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The Undertaker Wrestlemania streak in jeopardy?

Will legend wrestle on 
Wrestlemania supercard in 2013?

Recently speculated over the last month by fans and close attention many months ago by prevalent eyes, The Undertaker’s participation at grand spectacle Wrestlemania 29 is said to be in a state of turmoil. 

With numerous responses that Undie’s body is not in physical condition to have one of his most notorious matches on the card nor whom his opponent may be, has caused WWE staffers to be on tenderhooks with his booking, ideas and storyline. One staffer joked they would most likely find out who Undertaker’s opponent would be but looking online.

It is being considered that ‘Taker will skip a storyline and partake in a match, if able, to continue tradition of the undefeated streak. Another possibility is that of Undertaker missing this year and returning next year, or when worthy, to maintain his place for the company, his repertoire and the supercard itself.

With opponents ranging and undecided our take is clear on who ‘Taker should either face if able. CM Punk is WWE’s choice and Undertaker apparently requested to work with him. This will give both a place on the show and have a ‘streak’ to put up against one another, with Punk’s impressive title reign for many eras of the WWE history books against the undefeated Wrestlemania Undertaker collisions. 

Brock Lesnar would also be an adequate and preferable choice. Both have that aura still remaining from their attitude era days and both have such presence that Lesnar could be put into the setting with Taker and would have numerous feelings and supporters in both camps. Plus they haven’t collided at Wrestlemania before, which is imperative to Undertaker’s streak. Rematches should remain off the schedule.

Vince McMahon even considered working with The Undertaker in order to keep the feel going. This would not have been a bad integration, when all angles considered.

Ryback is being scheduled to battle the Big Show, however, could be put up against Undertaker if he takes place on the card, however Ryback, the mass liability he has become working in the ring with numerous talent, should avoid injuring ‘Taker further.

WWE have finally realised there aren’t many people left to call upon. If it chose not to go with The Rock/John Cena II as a mass money spinner and installed Rock against Undertaker, this would have been a grand match that both could work in an epic face/face setting if preferred.

Our choice at this time would be Punk. Everyone understands this is the best option, and with Lesnar ready to combat Vince/Triple H and possibly Ryback in a single/tag or six man match scenario, with Punk vs Stone Cold as the ‘dream match’ next year, WWE should line up strong opposition, though they will stall The Rock for John Cena the third following.

WWE have finally understood that eventually, when Undertaker, and its leading candidates are unable, for whatever reason, to headline Wrestlemania, that it will have no one to call on to make a match and some Wrestlemania’s over the past few years have entered dire shows, or standard bookings. Having ‘Taker miss the show with gaps in his streak will have a disastrous effect long term and if Undertaker can feasibly make the match work then he should, even if it becomes a ‘Mark Henry’ match. If, however Undertaker could cause injury by playing on the card, then he will have no option but to sit out. No one can substitute and there should NEVER be a stipulation/2 of 3 falls match. One on One alone. It is also not impossible to add on a Falls Count Anywhere battle, if all options fail.

WWE need to create stars, give them credible setting and opponents that compliment them in difference. Without this, Wrestlemania will be tombstoned into oblivion with Undertaker as the only standpoint left in history as its greatness alone should it remain in the dark ages and neglect talent producing for the future itself.

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