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WWE No Mercy 2016

WWE No Mercy 2016

Coming live on Pay Per View on Sunday 9th October 2016 from the Golden 1 Center in Sacremento, California, archived PPV No Mercy returned, exclusive for the Smackdown brand. Re-launched as sandwich filler for Joint Brand 'Big 4' PPV's could No Mercy deliver a new era for Smackdown

Would it utilise its best talents despite a lacking roster and stand up to Raw as a credible alternative? Or would it be yet another glossed over piece of trash disguised in hype for PPV names only? 

Let's find out...

WWE World Championship
Triple Threat
John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose Vs AJ Styles (c)

Woo-hoo! The title is going first. I for one think this is a good decision. We don't have to wait all night through the rest of the rubbish, let alone wait all night for it to be a disappointment, either. Or maybe, it just didn't draw? Oops!

A couple of cheers doesn't constitute being over. Most viewers already left time years and months back. That is why AJ Styles is not over. A few boner fans are irrelevant yet people will always tell themselves what they want to hear. AJ Styles has been too meek and irrelevant since he entered WWE. WWE, mostly Triple H, are desperate to say it hasn't failed. Triple H should stop being a mark trying to be a smark to get popular with fans. This is not how business is conducted and it shows. 

Your WWE Champion.
Leading up to this bout were weak promos, bland and empty filler. Dean Ambrose did his best to get the match stable but couldn't carry everyone, hence why it was made a triple threat distraction, in every sense of the word.

AJ Styles had his big moment. Walking around with no charisma or style.

The match got underway with chants of "Cena sucks."

It was a clunky start with three way mess, rushed to have quickness in spots to cover the lack of flavour. Ambrose and Cena did most of the work as the cowering champion in name only failed to be an impressive force of action.

Styles once again did his flippy moves as per usual to make an, ahem, impact which lacked skill or technique. It was just another Action Man motion. How typical.

Cena got a quick triple suplex release with AJ and Ambrose but it wasn't that exciting. Ambrose made it look fulfilling taking the biggest bump.

The crowd once again plagued the match with Cena chants of indifference. Again, it wasn't and never has been about the others, who have both been such disappointments to WWE as champions. WWE are desperate to try and make it credible. They cannot. It is beyond AJ and Ambrose needs better booking. 

Styles' next big move was a back flip jump off the ropes. Good to see he mixed it up with another flippy jump spot.

A weakly tepid arm swivel powerbomb drop by AJ on Cena was so laughable in trying to make Styles look like he was anything over than TNA fodder failing to materialise in WWE. 

Classic Cena animation.
It was boring already, but fans will convince themselves of what they want. There were a few moments like every PPV match in WWE where there was no enthusiasm, emphasis or strong buzz. It was standard run through with everyone having their spot moment. How sad.

Next came the same tired out routine of AJ Styles roll up reversing with the Small Package and some hot moments of ooh-ahh ending in both on the mat. Cena was above the pair and dropped the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on both, so meekly that gets Cena no respect whatsoever with fans today.

Cena almost took it home with an Attitude Adjustment on Dean Ambrose as we are told he ould equal ignorant old hag Ric Flair's 16 time championship record. Is that meant to be great? Losing it 15 times?

Fans tried to delude themselves which only further destroys the product chanting "This is Awesome" when barely anything 'Awesome!' happened and was simply cheap spot monkey jumping spots. Well, WWE has lost scores of viewers. The Indy Darlings are all Vince has left.

Cena held on the No Pressure STF as Ambrose tried to stop AJ tapping. The pair fought as AJ stirred to. The gapping issues on the clutch hold were once again, diabolical. 

Cena powerbombed Ambrose for two as AJ did a top rope jump once again. Cena and AJ did a number of reverses as AJ had a leg lock on Cena. It was very poorly worked through. Ambrose broke it up with an elbow.

Double Tap
Ambrose came back and leg locked Styles, who whined like a girl. It was all very repetitive. Cena also returned and clasped on the STF in an absurd choice, as Dean Ambrose had a submission locked on to tap out AJ Styles. The weakling 'champion' AJ Styles tapped to both Dean Ambrose and John Cena.

The crowd were upset of the swerve lunacy, rightly so. The choice was a barmy one at that. If Super Cena wanted to win why jump into a hold with Ambrose? Even his bounce comedy jump into the hold was entirely unbelievable. How WWE expect fans to swallow this choices is beyond everyone. These choices have been going on and never changed. Fans already wised up. All that are left are those in desperation hoping Indy luvvies get their turn in the big time. A big time with washed up failings who are the pick of the slim pickings job squad. Ouch!

The both traded blows as the referee sort of restarted the match without a clear indication it was. What a mess. Fans were somewhat clueless as if it was just an after fight or a continued match.

Dirty Deeds by Ambrose on Cena was halted by weedy AJ outside pulling out the ref. Ambrose flung himself at Ambrose outside and threw him over the announce tables.

Cena top rope dropped Ambrose as AJ Styles pinned John Cena after a chair jab. LOL. AJ Styles double tapped out and then needed distractions and chair jabs to win. Could he be any weaker? This is the champion? Pathetic. Why on Earth did WWE put it on him in the first place? Neither really wanted AJ Styles or Kevin Owens as their main champs but do it anyway? How desperate can they get at destroying their own product? Yet they still keep them on them. It would have been better to even give useless Cena back the gold or Ambrose again. Ambrose needs better booking but is always red hot as challenger. Perhaps WWE think this is best for him. Rushed alternatives and decisions in the first place are no solution to such problems.

Nikki Bella Vs Carmella

Carmella's whining like a cat is still the WWE standard of Divas matches pretending to be Women's now. We are also told what was reported before the show.

Becky Lynch sustained injury and will NOT defend last fortnight's Smackdown Women's title or whatever it is. Makes you wonder why it was introduced to begin with.

Carmella's arm locks were a little weak but she does show promise. She is still a little too green and lost in the ring. She tried to command the stage herself which again has promise but needs real depth to her character and reasoning to be in there with Nikki other than, because she needs a match. 

Carmella has options but is just way too green under these booking standards. Such a waste. It's not taking off as she should. She should be a slow burner building up and developing, which she is capable of more than others. She also has a good look about her that could appeal to fans if WWE got smart about its choices and forever lacking creativity. They make it up as they go along.

A Bella Buster by Nikki was cheaply walked into which proves how dumbed down the division is and lacking depth in wrestling principals in general. It was randomly unappealing.

Carmella's flexible leg lock saw Nikki gain the John Cena super-strength to beat the odds and break the count. Carmella screamed while using weak arm slaps as pitter patter with no effect. Nikki Bella dropped the "Rack Attack 2.0" (whatever that is) to drop Carmella and win this empty match which was a decent stop gap but had no real buzz about it. It was just there, to fill in the PPV cracks. If anyone needed the win to continue this feud it was Carmella. It was understandable, however, why WWE chose Nikki. 

Eww! Maryse's make up looks old and rotten. As well as looking like a hooker on 5th Avenue. The Miz spoke with the GM Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon to gloat and mock Dolph Ziggler's upcoming departure from WWE.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) Vs The Uso's

The Uso's desperately need a real gimmick than all of this again and again and again. They are boring but needed.

Cryme Tyme 2.0?
Heath played his game of help the aged today.

It was standard match booking with Heath Slater the favourite, waiting for a hot tag. Eventually he got it and gave it back to Rhyno who landed the Gore. Rhyno and Heath Slater retain the worthless titles in another empty win.

By the way, those tag belts are not legitimate. You can't just 'Make' titles. The Raw Tag Titles are the only ones where no unification or separation was legitimately introduced. Exactly like the Women's title or Universal tile. Dumb WWE again.

When they exist they must be cancelled out/unified/formally separated to be brand split exclusive. WWE just 'do whatever' and hope for the best. Hope is, comforting.

Oh, and to top it all...

...Heath Slater taped out by accident before the win by Rhyno in a submission lock by one of The Uso's where they technically won the titles, fully in front of the referee and TV camera. Oh Vince. What a mega balls-up, babe!

David Otunga had to utter damage limitation with a statement. "Whether you believe he tapped or not he never reached the rope" to which others debated he did  moments later. The comments and the happenings made no sense whatsoever, as is standard practice in WWE matches.

Aye, aye, aye...!

Jack Swagger Vs Baron Corbin

Raw draftee to make the numbers Jack Swagger and Barry Corbin get upgraded from Pre-Show to main show. Welcome to jobberville.

2016 -Baron Corbin is the chosen one! 2017 - Baron Corbin is future endeavoured. 

You can see why these two are always on Pre-Shows or Superstars/ Main Event.

Baron Corbin won. It was a sheer waste of time. Instead The Vaudevillians, American Alpha and other taggers were relegated to the Pre-Show. WWE have two excellent tag teams in waiting and reservedly hate them so. WWE is its own private joke, which they fail to get.

Career Vs Title
Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz (c) w/ Maryse

If Dolph Ziggler loses he will retire

Yes it has flips and spills, but I'm bored. That was the feel of many, including this writer. It lacked something more and was filled with the air of mystery which appealed a tad but the in-ring action was loose and all too gimmicky to please simple folk.

It felt mind-numbingly inducting intoxication.

The Miz later put the Figure Four Leg Lock on Dolph.

These cameramen are crap nowadays. How hard is it to zoom ffs? During this long hold they decided to miss most of the key moments. This is after a week ago on Raw where homophobia was still rife in failing to get close ups on the action as Cesaro was on th mat because they didn't want to see an eyeful of something else. That isn't your call to make and the action should not be neglected where zoom's on wrestling principals count.

Maryse interferes once again (Yawn!) as The Miz opens the turnbuckle pads. Ziggler gets the better of him but soon smacks on the exposed turnbuckle. Miz gets a close 2 fall.

Kick miss, followed with a Zig Zag for a close two on The Miz comes after.

Mikey and Kenny return :)
Quick counters and motions by Ziggler with a Sleeper wrap on The Miz. After a while Miz reaches the rope to break through. 

Maryse quickly sprays Dolph Ziggler in the face (Zzzzz) with perfume but Dolph gets the foot on the bottom rope to add some buzz to the battle. 

The Miz gets Dolph's boot instead of feet. Superkick from Dolph.

The Spirit Squad pals Kenny and Mikey arrive as Marsye calls them. Dolph superkick's them down as The Miz gets a near fall. 

The Miz gets nailed by Dolph Ziggler shortly after in the kerfuffle to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Dolph Ziggler's fifth and most desperately needed title reign. Shock! He isn't leaving. Dirt Sheets got that wrong. (That's because WWE mailed them red herrings and they idiotically took the bait.) WWE's smirk will be wide and large. Though the ratings will wipe it from them.

All that for an Intercontinental title? Bit lame in comparison.

Afterwards we say Randy Orton prepare for his upcoming match in the lavatory. Oooh! LOL The most laughable joke by WWE again happened when the mirror Randy looked into suddently warped like a wormhole from Donnie Darko, only crapper. It was in teh right place, then.

It was to mimic previous years on Smackdown when Randy became involved in deceptive visions of 'mind games' when The Undertaker put the willies up him. This is TNA standard crap Vince. LOLLLLLLLZZ! Today's version was no paths on Undertaker's incomparable distortions. 

Curt Hawkins has returned after being released. Why, oh why? That kickoff promo was dire. WWE are so brainless today. We had to be reminded, of course. Thanks, WWE. 

The Pre-Show was discussed. No-one cared.

WWE 'Smackdown' Women's Championship 
Alexa Bliss Vs Becky Lynch (c)

Naomi comes out instead. Naomi's funky entrance was a real highlight in building the scene and crowd positively.

WWE was again so lazy it can't even remember that Alexa Bliss should be named winner by forfeit. Another lost angle. So wasteful.

Why did Becky get given the title our weeks ago, seemingly like a fortnight only? She can't even play. She should have been stripped of the 'gold' and had it upheld. WWE still too weak and fail to make it work by these lingering indecision. The Smackdown Women's title is again illegitimate and doesn't even exist. It is still the Women's championship on 'Raw'. WWE fail to learn or even think. They should scrap it immediately but they will never listen. It can only get worse the longer it is around. It is what is known as a pure farce.

WWE let one of its supposed key title's be held up for another month. They can never ever make or take any action or decisions anymore. Weak and pathetic.

Alexa Bliss Vs Naomi

Naomi beats Alexa Bliss by three fall. It was a good match but could never beat being a filler insertion. These are more harmful than not being on the card initially. WWE think it is ground breaking protection.

While Naomi was the better option and needed to win, how is Alexa Bliss supposed to get over? Challenger, cancelled match and loss to random plus one? Hmmmm... 

She threw a fit rolling around on the ground like a spoilt bratty girl. It was stupid booking once again, despite Bliss' efforts to make entertaining. What Dana Brooke is to Raw, Alexa Bliss is to Smackdown. Some Divas Revolution. 

Randy Orton Vs Bray Wyatt

You Ain't me. You never will be. Only a fool would try to mimic. You'll always lose Karma's a b!tch. You're Welcome!

Fortnightly PPV's have become so random and boring now that have zapped the buzz of it all. As we foretold and explained the Brand Split is causing more problems than solutions.

To top it all, many believed a human form of Sister Abigail would appear, as a figure was seen passing underneath the ring. Many believed WWE were planning Sister Abigail to arrive. Helpful viewer Ashley Clarke also confirmed fans watching live saw it "during the video package."

It was another great match put on by Randy Orton, who always attempts to make his opponents grow into a new role for themselves, despite being misinterpreted by fans of his talents no other in WWE has.

Though Randy cannot make everyone work well on his own. While Bray Wyatt tried the match was too long with much lacking structure. It became boring and empty despite Randy's excellent efforts to sell Wyatt as a growing force trying to stay relevant. This was largely down to the mis-appreciated talents of Orton once again, as WWE's five star worker, whether liked or not.

After back and forth action with no much to speak of, the lights went out and returned on. A figure stood before Randy Orton making him freeze in disbelief. It was... Luke Harper! Oh...

As a result of the distraction, where nothing really happened and Luke just stood there, Bray Wyatt snuck up on Randy Orton to beat him to close the PPV on another sour note.

Luke Harper returned and WWE told the entire online community Luke Harper would re-join the Raw brand. Harper was drafted to Smackdown originally. If only the fans thought about these things. WWE are laughing at 'getting one over' on the fans again. Though fans don't like being made fools of. Though Vince and WWE have always had contempt for such fans. 

Sister Abigail was seemingly nixed for Luke Harper. Many were unhappy that Sister Abigail would appear and did not want an actual human to take the role. They were also slightly miffed that Bray Wyatt still could not win a match without extra inclusion of others. Wyatt will never get over. WWE have squandered many an opportunity. It has taken too long, been treated with egotistical misplacement and attempts to use it as a mocking mechanism to Max Waltham, who really does not care about that sort of thing. For Wyatt, as a failed concept of Max Waltham with WWE distortion has proven to be the grandest failure. 

You Ain't me.

With that, it was a great waste of three hours, despite the roster really trying to make the show work. It is always WWE that books the problem. If only Triple H could put his ego aside. Don't hope any time soon. He still fails to realise all his attempts to stand tall as WWE booker/creative/hirer are failing. Every single one of Triple H's decisions on the 'business side' for WWE have been epic failures. Every, single, one, of , them. He hates that, but he is the only one who has done it to himself. When he decides to grow up and be a mature businessman perhaps time will change. How long have we got? 

Go figure. Ignorance is not a virtue.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of their matches - Dean Ambrose, Nikki Bella, Jimmy Uso, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Randy Orton

Man/Woman of the PPV - Dolph Ziggler

As the second exclusive PPV for Smackdown since the Brand Extension, Smackdown and WWE have entered yet another poor performance. Perhaps they feel Brand Exclusivity will save the ratings. The ratings will further decline we stated (as proved since) when separating exclusive stars from fans chosen source of entertainment. The problem was never where but who and how WWE select and create for, or not.

WWE's ego is always the problem. The moment they look objectively with a business frame, they may learn. They think loads of money will protect them. Yeah... Sure.

WWE are not invincible. They are slowly learning this. What future legacy will be left for Vince's business empire? Does he even care? Triple H has proven to be no successor and fails to even get those who will help on board through his own stubborn hate.

If WWE looked properly, they would finally have it so easy and ride the wave higher once again. It is a downward spiral for the as of now until an unknown point in time. It is doubtful it will recover.

Lack of details, ignorant hires, hateful egos and lack of quality have dipped WWE's course more than ever before.

WWE should end the Brand Extension by Christmas. By then it should figure out who to put forward and who to expel for mass failings that have drastically destroyed WWE's future, ratings and entertainment worth. There really can be no excuse and the more Vince McMahon feeds the idea of see how it goes will only destroy further. The stubborn old goat needs to retract if ever to succeed in the 'New Era'. Can he put his sh*t aside for the company? Hmmm... Since when did WWE become so weak?

Dean Ambrose needs better writing and options to survive, let alone be champion. We told of this a year ago and here we are. Ambrose is typecast and fighting to stay interesting after being World Champion. Rushing stars and failing to write for them with strong options has proven such travesty. Ambrose can only do so much but was a fish out of water against the Golden Boy John Cena and the 'I can only jump' with five moves, AJ Styles. TNA's failed concept at getting over for ten years has finally brought his Action Man credentials to WWE. How's that working out for ya? Not very well. But.. but.. I like AJ Styles. That can be no excuse for in-ring failures and lack of materialising worth. This is not a pic 'n' mix sweetie shop. WWE have now tainted their title among everything else. He has to go just like the other random blob sapping WWE's audience. With the ratings drop it is quite absurd that WWE still think AJ Styles is capable as champion to please the fandom minority.

The Uso's and the Tag division is another mess that when separated ares till relegated to nothingness. Even the rest are flung into obscurity on the pre show and the titles are ugly. None of it will get over. WWE never can and have to do things properly.

Same goes for the 'Women's thing title'. It is irrelevant if Becky Stink Lynch has an "undisclosed" injury. The title has to be moved on. Looks like borderline ignorance has caught up with her. PWG. Pretty Wrong Girl!

Dolph Ziggler was the man of the night. He can finally say he has something in his career to be proud of. Yet it was a match beating cheats against, of all people The Miz, for a secondary title that is cursed beyond belief. The jobber WWE want to have something to try and convince the fans it is kind and keep things interesting on Smackdown because they have no one to move the title to. The Miz had grown stale since he won it a Wrestlemania. It was okay, but when properly analysed, was barely a touch on WWE classics or general good feel 'stuff' WWE is so often missing. Dolph Ziggler would not re-sign last year to spend it all on Total Divas. Though that might be a better option. If only he didn't lose Bella to Cena.

Nikki Bella and Carmella worked well with their short time but need more depth and workable layouts. 

Naomi and Alexa Bliss are also attempting to help fit in and stricture Smackdown but is always viewed as less than by WWE. The pair also need more depth in their matches as they can only be given short ones to protect them with lacking options. 

Becky Lynch has proven her worth since Triple H favourite was given title for NXT over sell. She's an abysmal failure who could never win and now can't be a champion. Excellent!

Baron Corbin won. Who the hell is he? Why should we even care. What a categorical Roman Reigns-esq failure. Move on.

Randy Orton once again shone but was stalled by weird instances outside of Bray Wyatt's character and WWE's idiotic TNA booking style.  Bray Wyatt is never getting over and is another lost cause WWE have tampered with too often and failed to get started. There is nothing he can do to make it.

Dis PPV got's Triple H's TNA standards again. HaHaHA! What a joke it is. Drop. Ratings. Drop. So cheap and pitiful.

It gave buzz and feel of the night but it was still somewhat plain and vanilla. The momentum was built up well but lacked parts of wrestling instead of all the filler parts. 

When PPV's that used to be 6,7,8 or 9 now garner 1's and 2's what crisis point do you really need to figure out the product is failing on a monumental scale? Well, it's your show, isn't it? Good luck with that. Sort it out. Now! Call me!
You're Welcome!

© Max Waltham 11th October 2016
All Rights Reserved

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