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AJ Lee retires from wrestling

Leading three time WWE Diva retires
after Wrestlemania XXXI

WWE diva AJ Lee has officially retired from wrestling. announced on Friday online, including its Twitter account that the four time divas champion had decided to leave the sport.

BREAKING: AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best.
-WWE, 03 April 2015

AJ worked her final match the previous Sunday at Wrestlemania XXXI in a tag team match with wannabe diva Paige and The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie. 

AJ herself spoke for the first time after the decision -

Break the rules. Be a fighter. Any dream is possible if you are brave enough to do it YOUR way. Thank you all.
- AJ, 05 April 2015

Fans have since speculated in hopes that AJ returns elsewhere, especially on the independent circuit. One word of advice, avoid ignorance, especially on the British circuit. One match could ruin an entire career. That would not be best for any star, especially at such young age.

At only 28 years of age, Mrs CM Punk leaving was not unforeseen but questions how out of love with the show AJ may have become. For such an early age is upsetting for many. While it paves the way for other divas hoping to grow, WWE will not put anyone relatively new in the frame and stick to the one's that are left since AJ removed herself from WWE's spotlight.

She may need to take open bookings here and there in time but until then it seems she is happily intent on spending time with her husband and enjoying life in marriage. Wrestling Wonders and Max Waltham have wished her all the best and hope the couple do remain happy with one another. 

Rumours of AJ's past and simply untrue rumours before her break sometime over the past year and a half were questioned with pregnancy. There would be absolutely no way WWE would allow someone preggers to wrestling in the ring. Now, though, those suggestions may not be farther from the truth. AJ may wish to bear child. Well, who wouldn't want CM Punk's baby? I can think of one right now. Despite losing out, the pair seem to be focused on a more harmonious relationship outside of the squared circle, and good luck to them both. 

Retirement is a dirty word in wrestling and with both at low ages, it would not be uncommon to see the pair back in wrestling circles at later dates. While at a heated environment with WWE, CM Punk and AJ would definitely have a place in WWE in the future, it just boils down to how to work out a return on all parties. 

AJ was classed by CEO Vince McMahon as the divas division among a lacking roster last year. With AJ's departure, it seems that the division has a lot of ground to cover and perhaps another reason for Lee's disenfranchised view of the division itself. Earlier this year, AJ tweeted "principal owner" Stephanie McMahon about diva's equality, which was not part of a script. McMahon claimed she noted AJ's concerns. Many felt this to be condescending instead of genuine from Steph.

Whilst not the Trish Stratus or Lita of the women's division (and unkind to place on anyone since these two cannot be matched) AJ held her own star among the divas today. Shaping the divas division to what it could be with a better approach, AJ has cemented a legacy for herself that proved worthwhile and made it decent among the lacking skillset of opponents available. She holds the title as one, if not the one, of modern diva's division re-definers. 

If ever there was a time to call up more divas and Max Waltham to run the show, now might be a good way forward. AJ's leaving was a quiet but obvious case of when rather than if. If the WWE divas division is so bad to leave at just 28 years of age, what can honestly be said for the future of its ladies or the company as a whole? While it could be sneered at by WWE, this is yet another one of serious concerns that shapes the whole future of WWE and how it can operate in a future coming along. WWE need to get smarter and figure out those ways foward or simply get left behind. It's top diva of today is gone and there does not yet seem to be any viable replacement even though WWE are neglecting stars like Charlotte and Emma. 

WWE are planning a new Diva Search contest, exclusive to the WWE Network, to increase numbers, after the heightened success of Total Divas proving a place of interest among fans for female wrestling. 

AJ will be writing a book soon and said of the issue of female empowerment -

Thank you @LeshneAgency. I hope our book inspires girls to become strong women & underdogs to make their dreams a reality. 
- AJ, 31 March 2015

As the number two diva of the Wrestling Wonders Pro 25 2014 (here) - WW Pro 25 2014 and WWE's number one of the modern generation, AJ was respected by her peers and fans. We appluad her contributions to the wrestling world. 

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