasn’t happy for the intrusion. Paul claimed to solve a problem in John Cena. His solution, Brock Lesnar, was offered to the McMahon’s front of house in dealing with Sting as well as Cena beforehand. Hmmm…

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Usos (c) Vs The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Mizdow was heavily cheered on entry. Jimmy Uso and Miz began as Jey took the changeover. The Uso’s put in a lot of effort tonight, as before, though Sandow’s mimickry was king. The Miz saddled on the turnbuckle hurt with Mizdow’s responses where thrilling throughout. Miz missed a back breaker with no visible connection in a pitiful and carried piece of action as Mizdow begged for the tag. Miz pulled his hand away from ‘dow to come in. Jey continues the dominance of the match decently. Some hot and crazy aerial action swift and thrilling took everyone down with fun filled moments.

The Uso’s missed a splash as The Miz took a cheap Skull Crushing Finale to get a close two count only. Mizdow broke up a pin attempt after a flying move as Mizdow then drops his own, br performed, Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz crawls over for a cover to get a tense two fall again.

Powerbomb and splash from The Uso’s in a quick corner interchange allowed them to retain the WWE tag Team Champions over The Miz and Damien Mizdow.

The kick-off panel was introduced with an enthusiastic come nearly annoying Renee Young. She tries we give her that. They showed the kickoff match which saw The New Day Vs Antonio Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose to be relegated to the Pre-Show. Tyson Kidd won after Cesaro smashed a beautiful uppercut to Kofi from the outside.

Sexy chipmunk Jaime Noble asked what Joey Mercury was doing. He was playing and plugging the new WWE game. Both in the changing rooms, neither were still in their tights as Seth Rollins told them off for not concentrating on the future of WWE, him winning tonight’s Heavyweight gold.

Tag Team
Paige and Natalya Vs Brie Bella and Nikki Bella

Another tag match was in place, this time for divas. Avoiding a defence of her title, Nikki Bella, who made it up with sis Brie thanks to the win months ago, have now set their sights on Nattie and Paige. The flunkie diva Paige, who continually gets lucky than skill, put in another pitiful performance. Carried by Nattie, who is sadly troubled by her ignorant uncle Bret, failed to live up to the hype. 

Both Paige and Natalya entered rather awkwardly as a pair after Nattie tried to make Paige meaningful.

Flunkie Paige started the action with Nikki Bella, current Divas champion. Both used arm wrench moments as Nattie was brought in. Natalya added some much needed technique to the battle but was a little off in smoothness. Brie was double teamed with a suplex as Paige performed a strange lesbian seduction pin over Bella which was not tastefully done. Brie took the upper hand over Natalya after. Fans got bored and the Brits, maybe for real or metaphorically, were in. “Ole Ole Ole Ole…” It was a weak and watered down match, though passable for current divas standard today, which is very troublesome overall.

It was as pale as The Bella’s attire, which suited them. The attire that is. Nikki wore down Nattie with leg locks and technique. A quick change of things caused Nattie to lose a tag opportunity to moany squealer Paige as The Bella Twins (aka The Bellas) smashed Nattie in the face with a fist from Nikki to claim a three fall victory. It was too long, which is ironic since WWE only give long time to females when the card is rather slim. It needs time and capable people allocated to it. There are more than enough capable of making WWE divas rise again. It’s whether WWE can really be bothered.

Paige, from a bad cow to a lovely lady, was kept protected from too much exposure as a rubbish wrestler. Why? Well, there is a WWE Network to launch in the UK, isn’t there? It only went live over the last two weeks. WWE pushed it hard, including a Stephanie McMahon press interview and a general one adding the Network was WWE's priority.

Roman Reigns was the first to have his “I am the One” promo to win the Rumble match. "Believe that" he said. Then came the idiotic nutjob Stardust with Goldie banging on about celestial stars which was embarrassing to any astrologer watching. Rusev added he would crush anyone. The Miz and Mizdow banged on about it with more gibberish. Big Show said he was an angry giant. Oooh. Sweet rose Fandango teased a win with Rosa Mendes. Good Luck lovely. Beardy Daniel Bryan pointed his fingers upward for his statement to do the Wrestlemania victory all over again. I dunno…

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat
Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman Vs John Cena Vs Seth Rollins

How to initiate this rematch as fans jokingly presumed was an obvious WWE decision waiting to happen? So Brock wins, Cena gets the Rumble victory and Rollins cashes in? A Wrestlemania rematch? Done, right?

'The Beast' Brock Lesnar was heavily cheered. They knew it was about to go down. Cena wasn't. Seth had optimism. Lesnar went straight for Rollins who was chased out the ring as Cena got a German Suplex slam. He got another and then J and J Security got double suplexed as one. It was Brock and Seth. Mmmm. Seth got his suplex from behind by the beefy brute Brock. Brock flung them all around like WWE’s action figures. Pleasure is pain, so they say. Fans chanted a nonsense chant of ECW when Brock was near Cena. No-one has been in ECW. Heyman doesn’t count. He’s the manager. Brock was the new age ECW(ish) and therefore irrelevant. 

Seth Rollins dropping down on Lesnar trying to F5 Cena turned the match around a little as Cena Attitude Adjustment’ed Lesnar! Rollins caught a quick pin at one. Rollins running dropkicked Brock at the outside ringside into the steel steps. Instantly Cena was booed as he ran the inside ropes with Rollins. Because he was Cena? No. Because he instantly tapped Rollins with a weak and nonsense sell with no care to wrestling. Sloppy. Brock returned as Rollins took control.

Cena put in a pathetic clothesline of Brock which caused more indifference. Lesnar spun an F5 on Rollins from a top dive down as Cena was very late in breaking up the pinfall at a close two and a half. Brock began dismantling the Spanish announce table aggressively. Cena magically got  three AA’s on Lesnar, playing possum. Rollins smashed a curb stomp on Brock for a close two to three win fall. Rollins' Curb Stomp was perfectly taken and performed with Lesnar very professionally.

Oh No! Cena charged from behind bursting Lesnar through the breakaway partition at the barricade corner. Poor Brock. Sweaty beasyy babe Brock was slammed into the steel steps by Cena as Heyman legged it before them as Brock was flung behind him. That was comical and well done with believability by Heyman yet again. Cena tapped the steel steps on Lesnar to simply push him back onto the table unconvincingly.

Rollins came back and had a moment to fly on Brock and smashed the high placed flying elbow perfectly in smooth time and accuracy sending Lesnar straight through the table on impact. Cena returned to take Rollins back inside for a two fall only. Rollins booted Cena in the chin who failed to sell by putting his hand over his jaw beforehand. It was another Cena moment that distances audiences when he has a chance to be better. The guy doesn't seem to care about his in ring action.

Sloppy hands and touches next up top from Cena as Rollins reverse flips and running powerbomb’s Cena into the diagonal turnbuckle pad for a quick two count.

Cena locked on a cheap and easy leg lock STF as Rollins stood in front of him. The J and J security duo came in to stop Cena. The rules, stipulated at the start, make this legal. Submission or pinfall only. EMT’s arrive to wheel off Lesnar as J and J help Seth triple powerbomb Cena.

Brock is down and super sweaty. Seth readied his briefcase as Cena AA’s him over the ropes. Cena double AA’s J and J together as one. Then Rollins gets one. It’s a two fall! Oooh. Tension.

Lesnar is down and Michael Cole informs he has “at least a broken rib” Damn, is this for real? Is Brockie really hurt? Please be okay. 

Cena and Rollins continue the hot action in the ring as Rollins continues close falls and swift skills. Rolllins launched a perfect corkscrew 450 twist down on Cena from amazing height jumping above the turnbuckle downward. That was exceptional. Rollins gets a suplex from a sneaky returning Lesnar. Rollins is caught by a strong and swift F5 slam as Brock Lesnar covers and retains the gold over Seth Rollins and John Cena as WWE World Heavyweight Champion in what become an absolute stunner for the starting year. 

Royal Rumble
The Miz, R-Truth, Bubba Ray Dudley, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Curtis Axel, The Boogeyman, Sin Cara, Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan, Fandango, Tyson Kidd, Stardust, DDP, Rusev, Goldust, Kofi Kingston, Adam Rose, Roman Reigns, Big E, Damien Mizdow, Jack Swagger, Ryback, Kane, Dean Ambrose, Titus O'Neil, Bad News Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler

The Miz (1) takes on R-Truth (2). It’s like the Rumble of the previous years and numbers one and two don’t seem to count anymore. Same guys in literally the same spot. Number (3) was the nostalgic and homophobic piece of trash Bubba Ray washed up Dudley. There is no place for this old has been in recent WWE. Seriously. It was rather embarrassing. He did the legs open headbutt with R-Truth. WWE's lame attempt to get a quick buzz in a hometown was sad pandering at its very best. It did nothing for the product. 

Nostalgia playing its part for one minute won’t make a success of old age WWE in new age era. At least Bubba can continue to make porn films, maybe for WWE. That's not PG. The Miz was thrown out instantly. As Luke Harper (4) joins, Bubba quickly dumps R-Truth.

The bloaty boys went at it. Out comes Bray Wyatt (5) as Bubba stares him down. Harper assists former leader Wyatt. Bubba was quickly dumped out by Bray. Wyatt and Harper one on one baby! In comes Curtis Axel (6) in time as a rock in hard place. No! Erick Rowan charges from behind and bashes Axel at the titantron ramp. Rowan, who is not an official entry returns to the match as he and Harper agree to turn on Bray. Harper tricked Rowan as he goes for him with Bray instead. Rowan bashes the pair of them. Bray dumped out Harper with Rowan during the chaos unfolding between the two

Eh? It’s The Boogeyman (7)!!! The local and always relied on for a Rumble spot in recent years was good usually but tonight's booking was somewhat off. Bray was enjoying the weird partnership also enforcing with his crazy crab. Boogey charged into Bray and got eliminated instantly. Well, that was worth it. Sin Cara (8) joins now. Sister Abigail joined to hurt and dump out Cara easily. Bray then sent an “Open Invitation” to all in the back on the mic before singing the whole world in his hands melody. Zack Ryder (9) returned. HaHaHa! Wyatt flung Ryder out after his moment. Daniel Bryan (10) made the Rumble get a little bit serious. Bryan’s hair was down like a woman’s. Blimey it was like Last of the Mohicans meets Xena! Bryan unleashed his runs and knees on Wyatt as the Brit fan moments “Whoaaaaaaa’ed” in anticipation. Fancy fraternising stud Fandango (11) went for Bryan with hard throwdown. Bryan clouted Fan-D with a boot and a whirl atop shoulders spin before trying to tip over the ropes. Fandango held his own, whilst with no fancy tights on. The budget has been downsized. Next to enter was Tyson Kidd (12). It seems WWE has forgotten about the still existing entry not yet entered formally but still acceptable in Curtis Axel. They will probably just let it go. Next was cosmic lunatic Stardust (13). It was poor so far as a match. Stardust failed to drop Fandango who held on to the ropes as did 'dust on reverse comeback from Fandy. Tyson Kidd was eliminated by Bryan with an overlifting running elimination which was trying to establish some pleasing parts which became forgettable. Bryan ran at Wyatt as the pair landed on the outside through the middle ropes, therefore not out.

The legend spot was fulfilled with some old yoga bloke DDP (14). He came in a vest and jeans. All is forgiven Val Venis. I wish they would have booked Meat. DDP did nothing important. 

Rusev (15) came next as DDP was rightly worried. Rusev nailed him with a foot as DDP went out instantly. Thanks for coming, cheque’s in the post. Fandango was then dumped. Rusev and Wyatt stare down as Bryan drops down on both following with YES! Kicks to the chest. Bryan was then double teamed in retaliation. Bryan stayed in as Bray quickly charged him off the apron to huge boos! Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! It was a neccessary and logical elimination and by Wyatt too. 

Though all thanks to blabbermouth Jim Ross trying to predict Bryan will win cost the YES! man to become a resounding NO! If you’re sixty years old, you should probably just leave.

Goldust (16) came out next. He then slapped Stardust after a miscommunication. Stardust was nearly dropped. Fans cheers “Let’s go Bryan” who was eliminated three minutes ago.

Kofi Kingston (17) came out as Philly booed big time at the New Day theme. Fans felt a distinct air or potential racism. The group is built on an all black gospel choir style gimmick. Wyatt almost dropped Kofi twice. Kofi came back to do some theatrics and the crowd hated him. Ouch. “Let’s go Bryan” still rang. The guy is out. Deal with it!

Looney tune Adam Rose (18) came in next with his dumb crew. Kofi got eliminated only to be caught on The Rosebuds, who put him back in. This was the stupid spot for Kofi as is every year booked in his name. Kofi is desperately trying to be taken seriously, but WWE are costing it with the funny moments overriding his skill on offer. The stupid idiots then failed to protect Adam Rose who was eliminated seconds after by Rusev. Hah! Kofi then left by Rusev next. It was very sad to see these daft moments that devalued the Rumble from being greater than it could.

Roman Reigns (19) was up next and instantly booed. It’s fair to say he’s not over and won’t be by April. Reigns cleared house and looked unbelievable as he dropped both Gold and Stardust. The boo’s were as severe as Cena’s constantly ringing without any break. This is bad.

Even worse was the next New Day theme guy Big E (20) who was not cheered. It's not going well.

Next in was Damien Mizdow (21) who was enormously cheered, where The Miz stopped him and told him he would take his place. Mizdow slapped him down and took to the action as Rusev sent Mizdow out. That was his moment. Reigns stomped Rusev to heavy boo's again. They were louder every second Reigns moved or was the focus of the camera. 

In at (22) was Jack Swagger. Nothing notable happened. Ryback (23) came in with a slow paced nothing entry. Rusev lunged at him as Ryback was allowed to drop him and all the bigger men. O,kay….

Number (24) was Kane. Fans had enough and chanted “CM Punk.” Dean Ambrose joined at (25) instantly caught by Bray Wyatt. He then took on Rusev and Kane. He did some flying moves. Titus O’Neil (26) came in and was instantly removed by Ambrose and Reigns which was botched badly and didn’t dump over. Vince must be pissed at this. It was laughable and not in a good light. 

Bad News Barrett (who?) joined as (27) to no effect. Antonio Cesaro (28) joined the match as Cole said “was a dangerous position” and likely to win. Hmmm….

Cesaro dropped a smooth uppercut and then tried to dump Ambrose with good interaction.
Big E was randomly dropped by Rusev. Big Show returned as number (29). Ryback was easily toppled over and Swagger followed. The last entry was Dolph Ziggler at (30). He ran into Big Show and Kane and had a moment. So, where is Randy Orton, who was supposed to return and possibly win, and why has Curtis Axel not entered? Oh dear…

Cesaro swings Ziggler wonderfully now. He then topped Ziggs over who still does his yesteryear hold on moments. It’s all a bit sad really. Get some new material. 

Ziggler caused more upset on the apron by superkicking Cesaro off the ropes. Well that achieved nothing new. Make sure its a fan favourite who does it to hope the audience forgets it being a big upset. Trying to be too clever can have its awkward comebacks. Ziggs was KO punched by Show from the turnbuckle down. Bye.

Ziggler was easily dumped by Kane and Show. What a waste of Cesaro this truly was. He could have won and made WWE really shine, but WWE are still in a land of neglect on this front.  

Bray Wyatt was then dumped over like lumber. Fans were livid. It wasn't even a proper moment or build up. It was the final four! Ambrose, Reigns, Show and Kane. Eh? This is it?

Ambrose was chokeslammed by Show and then easily dumped over the ropes as fans really booed now over WWE’s Rumble direction than stars. “Bullsh*t!” they yelled. For once, they were right.

All three final men were met with indifference. I bet Curtis Axel doesn't seem so bad now, huh?

After Kane tried to dump Reigns, Show went for Kane. Both went at it as Roman Reigns so cheaply tipped both the guys over the top rope in the most pitiful win ever. It was meaningless and had no emphasis on it. It was basically like when your film or DVD just kind of stops for a minute, then re-starts with a missed blip you instantly forget about. Only this is meant to be a new superstar in the making. Oops...

After the elimination both Kane and Show return to double team Reigns. OMG! The Rock returned to help his cousin Roman Reigns. Not even basking in a victory and requiring a family guy to help, Reigns was still viciously booed. Nothing could save him now, not even The Great One. Rusev then magically comes back in. What is all this disjointed flurry? So Rusev wasn't eliminated? Fans then decided to cheer for the anti-American baddie to win. Talk about a monumental f**k up. 

After a running charge, Rusev was tipped over the ropes by Roman Reigns, who is finally declared the winner, even though Curtis Axel never entered and is still legitimate. What an utter disaster. Will there be a re-start?

Brock Lesnar watched on a screen backstage with Paul Heyman. The Rock cuddled Reigns in victory as the crowd was pissed. Rock was visibly confused and shocked that his appearance to endorse his cousin was not met with favour. Fans cheered Rocky and boo'ed Reigns. Ouch.

Out come Stephanie and Tripper now with faces like thunder. The match did not re-start and Curtis Axel is not only owed a Wrestlemania match entry but a re-start. Fans at home regarded it as the worst ever in Royal Rumble history for its handling. Some even believe this was another of Triple H’s doing to make ‘his choice’ work. Added to the basket of Paige, Sin Cara and Kharma as failed concepts, WWE looks awkward going forward for 2015. Oh dear, oh dear…

To top it all WWE Superstar JUSTIN GABRIEL is alleged to have quit WWE over the weekend, announced before the Rumble PPV. Sadly, Gabriel wasn't going anywhere in this company and is said to have been frustrated. It was likely he would be sent packing soon in the new year Network purse lightening. 

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of their matches - Road Dogg, Damien Mizdow, Natalya, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt 

Man/Woman of the PPV - Roman Reigns

WWE mucked it up again, and so with it the buy rates. So out of touch is the WWE that with a choice they think can boost revenue for its Network, has actually been the opposite. Reigns is too weak to raise those numbers so quickly. WWE need to re-evaluate and prioritise promptly. Reigns is not it. At least, not yet. The sales and stock are now even more likely to decrease after Royal Rumble put on a poor show which had the potential to be great.

WWE could and should have developed a range of new and growing stars while pushing the new kids closer to achievable fan acceptance. Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Antonio Cesaro, and even Dolph Ziggler should have been steered towards a better way. Ziggler isn't going to make it but could find something to do to bide time. As for the others they were more over as potentials to win than Roman Reigns. It is the highest of unfair pressure to place on Reigns as he, as we have said before, is entirely unready for the spotlight. 

Fans indifference to Reigns was not down to the myth that Daniel Bryan was eliminated. Bryan's elimination was logical and needed. It was done right and he should not have won. Though he needed strong booking to continue his opponents in the future.

Triple H has always wanted Roman Reigns. Vince McMahon is now said to be personally overseeing Reigns as scriptwriter and his development as the next WWE star. He even wrote him a nursery rhyme on Raw weeks prior to the Rumble which fans expressed wa snot the way to go. WWE defiantly refused to acknowledge and pushed hard over the fans directions. The fallout was terrible. Triple H is basically running WWE with Vince's guidance. The pair decided to let Vince be in full charge tonight but use Triple H's selection for the future. Both got it so, so wrong. While they didn't like the crowd that evening for different reason, the fans couldn't quite work out if Philly were smarks or slightly homophobic and racist among the mix of action which also upset the televisual reaction at home. Either way, its not a good sign to transmit. 

WWE, who are solely focused on pushing the WWE Network, nationally, internationally and globally, have stumbled on a blip. After the Royal Rumble legions of fans rushed to the WWE Network. To UNSUBSCRIBE! Instead of joining, they wanted to leave. Even an expert Triple Threat by Brock and Rollins wasn't enough to stay. It was a terrible choice of winner and an even badly booked, disjointed Rumble match itself. The undercard was laced with empty tag matches

So what the frig should WWE have done? As we previous added (which WWE failed to understand and went it alone) was to have this. Randy Orton to return and win. It would have been better long term. Reigns needs a year to progress as a solo star. Rollins is ready and has guarantee, though WWE could have dropped Brock to Rollins. Personally, one would have dropped Brock at Elimination Chamber in Feb. Though the Chamber PPV has been abrupdty dropped. So that's out.

Orton/Rollins at Mania would be amazing. Even with Brock as champ, he can still have a good opponent. Reigns should not have won, so without Orton, Cesaro would have been the logical choice. Beefy, hot and skilled, Cesaro is one for the future AND has the respect of its fans. If WWE wasn't so scared and just went for it, then Cesaro would already be its star by now. Two year of umming and arring has left WWE back in comfortable strife. Ambrose is not ready but one step above Reigns. They need work. Ziggler and Barrett are not even options.  

So what can WWE do now? Simple. Drop Roman Reigns as winner instantly! We like Roman Reigns but this is going to ruin him if it goes forward. Reigns needs tot put the spot on the line like Rey Myserio and lose it. To someone meaningful, too. WWE do not want to look weak by doing this, though not doing it actually makes them seem inferior as a result. Do it now. Or bring back a Raw 15 man Royal Rumble? Do something at least. Admit mistake and make it up. Fans may just comeback in time. Wrestlemania could become the worst PPV of its series for the fifth time. That's not best for business. Fix it. Oh, and Curtis Axel, the man who made The Rock/John Cena possible could also be built up to enter the match on technicality. An absurd choice by WWE to envisage, though the guy is more than capable to make the match work. For WWE it likes to pride itself on taking risks. Yet, for WWE there really is no risk taken. With it, the risk has not payed off. WWE fans have cancelled Network subscriptions, lost faith in the product and is slowly growing apart from WWE overall for the future outlook. WWE has never needed Max Waltham more. Give me the job and make yourselves win. Patience is growing thin. Win or lose, WWE is dropping the ball badly. Sort it out and figure out how to get the best team possible to turn a pure success. Future depends on it. That's advice

Removing irrelevant stars and empty legends would have helped. Even Stephanie McMahon as number 30 would have been good. WWE really missed some tricks here.

As for the rest of the card, all tags, the show was poor. Not an epic start to the so called "best year for WWE" to come. Fans regarded it as the "Worst Rumble ever."

© Max Waltham 26th January 2015
All Rights Reseved

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