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WWE Extreme Rules 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016

Coming live on Pay Per View, Sunday May 22nd, from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, would Extreme Rules be interesting and fresh or simply another B PPV falling to the depths of a C or D value washout with gimmicks? Could it deliver after two back to back dire PPV's from WWE including its greatest, Wrestlemania? Can new rivalries and interesting option be put forward or simply a dated and predictable revert to routine once more?

Let's find out...

Tag Team
The Uso's Vs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

The BDSM baldie guys are now calling themselves 'The Club.' How creative. What club? A nightclub? A spade a spade? Borderline that one. Woo! They are in a 'club' that's very exciting. As if they weren't boring and useless themselves, now they have a pitiful name. Why was so many spent on one of Triple H's mark fandom choices with two bookends who can't even attract anyone. Talk about floaters that wont flush. Very creative.

Neither of the green rookies still haven't developed a backstory or personality.

One Uso was thrown into the crowd. That's original. Very Hardcore. 

Vince McMahon also made his message to the WWE Universe clear via mouthpiece JBL. He told us Roman Reigns was a "megastar." Yeah, okay. 

Ignorant chicken legs bookend Karl Anderson smashed a clumsy knee botch on an Uso.

Jimmy Uso soon smacking him right in the chops after his rubbish trash talking.

Luke Gallows yelled some more saying "Get Up! and looking lost. He took hold of the ring bell and then went to use it on Jimmy Uso who avoided it. Jimmy Uso made a mistake and super-splashed onto Luke Gallows who move out of the way and Uso landed on the bell gut first. Karl Anderson slipped in and got a cheap move to allow Luke Gallows a pin fall cover in yet another pitiful and wasteless win for a green nobody team with barely any action. 

Moving on...

United States Championship
Kalisto (c) Vs Rusev w/ Lana

Out next was the midget ignorance of the highest order and biggest disgrace to wrestling, the US title and America as a whole, Craplisto. His entrance was lame as usual. Whatever. 

It is somewhat of a miracle that the midget moron of high ignorance who has been no value and everything of a disgrace to the US title held on so long. Even WWE only used him for demographics alone. It failed to encourage anyone to such a poor and unbelievable pint size hero of the United States who isn't even American. There has been no worth, value or skill from stuntman midgets. WWE forever look the fool and being utterly clueless.

Lana was cheering on her man in what looked like her negligee with a waistcoat on. She still looked good though. Rusev battered the tiny pinball wizard around the ring with easy and brute force. Fans chanted for Lana as usual, as Kalisto was too poor to attract attention. What a star turn.

Then some mark fans chanted to entertain themselves after Kalisto had no presence. Gotta love a mark crowd. There was so much faith possible from the WWE Universe. Even WWE disapprove. Hey, WWE made it less about wrestling first though, I guess.

Rusev clambered on a Bearhug wear down as Kalisto screamed like a girl. This was his only offence. What a star champion, let alone star prospect for WWE or wrestling as a whole. Why Triple H thought this goon was profitable is simply laughable.

Kalisto magically got onto the back of Rusev in a hilarious joke that looked pathetic. He screamed again as Rusev dropped him down to the ground in a counter crushing him underneath.

Rusev let Kalisto get a couple of flying theatrics in as a generous sport, which should have seen Rusev dismantle the clown instead. Kalisto had no presence or value here. His moments were highly boring and uneventful.

Kalisto was knocked silly and dropped hard onto the canvas as Rusev then quickly went to submit Kalisto. WWE began teasing a moment where Kalisto could no compete as huge boos rang at such a potential screw ball decision. Rusev quickly clasped on The Accolade to crush Kalisto into submission bending him like a pretzel as the new United States Champion was rightfully crowned and long overdue from WWE's booking lunacy months ago. Kalisto was left in a lying heap on the floor as fans could not care less. 

WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) (c) w/ Xavier Woods Vs The Vaudevillians

The fresh new team of Aiden English and Simon Gotch finally got their title match and their valued place in an actual match not shortened by green novices failing to take dives correctly.

After their usual and outdated skits before matches filled with toilet homour, Xavier Woods lead more absurdities harping on for the New Day. He asked fans to send him pics and vids with an unspoken but sexually themed tone. Maybe they should seek tips from adulterous sexter Seth Rollins. 

Two tools and garden planks, Big E was carrying to mention after. Is that a spade? Only WWE can, can't they? Couple of hoes The Vaudevillans were, Big E says. It really was clueless promo booking. It did nothing to elevate either team, title nor any reason for the items. This is meant to be WWE's grand entertainment?

Xavier Woods, who is not champion, started things off and got beat down. WWE always break the rules on Trio title holders. It devalues the titles and the champion and the division. WWE forever do not care, learn or listen. The joke is on them. Where are the ratings? 

Great technical knees by Simon Gotch. Great double teaming. Fresh and original. Tags next as Big E belly to belly bounces opponent making Aiden English and then Gotch look foolish. It should not have been that easy and it did not make Big E look like a natural powerhouse. Big E's quick run around was soon halted by a perfect knee by Aiden English for a close two fall. 

Distraction by Kofi Kingston outside let Big E get a tag to Xavier as Gotch came in and smashed them over the steps outside. Xavier Woods was classed as the first man to break out of Simon Gotch's finisher. What a poor booking for The Vaudevillians by WWE. Big E thumped English off the apron as Kofi Kingston cheated from the sidelines and knocked Gotch as Xavier Woods gained a tainted and cheated victory to win. What a absolute waste of The Vaudevillians who totally needed to refresh the division by winning. Regardless of the outcome, that was a poor booking decision for the tag division and a new team going over. 

Once again another fine opportunity was squandered by WWE's lack of direction and its failure to get fully behind a team that can reignite their ailing division of no interest.

Intercontinental Championship
Fatal 4 Way
The Miz (c) Vs Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

A tired out formula with nobodies added on to make everyone feel they have a place could not have tainted the match further. What a waste. Some aging blubber who cannot wrestle with the highest of ignorance is supposedly WWE's greatest 'thing' to behold? WWE lost ratings because of him, his ignorance and its somewhat distorted vision. He is Triple H's friend. The token fatty. Be A Star! Yeah, but he's entirely useless and full of it.

Also in the match was Owens' friend and inseparable buddy, the high flying flippy sh*t acrobat Sami Zayn. How exciting. 

Back to the actual star, Cesaro....

Sami Zayn instantly ran into Kevin Owens and high kick launched into Owens face smacking him hardway out the match. That was smooth. It was another breather spot for blubber boy before the match started. Cesaro sent The Miz out too. 

Cesaro impressed once again with mid level hoping back and forth on the spot up and down grinding Zayn's arm. What athleticism!

Zayn launched a top rope move onto Cesaro and Miz outside as Owens continued to lie like a mess on the floor outside, taking it easy once more. Is there nothing successful he can't do?

Miz and Zayn got at it with Miz taking control. Owens was shown festering outside in the corner trying to pull himself up as a complete heaped mess. World class superstar right there.

As Cesaro comes back in blubber Owens sneaks up from behind as usual, kicks and cheaply punches Zayn many times which failed to connect and touches. It was pathetic. Owens continued to scream and whine like a b*tch on the Indy circuit, still failing to learn this is WWE. How green can you be?

Owens did a minor kick to Zayn and The Miz off the apron in poor taps that lacked connectivity. Owens continued to stand in the middle of the ring as per usually and talk trash. Are the ratings going up, Vince?

A traditional four man, top turnbuckle suplex was dropped by Cesaro. He covered Miz and Sami Zayn to no avail as Kevin Owens once again rolled out of the ring. 

Zayn dropped a powerbomb on Cesaro at a chance opportunity as The Miz followed up on Sami Zayn with a move. All failed to get a pin. Miz and Zayn went back at it while Cesaro suplexed the pair once more. Resident, conniving worm Kevin Owens slithered back in as the most irrelevant thing in the corner wasting everyone's time. Cesaro whacked the post to post uppercut corners on everyone as the crowd were fully entertained by Cesaro's prowess. 

Cesaro sent Miz for a swing attempt as Kevin Owens magically recovered with no sell as suplexed Cesaro from behind. He then launched his cannonball move like the bowling ball with legs he is which was plain sad and unoriginal. It was a frenzy of manoeuvre as Miz got a follow up Skull Crushing Finale on Cesaro who tensely kicked out.

Cesaro corkscrew uppercutted Miz flying off the rope majestically. The Miz was slammed hard to the ground and finally swing by Cesaro like a Twinkie helicopter with elegance. After twenty odd rotations The Miz got the rope Cesaro locked The Miz in submission as Maryse grabbed her man's hands. Cesaro's raw power pulled them back as Maryse screamed as she was hauled in too. As the referee was distracted, The Miz tapped out to Cesaro, who failed to be noticed.

After a melee of break ups and near falls Sami Zayn took it to Cesaro with flippy moves. He came close with two. 

Zayn ran into a crushing uppercut and then had Cesaro bafflingly walk into a flip over. Cesaro walked into Kevin Owens who once aain stood on the spot powerbombed. Owens had an interaction outside with Maryse as The Miz planted him to the ground. Cesaro kicked out of a pin by The Miz in a very close thrilling kick out. 

WWE were quick to jump on how good the match was (thanks to Cesaro) and hyped up the "four athletes" where only three were apparent.

Zayn flung Owens all over the ring. The Miz climbed in and pinned Cesaro with a cowardly pin after Sami Zayn earlier botched a running kick smash on Cesaro. It was once again inconceivable to believe that after all those bumps Cesaro kicked out off he could be flawed by a stuntman who laid him out for such a long time on some random kick. The camera angle did not even show The Miz beating Cesaro after chasing Sami Zayn around. Talk about bungled. 

Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho

Dean Ambrose is finally living up to his typecast and is in an Asylum match. How creative. Ambrose could not be made more boring, useless and irrelevant. He was meant to be one of WWE's future stars. His opponent is the overly tired out feud once again with aging waster Chris Jericho. WWE really have no clue anymore and simply phone it in.  This is not any level entertaining. If this is WWE's idea of such it is in even more stormy waters than before.

Ambrose Asylum. Translation? A cage with a bucket and mop at the top. No, seriously. Pathetic. Worse than a Monster's Ball.

A comedy match with no laughter instead of an entertaining and encouraging thing.

It was very boring, shouty and time filling standing around. What a joke.

WWE dont know how or what an Ambrose Asylum should be.  that's the level of creativity now lost on WWE.

All Jericho constantly did was shout "You stupid idiot!" numerous times. Zzzzzz...

No escape can be made. No one escapes from WWE Cage matches anyway when it's an option.

One move, out of many slow paced, stalled moments say a straight jacket in play. 

Jericho's punches visibly not connecting at all.

This absurdity went on way too long. How WWE thought an audience would lap this lacklustre shindig up was absurd. Fans were bored, quiet and baffled at what it was supposed to be, despite trying to stick with it.

Ambrose with a drop down clothesline on Y2J. So exciting. 

"We want Rollins!" chants were heard as fans were so damn bored.

It really was a wannabe Bon Jovi against a drunk layabout. It was painful to watch.

Thumb tacks were introduced as the big spot option to try and reclaim the hardcore/Randy Orton glory days for Dean Ambrose. Good luck with that. 

If it goes another five minutes the crowd will turn on both of them.

Barmy! Mop, Bucket, Pot Plant, Leather Strap and
2x4 wood suspended above the 'Asylum' Cage

A Walls of Jericho was given as Ambrose whacks a Kendo Stick to Jericho's back to break submission. Chris Jericho followed up with a Fire Extinguisher smoke blast with a Codebreaker for a close two fall. It was meant to be an interesting moment but was so meekly conducted. The pair both seemed tired and lost.

As predicted Chris Jericho was dumped into the tacks with a Dirty Deeds as Dean Ambrose claimed the three fall victory in the most uneventful new match that became one of the worst in modern times. None of the prop filled apparatus excelled either, had no hype and was categorically piss poor to the core. 

Oh, and to top off all of this glorious disaster, Chris Jericho was pinned with his shoulders clearly not on the canvas at all, which was Jericho's mistake as soon as he landed to the canvas.

Jericho screamed like a girl for far too long and far too ridiculously that lost all believability. What a disaster.

WWE Women's Championship
Natalya Vs Charlotte (c)

For once in her tepid career holding the accessory, green diva Charlotte finally attempted in stepping out of her daddy's shadow. She was still overly green and entirely useless and needed to be heavily carried by Natalya once again. What a champion.

Ric Flair is banned from ringside and if he breaks it, Charlotte loses the title. One she has direly held onto for months tainting the division, but hey, that's WWE for you. Milking something to the point of waste and exhaustion. Where, oh where are the ratings?

Toilet Break. Total toilets!  Who actually cares anymore? WWE women are officially useless.

You can talk up title days as a reign all you like, it is meaningless when you have nothing to show in the ring.

Comfortably accustomed to her father's shadow, Charlotte's big moment was turning this whole match into a roll through mess. Cheap submissions from Charlotte and not enough emphasis on Natalya's skills, who once more did her best to carry Charlotte through a match.

Yells as a standard process dictated by WWE's top brass for divas were given to Natalya. She tried her best to make them work but they simply have no value. 

It became a quickly tired out boredom.

Natalya actually had to move herself backwards to let Charlotte get the rope touch. How embarrassing.

Ric Flair's music hits as someone in a robe arrives. It's Dana Brooke in a wig. 

Ugh! Dana Brooke looks like a tranny in that costume (the women's one, not Flair's robe.) Very unflattering. 

Charlotte used the distraction to lock on the Figure 8 and submit Natalya in another plainly useless cover story as the most useless champion in WWE history shaming the Women's title and division beat Natalya in another boring feud of no build up value. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Extreme Rules
AJ Styles Vs Roman Reigns (c)

Roman Reigns continues to be viciously booed and not accepted as champion material. Vince McMahon has changed his stance on the crowd. He now says, regardless of how you feel you are still passionate about him. Its official. Vince McMahon has given up and resorted to the John Cena formula of 'if I can't convince you then I'll just do what I want and you'll swallow it'. Roman Reigns is officially now John Cena Mark II. WWE could have avoided this but decided to be defiant in their own bubble. It has now burst and there is nothing Roman Reigns can do. He's finished. WWE did this themselves.

No-one cares about AJ 'Action Man' Styles either. He was just there to fill in once more as a gimmick who once again, decided to jump all over the place. How creative and main event calibre. 

It's the main event rematch (Again) between a flying action figure hickey and John Cena Mark II. Extreme Rules has come so far, huh?

Reigns' brute power tossing AJ around like a rag doll started the match. Both are polar opposites of what they are supposed to be in honourable terms.

A steel chair was introduced not five minutes in. Lame. Poor AJ and Reigns the hardman failure. Needing foreign objects so early in the match.

AJ send Rroman over the outside barricade. Outside already? That was quick. Poor little AJ bungled the spot and failed to flip over with Reigns when clotheslining. 

They had a fight through the crowd. How extreme!

The pair found their way punched on the table of the kick off discussion show. AJ gets a cheap kick to the face as Reigns walks toward. 

AJ removes padding from the steel ring rail and rips up the floor mat canvasses. This isn't TNA. 

AJ unloads on Reigns over the announce table. Styles Clash countered and shoved to the barricade and collapses to floor by Reigns. AJ jumps up over the barricade like a mousey runner and gets flipped over by Roman Reigns on the announce table collapsing through the other table. We all need a spot monkey, don't we?

Fans were still unimpressed. 

Reigns cross drop backbreaker powerbombed AJ into a sit down pin. In all fairness, this was a great move by Roman Reigns but a two fall only. Fans do not care what he does. AJ Hurricanrana caught by Reigns as he swings and powerbomb's AJ 'stuntman' Styles through another announce table. 

Reigns spears to the corner as AJ plainly moves and Reigns crashes through the padded corner wall by the bellringer. 

Gimmicks to cover for the lack of actual match were galore tonight.

AJ goes to the top to springboard as Reigns whacks him with the Superman Punch. AJ tumbles to the floor. "I don't think Styles has a clue where he's at" Michael Cole quips. I'd have to agree. 

Roman Reigns spears AJ Styles from around the corner outside to maul through the hickory dumpling. 

Out come the predictable run in of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, AJ's friends. A "Boot of Doom" (How hilarious) took down Reigns and placed AJ over Roman to cheat to win but Reigns kicked out on two. The Uso's now arrive and deal damage to all including AJ Styles. Roman Reigns gets the cover as AJ Styles survives. End it already. 

AJ Styles slams the Styles Clash (with trouble locking in) but isn't good enough and only gets a two count. 

Full of predictable rubbish and useless spot filling fluff distorting from the actual people in the match. What a washout.

AJ fails to land properly on a chair and lets his back knee drop on it. Reigns runs into Styles' kick as Styles tries the clash once more on the chair as The Uso's pull the leg of Styles. Roman Reigns kicks out at two as AJ Styles realises he is simply not WWE material. 

AJ now reverts to the dark side (Didn't take much did it?) and throws loads of empty chair jabs at everyone. Well, that was pointless. A looked stupid and weak. AJ goes to the top springboard middle rope jump as Roman Reigns jumps up to spear AJ Styles in mid air dismount to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Thank lord it's over. Talk about run-in central.

After the match result a shock arrival happens as Seth Rollins returns to run-in and nail a Pedigree to the champion Roman Reigns in a shock return over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Well, that was a rather weak return. With that, this dud of a PPV is over.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Jimmy Uso, Rusev, Simon Gotch, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, Natalya, Roman Reigns

Man/Woman of the PPV - Cesaro

Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin

Is this still going on? WWE's formula for pre-shows, repeat the same tired match and offer nothing interesting. The Pre-Show is officially worthless and should be scrapped. It has no place, is tired and a pointless warm up act that fails to impress.

Extreme Rules was a poorly laced together card with uneventful characters, high levels of ignorance and WWE's failure to listen and take action. Instead a bundle of worthless non-entities once again tainted WWE's reputation, the brand and the fans paying tickets to watch such diluted trash as entertainment. WWE continued to phone it in and are repeating every match as they often do for three month programs.

Tonight was all about gimmick matches and predictable foreign objects being used in the same spots every year. The formula is tired, wasteful and irrelevant. WWE currently have nothing to offer. The best they can give is aging stars unable to wrestle, green stars, disgraced ignorance serving no virtue, acrobatic stuntmen of no hype and blubbering messes who have no concept of how to work. It's all about Triple H's Indy love-in hard on. Unfortunately for Trips that popped itself months ago and Triple H is again blissfully unaware of his own ego massacring the WWE product all in efforts to prove himself to daddy in law and the wife. 

The Trophy husband has nothing to offer and is quietly crushing WWE's future with his absurd and moronic choices. 

WWE will tell themselves what they want to hear. It is better than way to live in one's own bubble of arrogance. The roster is the worst it has ever been, the Indy luvvies are poor and pathetic at entertaining crowds and WWE has no capabilities to excel. WWE are too stubborn for their own good and only bad things are to come for them even further. 2016 is the decline for wrestling and no matter how desperate fans and WWE are to convince themselves otherwise, their actions are going to be their undoing. WWE best prepare for the coming storm. It won't be pretty anymore. Their attitudes have failed to see what will benefit their  product. It is all their own undoing. They have chosen such a path. Everything can be undone if they wish, but they have chosen to be awkward and abusive. The product is the worst it has ever been and the karma will hit a three times harder. Even more injuries are racking up. WWE are truly clueless and tempting fate is not at all wise. 

Same old screw jobs run through for over three months on almost every match PPV of interest. What a star studded event.

It was inconceivable that the man of the PPV, Cesaro (who worked everyone to success in the four man match) got up from so many spots but failed to move on a clumsy kick botch for two minutes. How laughably poor can WWE be? Vince loves to screw the fans for fun. Most fans have gone. Vince said they would always be stupid enough to come back. They didn't not listen to crucial advice. Are the ratings down? The Miz was a coward who once again escaped as a weak and uneventful champion. Sami Zayn was an acrobatic plus one and blubbering waster Kevin Owens had no place or necessity hanging around in breather spots outside doing virtual jack all. 

Natalya was the second to be naturally screwed again and fans knew it. This time by some unknown replacement for recently injured Emma, in the form of Dana Brooke. It isn't working already and she was catapaulted into the roster only a week or two ago. Who actually cares? Charlotte can never win a match on her own and has never wrestled. Natalya carried the diva once more and the Women's title should never have been resurfaced as there are no women to hold it. What a sham WWE's so called revolution still is. A complete mess with no worth whatsoever. 

Both also quite packing...
in punches!
The Vaudevillains are the freshest, newest and most entertaining guys on the scene. The tag scene, WWE in general and opponents could benefit big from them. WWE don't feel too hot on them. WWE are losing it again when they have the best thing in front of them and too lazy to book. It would also have been the best thing tonight to have Kofi defend (as he is supposed to as champion, yeah?) and have The VV's injure him during the match, win the titles, refresh the scene and give more focus. Kofi ( a recent father again) can take time off and Big E can tag with Xavier Woods legitimately. Once more WWE fail the most basic of ideas and sense which is WWE its Universe of fans have also become distant. If WWE can't get anything right, why waste time for something that will never happen? 

The Uso's were battling a non-entity team of no value from a random place that WWE thought was a sure fire winner. Look how terrible this flop duo have been. Triple H's markdom of seeing a clip from an Indy promotion with a hard-on and goes to instantly hire them with no thought process on favouritism has proven to be unprofessional. Every hire Triple H has made in the past three years, alongside green NXT call ups, have proven a disastrous failure. This man is dangerous to WWEs future and has already alienated many workers, staff and fans. Most have left. WWE think nothing of it. Time to wake up. Triple H needs removing from the hiring and firing for starters and needs to lose his ignorant ego.

Roman Reigns has become the John Cena Mark II officially tonight. Fans do not care for his opponent but will cheer them only as prop for sheer hatred of Roman Reigns. We'll say that again. Hatred. Hate is a strong word. That's how bad WWE have bungled Roman Reigns' entire title ascension. There is no way back for Reigns. He is doomed. Yet there is no-one good enough to oppose him in WWE's standards other than one of Triple H's mates. How have they all worked out? Flop, prop and plop. 

What in the blue hell was this Asylum match? Whoever thought this up needs to b sacked or backtrack severely. This was the most dire match on the card, and there were some real stinkers elsewhere. Ambrose is yet another typecast boredom who can only get over for five minutes when he takes his top off. Aside from this there is now nothing to him and WWE have lacked any supportive weight to push him correctly. Ambrose is a tool. His opponents have also been uneventful and uselss. Chris Jericho, an aging, paycheck wielding, hag, completely out of shape and relevance, is wasting WWE's and viewers' time.

Rusev was the only interesting thing, flinging highly ignorant midget Kalisto all over the ring in a neccessary beat down that lasted two long over three months with the United States title phantom bearer who completely ruined the scene. How WWE thought this was a good choice when it was done just to be awkward and antagonistic was dumb. Look how well it worked out. Pitiful. It was a nothing win but at last Rusev tried to sell for his opponent as a professional which shouldn't have bothered in an all out crushing. Kalisto needs to be sacked and demoted. WWE never know when to act, save the scenes and get rid of lingering floaters. Without this the product will only worsen again and again and no amount of money can save WWE in their bitter defiance, as much as it pains them to admit they are wrong. Lose the ego.

Seth Rollins may have returned but WWE still have many mountains to climb to improve their show again. It is not looking probable at this point and with thre PPV's back to back, (Wrestlemania, Payback and Extreme Rules) all ranking 1/10 (which is utterly shameful), WWE have reached rock bottom. The roster is highly ignorant, Triple H's direction of it has ripped holes in the fabric of the WWE and the programming has been the most uneventful and most pitiful it has ever been. Triple H has wanted to outdo Max Waltham and prove he is better and can shape his own WWE for Vince 

McMahon to be proud of. Since then Triple H, the ultimate political game playing bitterness of hate, has sacrificed WWE in his hopes to get fan lovies with his own personal favourites, all of whom do not know how to wrestle or draw. Every decision Triple H has made since becoming a backstage authority figure in WWE has proven to be an epic failure. The man's ego is killing WWE's product and it is looking unlikely to improve. All because he takes things too personal and bitter. His problems are crippkling WWE's future and if WWE cannot or won't be prepared to see, act and score favour with those who can help (or indeed hire) then WWE really is stuffed beyond repair. Triple H has no direction for the future and Vince McMahon, fans believe, is content on letting it sink. Drastic measures are needed and none of that can be achieved by changing decisions on television alone any more. WWE need to really sit down and think long and hard how to survive the storm. Or ride it out and be swallowed whole. Now is certainly not the time for games, but WWE love to play them.

© Max Waltham 25th May 2016
All Rights Reserved

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WWE Payback 2016

WWE Payback 2016

Live on Sunday 01st May 2016, from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, WWE presented its regularly new Pay Per View series in its fourth year, which often turns up an interesting card as a filler event.

However, this year, with such a lackingly underwhelming card, laced with ignorance and lack of direction will WWE be able to avoid their recent slump in wrestling entertainment or continue it further without any ambitious way forward?

Tag Team
Number One Contendership 
WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals
Enzo & Cass Vs The Vaudevillans (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)

WWE began by sending out The New Day trio taking a frontside seat to watch the Tag tournament finals. After their disgraced gyrations over the tag titles, Xavier Woods publicly asked megastar Beyonce "If you need to get one back on your man" to contact him for sex, which was more of an insult than an offer. Charming way to open PPV.

Painstakingly awful promos and Cass just there in the background. Makes no sense and just a waste of time. Enzo is annoying and Cass is dire on the mic.

Out next are The talented Vaudevillans, who booed on entry for just being there and earning based on talent, are proof enough they have done their job perfectly and are completely over. Many struggle to get there yet The Vaudevillians are there instantly. How about that? WWE don't seem to rate the talents of English and Gotch. That's forever WWE's problems. 

WWE ran a traditional and lacklustre tag title tournament which in the run up to this event had gathered no steam. The finalists are two randomly called up NXT teams on a whim than a powerful storyline basis.

The first team is a small man with a pineapple head, Enzo Amore who talks a load of nonsense and a catchphrase with his stick partner Cass, a six foot requirement for WWE. Their phrase is a meaningless thing called SAWFT, to which the team are basing their gimmick on in desperation to get over from being a natural flop. SAWFT is also highly racist in its undertones. WWE don't seem to learn anything do they. Triple H is very happy to have them called up from the NXT playground. 

The other team is The Vaudevillians, Aiden English and Simon Gotch, a team with high skill, depth and style but WWE don't really like them much and treat them like jobbers, who should have been on the roster months ago. Giving the tag division a breath of fresh air, the division has grown stale and WWE will naturally mismanage the scene once again, making a waste of such talents.

The winner gets to challenge the stale and highly boring tag team champions, which WWE has settled on toilet humour for, in The New Day. It's simply boring, tired and same old convenience.

Simon Gotch started the proceedings with Enzo Amore as Aiden English came in to meet 'Big' Cass, some vanilla block guy with a tan from a tube. Is that Golden Sunset? Cass did a couple of moves in the corner and tagged out. Thrilling. The Pineapple head and Cass made quick tags as English was made to look foolish in his efforts to sell for Enzo and Cass with tremendous respect lost on average audiences.

Gotch got the upper hand destroying Enzo to the outside to quieten the annoying blabber mouth. Enzo hit the bottom rope hard after taking the move the wrong way and the doctor threw up the 'X' symbol for legit injuries. (This does not resemble a kiss). A stretcher arrived and Enzo was removed from the arena. The bell was called. The clip is below.

WWE just won't learn from HHH's ignorance. Enzo injured after 5mins of action failing to bump correctly. Karma's a b!tch. Listen.

You cannot disturb the moral fabric of what has helped and get off scot free. There are always consequences to upset environment.

The most annoying part was failing to get to see the sexy Aiden English in a fuller role. 

Shows you just how green NXT and Triple H's favourites with loose training are. Serious issues need addressing.

The match ended in no contest as a result.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn 

The future of WWE
Ignorance of the highest order Kevin Owens, a plus size lethargy that fails to do anything wrestling wise and no depth of a future, took on his former real life friend Sami Zayn. 

Always together in real life and seemingly inseparable, and best known outside of WWE for their Independent promotion collisions, was this really best fitted for WWE? WWE, not an Indy promotion, is now featuring other company stars in exactly the same spots with no real thrill. Plus, hasn't this already been done? Not very creative from Triple H's hard-on markdom is it?

To the WWE Universe most do not know or recognise these two random people who have had no explanation and no WWE story but another company story to convince fans of entertainment. Most fans don't even find Owens or Zayn entertaining and only the sell out NXT crowds of 200 luvvies do. Most have left WWE as just one of many reasons due to this. Triple H believes this is the best thing because he likes the pair from their Indy days.

Sami Zayn strolled on like a busker fans think is actually a cab driver, to loud "Ole!" chants. Owens was again a walk on extra, bowling ball with legs. The pair spoke loudly and yelled at each other as Owens always does and shows he can't do anything outside of an Indy circle routine. Owens was instantly laid over the table and rolling around the floor of the outside ring not two minutes in. Back in the ring he took more breather spots on the ground, talking all the time to his opponent, ruining the whole feel and essence of the match. Owens simply has no understanding how to work and has yet to wrestle in WWE.

Owens got a leg trip on Zayn to get an advantage. He went into the ring and held his hands out. Owens then stood on Zayn's hand on the steps, which looked infeasible as he held his hands out again. He then looked to the sky and held his hands out whilst yelling on his own. He then spoke loudly to Zayn again. What a star for the future. This isn't the Indies. Learn how to work. Owens is entirely useless and ruins the sport constantly. 

Next up is a chin lock rest hold for blubber guts Owens. Another breather spot. Brilliant. It was all very boring and somewhat pedestrian.

Lazy chit chat
Owens decided to walk around slowly on the spot again as always and then spoke to Michael Cole. As ever Owens pulls up Zayn's and stands in front of him looking and talking to him. How poor. Zayn made some sort of comeback as Owens told the referee to "Shut Up" while he was supposed to be on the floor in pain. Talk about selfish no sells.

Zayn took the reins again to guide calamity Kev in his clutzy cruise through. Zayn tried to lift the big block of lard in Owens but couldn't but managed to reverse into a two fall sit down powerbomb, just like Owens move. It wasn't awesome as the mark crowd revealed themselves. It was awful, empty and full of filler spots which shows just how dumbed down wrestling has become. People will tell themselves what they want to hear.

Kevin Owens disgracefully used a Frog Splash of Eddie Guerrero in a shameful disgrace which Owens is nowhere near fit to use such moves. 

The pair traded tired and empty blows on the apron as Zayn back dropped Owens off the ring canvas to have him lie on the ground yet again. Another breather spot with flippy spots as Sami Zayn ran through the corner ropes to do a DDT on Owens. It did the filler job didn't it. 

Sami Zayn walked into a random superkick from Kevin Owens out of nowhere and lost as simply as that after doing all the work to ignorant slug Owens with a cheap shot victory. Lazy WWE booking and one of Triple H's ignorant favourites, Owens has always been given everything. Owens failed to get over and Sami Zayn never even got started. Zayn is a jobber for life now. Typical WWE. 

Flap yer gums!
To fill the time he asked Byron Saxton to enter the ring so Owens could talk verbal diarrhoea again. "Ask me about beating Sami now" he barked. Poor writing at its finest. Owens claimed he beat Zayn and was better. Owens never even wrestled one move and Zayn did all the work. Hilarious.

Sadly for the fans who Owens has put off of WWE and caused ratings decline, WWE put him at ringside for the next match on commentary. WWE know how to screw themselves, don't they? Owens constantly fluffed his lines and failed to excel on a promo style commentary. It was a mess. WWE never learn. Owens continued to ruin the match in front of us with constant interrupting and reading his Triple H fed autocue. Owens is totally destroying commentary and this match like the one before. WWE are so clueless. HHH's is absolutely moronic. All over the place. Owens also decided to swear on live TV telling us things were "pissing him off" on WWE PG. 

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) w/ Maryse Vs Cesaro

Cesaro Stripping! :o
Unexplained return of real life wife who last time on WWE TV was belittling The Miz's affections and lack of championship worth helped him win by distraction on the post Wrestlemania Raw from transitional champion Zack Ryder.

Named new number one contender, stripping sex god Cesaro burst back from injury to push his claim to title glory.

Cesaro took the lead with expert technical and flip flop showboating and a perfect body slam. 

Maryse gets involved to hold Miz on the outside by the feet as Cesaro failed to lift him for a suplex. The Miz once more took advantage. 

Owens was soon taken out by a surprise return of Sami Zayn taking all the focus of the match.

The action returned to Cesaro swinging The Miz but tainted by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn coming in and distracting the referee as The Miz tapped out, but Cesaro took out the two squabbling interferers. The Miz rolled up Cesaro in a cheap win to retain the Intercontinental Championship in a worthless and forgettable match which had potential to be match of the night. Talk about zero credibility. WWE seem to be planning to put Owens back up at the top of IC title freebies, donated by Triple H. It was one of many reasons fans left WWE. 

Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho 

After his loss to part time ignorance Brock Lesnar last month, Dean Ambrose, stuck in a catch 22, could not be more typecast, boring and lost. He has no personality, no depth of character and no skillset to show off. He is tired, withered and exhausted as the "Lunatic Fringe" thanks to WWE's clueless booking. His opponent is a washed up, bloated old ignorant hag who is only there for cash. What a waste. This was meant to be exciting but was simply nothing.

Clothesline's, thrills and spills and outside beat downs for a little bit dragged this match along but there was nothing at all to recall. It was not memorable in the slightest. Jericho was old and dated again and Ambrose was an afterthought as he has typecast himself once again. Amid the hype, Ambrose has no future in sight and another pointless feud on the road to nowhere does not assist in such greatness lacking. 

Jericho failed to lock on a convincing arm lock with lots of looseness around Ambrose. Ambrose couldn't get started and it was simply lame to watch. It was meant to be exciting. There was more enjoyment watching paint dry. A nothing match at its very best.

Ambrose tried and failed an elbow drop from the top to get turned into a Walls of Jericho. The move, where Jericho now sits on the butt of his opponent, actually being a Boston Crab, moved Ambrose to the bottom rope. 

Ambrose drove a charge through the ropes to smash Jericho into the back of the ringside announce table. Ambrose stood on a table to put Y2J through it as Jericho tried a Walls on the table and instead Tossed him over the barricade as Ambrose jumped in a botched moment of lunacy. Ambrose crawled back to the ring and did the silly Cena dive into the ring at nine comeback. Ambrose used the rope flip reverse save from falling out thingy to get control of the match after a failed two count. 

Both climbed the top rope as Ambrose fell off instead, awkwardly. They covered up their mistake by using the other post to elbow drop for a two on Jericho. It was all very rushed and poorly produced. The pair returned to the turnbuckle for their proposed move, switching positions. Jericho jumped down into a gut kick as Ambrose was countered into another Boston Crab acting as Walls of Jericho submission. Jericho's saggy man boobs were shown in an unflattering moment which looked evaporated inside out. 

Jericho was easily seen blatantly telling Ambrose what to do on the ring canvas calling their next spot, in an utter failure. 
Dean Ambrose got a cheap and useless Dirty Deeds DDT after some on the spot trying to drop while Chris Jericho stops. A few knee jabs loosely used helped Dean secure the win. It looked poor, cheap and ridiculous. 

WWE Women's Championship
Charlotte (c) w/ Ric Flair Vs Natalya w/ Bret Hart

After basing a women's match on 'my daddy is better than yours' nepotism, WWE's upgraded Divas to Women's title, which looks ugly and non femine, was on the shoulders of a lacking diva who has yet to wrestle one actual match. WWE favourite and shadow daughter of Ric Flair, what's 'er face defended such a title against a real woman WWE so often like to drop at the final hurdle with a teasing chance.

Dependable and expendable.

So that's why WWE wanted Bret there? To talk up being a "survivor" from Prostate Cancer. Yet he has still chosen to be ignorant which is why he got it in the first place. He continues to be ignorant doing this new podcast 'thing' on some moronic dirty sheet after we gave Bret so much to be proud of. Karma always comes around. Learn from your lucky escapes. That's why you got unwell the first time, failing to repent from high ignorance overseas. Learn.

Bret Hart earlied stated he had "no desire to be at Payback."

Charlotte started with a ridiculous "Wooo" in Natalya's face to be taken down easily. It was pointless. 

Charlotte once again rolled outside near Bret, trying to run away. Fans began chanting for other divas instead. Charlotte missed the knee drop out of knee pad which didn't excel WWE's standards at all.

Natalya gave good heart and strong chops from Charlotte's tepid touches and moments of boredom. Charlotte failed to sell any pain and just threw Natalya around in a sad routine run through. Despite Natalya's efforts it was a poor diva's standard match once again. The title may have changed, but the scene is still as useless and divaish as ever. What a snooze fest.

Moonsault on Natalya, who took it well and made Charlotte look good, failed at two. Charlotte still can't perfect the manoeuvre and puts her knees and boots to touch the canvas on dismount. The pair are now caught in a leg lock joint as Charlotte gets to the ropes. 

Natalya was placed into Charlotte's submission as referee "Little Naitch" Charles Robinson calls the bell as Natalya failed to tap out. They just did the Montreal Screwjob on Bret again! This one was pre-planned and lame though. Bret's leg lock on Flair as Nattie did Charlotte in a sharpshooter double lock after was just pointless, and just like that, the match was forgotten.

Vince McMahon's decision

After Shane McMahon's match last month at Wrestlemania being absolutely meaningless as he has still been running Raw as its General Manager, Vince would decide who would remain in charge. His son or his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Rumours had been circulating in WWE of a potential brand split, with Shane on Raw and Steph over at Smackdown with her ignorant trophy husband Triple H.

Either way, the brand split would have been great years back, but now, in the state WWE is at, it would be worthless and stupid to mix its stars exclusively apart. WWE always act too late and never listen to what Max Waltham once advised. Look at the state of them now.

CM Punk chants plagued Vince McMahon who seemed pleased but then became rattled with the Chicago crowd.

Raw and WWE has been so successful over the last few years because of Max Waltham. The last 4-5 years have been standout proof and everyone knows it. WWE chose to take the credit once more and fail to honour such achievements. In the last year, without Waltham's guidance and failure to listen here and there, all of WWE's achievements have suffered. 

Vince read from the requirements of Waltham handbook. He wanted someone in charge who had "personal ethics, business acumen, and vision". "Personal ethics" he reinterpreted. He knows where they are but is too stubborn to email. You're loss.

Stephanie and Shane arrive all suited and booted. Steph was booed out of the building as Vince barks at the Chicago "animals." "Show some respect!" he yelled. Many find that quite rich from Vin. Steph touted more lines of Waltham essence with her "leadership" and all that. Yeah, yeah...

Stephanie was viciously booed more than Roman Reigns.

WWE then laughably sunk to a new low desperate to use dirt sheets to get WWE audience attention back up with 'headlines'. It was pathetic and meaningless and we all know who led those headlines. There are no substitutes, no matter how much you try. Failure will follow. It is futile to try so bleakly. Fish and chip wrapper filling it is worthy off. Or when you run out of loo paper.

Vince ended his blockbuster announcement with an anticlimactic revelation that both McMahon's would be running Raw. They will have to "figure it out." Call me, luv. Is that it? The announcement for fans was over. While some expected a rumoured brand split, WWE clearly decided this was not the way. We earlier explained also that a brand split years ago would have worked but now, with short stacked stars, injuries and suspensions galore, it is not feasible to mix up stars fans tune in for which are already sidelined on the main roster by WWE's lack of booking direction for Triple H's highly ignorant, unmaterialising favourites. A brand split is not needed, WWE simply need to listen, avoid ignorance and get some actual brainwaves on board. None of the writers, champions, competitors, creative directors, bitter hiring moron come fandom mark and flying monkeys will achieve that. Drastic measures are needed, babe. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Roman Reigns (c) Vs AJ Styles

A boring and outdated star versus the same. Triple H wasn't in this one, well not in person. Roman Reigns, struggling to get over after his third championship run and first major one, took on some vanilla midget who likes to jump around like Action Man figurines. The ignorant AJ Styles has done absolutely nothing of interest since his overly green 'surprise' entry in January's Royal Rumble and an uneventful 'feud' of sorts with ageing geezer Chris Jericho. 

Is this the future? Some green Action Man dude from that place from over the way and the Indies where he's still a budget bore? WWE think this is great. How wrong they are. Again, most fans do not know who he is. WWE, more so Triple H, a mark in love with his own opinion, believed his boyfriend's Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows from their New Japan fluff jobs, were the bee's knees. Triple H's ego knows no bounds and is once again destroying WWE's future on a basis of a random mark whim. All of them are useless, boring, dated and can't actually wrestle. All of them have also bypassed the traditional developmental stages in WWE crafting to troubling effects. Once again this was mark moron Triple H's doing. Score!

AJ Styles isn't over, Roman Reigns is just really hated. Budget replacement for Bray Wyatt. A little throw around looking lost by both. Both failing to get started. AJ worked over Roman's arm to get an advantage as Reigns tossed him over with ease. AJ follows up with random flips and mousey throws that don't really excel heavyweight standards. 

AJ went outside asking Reigns to get him, which he tried and Styles ran into the ring like a cat and mouse wimp. AJ continued to run and try to jump every move. The poor hickory dumpling was once again on the outside simply looking at Reigns. He just walked around and into the ring. What quality wrestling matches these are. Reigns clubs Styles down. 

Reigns picked up and slammed Styles down in a good roll up, lift, clutch powerbomb. A sit down followed with a close two fall which looked unbelievable from Styles lack of err, style and Reigns not being over. Reigns looks for a Superman punch only to be floored by one of AJ's jump up kicks in a random jump.

Action Man AJ did another little jump takedown which really shows how pathetic WWE have become as a product with no oomph. The ring saw lots of empty spots and the pair just standing there lost. How sad. Why Styles was put in this position is quite clueless. 

AJ rolled some random one leg, ground submission which looked stupid and clumsy. Reigns reached the rope but made out he was hurt. AJ tapped Reigns off the side to the outside and Styles predictably jumped over the top rope to knock Reigns through the table for a flippy sh*t spot. Ever the glorified stuntman. It was routine and nothing exceptional as well as losing all momentum. 

AJ Styles could not lift Roman Reigns into the ring and broke the count at nine. Reigns remains WWE World Heavyweight Champion as AJ Styles wins by countout.
Out comes Shane McMahon to order a restart. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
No Countout
Roman Reigns (c) Vs AJ Styles

A little Money in the Bank taster without the briefcase thing, Styles could not manage to knock Roman Reigns down until a few sidekicks looking completely kack handed and messy. Styles climbed to the top to do a 450 splash, ever predictable. Roman Reigns got knees up and stopped AJ but only took a two fall pin. 

AJ Styles failed to land close enough to Reigns to effectively get punched in the gut which was supposed to be a low blow. AJ Styles wins by disqualification. Roman Reigns is still WWE champion.

It was now Stephanie's turn to restart the match in predictable fashion. What an absolute mess this all is. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
No Countout, No Disqualification
Roman Reigns (c) Vs AJ Styles

Roman Reigns took it outside and smashed AJ Styles into all the areas, tables and over the barricade to the crowd. AJ charged at the barricade to flip Reigns over with a clothesline but AJ bungled the move with lacking skill and too rushed without thinking. It was sloppy and could have injured Reigns. 

Styles sends Roman to the ring as he top rope jumps over to Roman Reigns who counters with a Superman Punch. The match went on too long with too many stupidities as AJ Styles then kicked out.

Another Superman Punch delivered to puny AJ with ease. Reigns readies himself with a howl as AJ Styles' unknown pals Luke Gallows and bookend ignorance Karl Anderson arrive and attack Roman Reigns. Gallows holds Reigns up as Anderson tried to do a dropkick by failed to connect properly. Anderson always gets carried and does nothing already. 

AJ Styles jumps over the ropes to smash Roman Reigns, who gets his foot on the bottom rope in a close count. The Uso's arrive now to stop the bookend baldies. AJ Styles climbs to the top post as Roman Reigns cleverly tosses AJ over ion top of the rabble beneath him. Everyone needs an Action Man don't they?

Roman Reigns then flings himself at the group as AJ Styles dodges like a wimp and hides on the barricade ramp to jump punch Reigns. AJ hits a jumping splash from the top (what else) to cover Roman for a close and poor man's two fall. AJ Styles tries for the Styles Clash, reversed, missed, ran the ropes and walked into a hard hitting Spear from Roman Reigns to silence the ignorant Action Man loser AJ Styles. 

The show closed with the McMahon's chatting about their co-General Managing of Raw and said AJ Styles should get a rematch at Extreme Rules. So there you have it, a man who has done nothing to earn a rematch or on any merit of skill is given another hand me down freebie. Are WWE really that clueless at a loss for something to present?

Pre Show 
United States Championship
Kalisto (c) Vs Ryback

Highly ignorant vanilla midget Kalisto was put into the exact same spot with the exact same challenger one month later over the exact same title. WWE have no clue what to do and should have simply replaced Ryback and dropped Kalisto beforehand. The ignorant disgrace to the US title can't ever achieve in WWE and has no future. How WWE are so moronically obsessed with Triple H's wayward nose lacking any smell for hot properties is simply laughable for a former company that was supposed to be exceptional. 

WWE need new champions and new competition, which is brimming on the roster. They always choose the wrong ones. The United states title has once again become a completely worthless tool that can't even get disgraced title holders over. It is also infeasible to believe some highly ignorant vanilla midget would contribute to WWE's future, its success or title building values. Kalisto won.

Oh, and no-one actually cared.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin

Fresh from his Wrestlemania victory as a random jobber in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Barry Corbin (is that his name?) was ushered into the resident Dolph Ziggler filler spot. How exciting for both of them. Green, lacking depth and just there Corbin has no direction and another loosely placed call up that threatens WWE's livelihood. He came from NXT at the behest of Triple H.

This match was actually billed on the card but then dropped to the pre-show. Looking like a Skinner style pant laced star, Baron Corbin, whom WWE gave the Andre Memorial win to, chose once more to honour its most irrelevant prize at Wrestlemania by having Dolph Ziggler win. Way to elevate a new star. Which questions why he was brought up and also won the Battle Royal last month when nothing was going to be achieved with it. Tiresome.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Aiden English, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, Natalya, Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns

Man/Woman of the PPV - Vince McMahon

WWE had advertised for The Wyatt Family to be the stars of Payback. With Luke Harper and then Bray Wyatt becoming injured, plans were naturally stalled. WWE have no clue what is in store. With plans to make Bray Wyatt the new megastar as an honourable man was never going to work as WWE's booking has lost all belief by fans and industry experts to make that happen. Loosely trying to base Wyatt on myself but used as a tool of abuse messaging than making a growing star, WWE have no options left and Wyatt is plainly nothing anymore. No one could even hope to mimic the mighty Max Waltham, but WWE are trying to bottle his essence in every star that becomes the big, new guy. It cannot be bottled. Waltham is unique and WWE hate to acknowledge it, despite stealing everything from him and treating him like dirt as the grand bullies WWE always are. Humility is never at the heart of a McMahon as of late. Change for the better is their biggest challenge. For Wyatt, though, no one cares at all anymore. It's over. WWE have played their last card. 

The future of the WWE
Kevin Owens completely marred commentary, took away from the match and interrupted all over the place almost every second. It was poor, embarrassing and highly disrespectful to the business. It was also highly green on commentary proving Owens just cannot do anything in WWE in or out of the ring well.

Cesaro gave The Miz the best technical few minutes of the night but none of it was memorable thanks to the distraction side attractions of Maryse, commentary and Sami Zayn. What honestly was the point? WWE are making Dixie Carter look good at this point. It was all over the place and a complete omni-shambles.

As for Owens lacklustre 'performance' in his match with Zayn, who did all the work, Owens, of high ignorance, has no value to WWE or the sport at all. This won't be the future of WWE and Triple H's desperation for his friend who is given everything and does nothing questions Triple H's distorted inter-personal communications with staff. It does not put WWE in the best frame of health for a future at all. Some ageing old blubber is not it. He has yet to even wrestle. It really does need serious evaluation, when WWE finally climb outside of their own selves. Zayn was a forgotten jobber. Way to get him over.

Two old farts to get the divas over. Some female uprising. The inclusion of Flair and Hart at ringside added no interest or value to the show and was just extra layers to build up this feud matchup. The finish of the match was another pointless waste of time. 

The tag titles were put into a natural and upsetting state of flux during the obvious complications. Aiden English, who made the Pro Wrestling 50 at number 33 this year, (here - Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 2015) is highly underrated and attractive in all capacities. WWE should capitalise on that and not make him a stooge instead. He is going places if WWE give two hoots. Luckily Enzo Amore's condition has been updated as suffering nothing more than a concussion, which is of course serious in itself. No further problems occurred. It was a tense moment and huge wake up call WWE did not expect coming. Lessons need to be learned instead of upsetting the environment that benefits. 

Cute, but clueless
Dean Ambrose still cannot climb the immeasurable mountain of personal growth. Stunted from his Intercontinental loss and spare fodder in the Roman Reigns champion friendship build up, serves no purpose. Ambrose is a lost soul with no direction and no interesting feuds that go absolutely nowhere. He is literally a typecast zombie with nothing to do and now a mid card jobber. That's WWE's fault, but they failed to listen to the warnings this would happen and simply forgot about him. Here he is. Nothing. His adversary in an outdated ignorant Chris Jericho, who taints everyone he now works with, isn't going to develop WWE's future. Do they care about having one in sight? Do they actually care?

Vince McMahon made his long awaited decision. While he mocked the crowd telling then he does things for him and not them, whether he likes it or not, he listens (or used to) one other. Though trying to go it alone after the last year and a half has turned a cascade of conflict and destruction to WWE's landscape and not in the way they had hoped. Son - in - law and desperate to be accepted into the fold, Triple H has cost the WWE on numbers of failed project, personal friendship call ups and self interest. McMahon felt he had to humour Trips not to make him feel left out and had hoped he would stun with a new way forward for WWE. Triple H and his personal ego has failed. Leave it at the door and be a professional. Can Triple H do it? The man is currently the most toxic force in WWE that hampers its success based on mark fandom whims than business acumen. You aint Max Waltham. Don't try to be. 

AJ Styles has not earned one spot. Given everything from Royal Rumble, inserted into mid level feuds of no value and bringing in his boyfriends from overseas, why should people care about New Japan or the IWGP Championship as his backstory? Triple H and WWE have no clue and in WWE land, only WWE exists, so why then does a new magical world exist outside of it that random people clog up the roster and are expected to be accepted? All of them are green, stuntmen, vanilla midgets with no actually skills or dominance. Dominance doesn't mean doing a power move, babe. Why WWE allowed Triple H to go on an idiotic spending spree of mark fandom with a teenage hard-on is absolutely absurd. He needs to be removed from hiring if WWE has any sense. The man cannot separate his ego from the product which has put WWE and Vince McMahon's legacy in jeopardy. AJ needed three matches and interference to try and win and still failed. Hilarious. If you can't get over now what hope is there ever? Why were these imbeciles even hired in the first place? Not to mention stealing spots from other healthy and hard grinding workers already on the roster, so often dismissed for mark favouritism of Triple H alone that wont excel at all. Nothing can be done to change it no matter how futile WWE's attempts. It isn't going to happen. They were told. They chose not to listen. These are your results. 

It is infeasible for WWE to think that waiting for the John Cena's and Randy Orton's to heal will help WWE succeed once again. Though relying on Triple H's warped reliance on high ignorance that cannot deliver and the man's festingly toxic ego is no substitute. Turning developmental WWE ground into an non-entity 'brand' of unprepared green Indy luvvies to liken a Indy WWE zone is plainly embarrassing. A run down version of TNA fodder with other Indy darlings filling up the numbers makes WWE the grandest fools they have ever been. This is WWE, not a random Indy show with popcorn and smiles.

Ironicallly WWE gave New Day popcorn. 
Under Triple H's mark luv in of ignorance, ratings have slumped, stock has dropped and investors are unconvinced of WWE's unstable future. 2016 will not see any positives and time to bail is now. Most already did a year ago which WWE thought they could just do what they want and survive because it has money. How wrong they were. Triple H wanted to be nasty, vile and abusive to outdo Max Waltham and prove to the McMahon's that he can run WWE viably. Triple H has failed on every project he has committed himself to. To be so egotistically warped and distorted has proven costly. Social Media integration and brand overload enhancements for the company continue to distort the walls of WWE's product and Triple H continues to misunderstand this. Thinking its all about getting a headline or photo opportunity, WWE has lost its core values. All thanks to Triple H needing to be loved and accepted while proving he is the best. What arrogance has cost the might WCW mid card jobber securing his McMahonly heritage by way of brass ring. Owens showed zero respect for the commentary angle to the match and its competitors making it a glorious waste of time. there is literally nothing he can do in WWE. Demote him and send him on his way. He is destroying the product, among others. Fans left because of him and Triple H. WWE fail to listen. WWE is at crisis point. Once again in troubled times, Vince relies on himself and the family to turn up numbers. You can't rely on that alone and after a while, and with no other stars apart from those included, there is no reason to champion WWE on that basis alone, is there?

Too stubborn and choosing everything but the obvious provides WWE with only one route under triple H's failed attitude of hate. Destruction, loss and failure. Three things WWE hate to be. Triple H is incapable of listening and a very bitter and twisted individual to those who have proven loyal to the company and supported. Triple H only remembers the bad and never the good. That is how toxic his core emanates from his bodily vapours of disingenuous appearances. The man is destroying WWE and needs to back up and put his childish behaviour behind to work with those that make the company work. Until Triple H can lose his vile hatred he may just start to succeed. That doesn't include ignorant, mark favourites from Triple H that last all of five minutes of fame. This is a company, not a game. Triple H is proving to have no business acumen and desperate to fit in to the McMahon fold while always falling short of delivering a quality product with likeable and bankable names outside of his favourites he wants to see. Currently he does not represent anyone who wants to be at WWE events. Triple H has much to learn. Vince McMahon needs to intervene imminently if he wants a future legacy to be proud of. Currently it has all gone to dirt. There may be no way back should this continue and WWE, while will always have money to be open, will be at a continual loss forever. Wrestling under this directive, is failing gradually and the end is nigh should this continue. 2016 and beyond is the most troubling era for the business as well as the beloved sport turned poisonous and nasty by one man and his vicious King Cobra bite.

WWE Payback is usually always good every year surprisingly. Tonight is worst than Mania tipping the scales at 1/10. Both scored 1/10 but Wrestlemania only slightly edged forward. Either way both, and back to back, were absolutely horrendous. Nothing worked. With that WWE looks set to fail again. Unless it takes drastic action to fix its product with the right people and puts its egotistical hate aside, WWE is on a downward spiral. This is about the future of a company, not simply playing games for funsies to poke fun at. 

As we said last month, Vince McMahon, get your sh*t together.

You're Welcome.

© Max Waltham 02nd May 2015
All Rights Reserved