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Fabulous Moolah Obituary

The Fabulous Moolah:

28 fabulous years defining a generation

A year and a half in the making,  and kept under wraps for a while since for may reasons including credible respect to the late female whilst certain timing in the wrestling world was not right to publish, now Wrestling Wonders exclusively honours one of the greatest female champions in history.

Born July 22nd, 1923, Mary Lillian Ellison would go on to become the most cemented female wrestler of the sport.
She began inspiring female grapplers most notably as part of the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection tandem bearing witness to her battle against Wendi Richter and pop icon Cyndi Lauper. Defeating Richter in 1984,  Ellison gained her very first WWF women's championship.
The four-time champion, every reign lasting in length, earned the longest title reign in history by any professional athlete among the WWF.

Winning the NWA World Women’s championship in 1956, she held the title over an impressive near thirty years.
Her career started in 1949 trained by promoter Mildred Burke. Her first bout was against June Byers on May 26th. Her first characterisation, Slave Girl Moolah, brainchild of Jack Pfeiffer, joined male wrestler Johnny Long, her future husband.

As early as 1950, Moolah abetted “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers contributing appeal to male audiences, also helping him against competition. Turning sour in the realms of reality, Rogers, a charismatic and handsome wrestler at that time, sought more from her personally, which Ellison rejected, allowing herself to avoid becoming part of a sexual relationship which then led to their on screen partnership to become redundant. 

Still in the ‘50s, Ellison moved on with her career shepherding Elephant Boy, a Mexican wrestler portrayed by Tony Olivias which soon sparked controversy with the audience in that era. Entering the ring, she planted a kiss as routine to her beau on the cheek. Audiences were very particular regarding ethnicity back then and fans considered interracial connections with the wrestlers untoward and forbidden. The Mexican was considered black to the audience. Shortly after this period, Moolah made the decision to part ways with the company. To this day, it remains a mystery whether this reception caused her departure from said organisation, under Pfeiffer’s rule.

Embarking on a new chapter, working with Boston promoters, Ellison was soon headed to Vince McMahon's Sr to link with his Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1955.

The following year in ’56, the women's world championship was vacant, a perfect time for Moolah to participate in a thirteen woman battle royal besting Judy Grable as the last woman remaining to capture the title. This title shares its heritage with the NWA world women's championship. Under control of Billy Wolfe, the NWA neglected to recognise her as NWA champion since rebuffing his advances in previous years, with strained relations, politically.

Subsequently, McMahon Sr rewarded her accolades re-branding her “The Fabulous Moolah.” Even retired grappler June Buyers broke tradition of retirement to face Moolah for the honourable championship, which Buyers could not wrest from her adversary’s waist. Moolah’s first championship rule lasted a decade, totaling ten outstanding years in the sport. She defended successfully against many opponents including a face from her past, Judy Grable.

Buyers eventually re-retired in 1964, leaving Moolah to be finally acknowledged as NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) champion which melded her as the very first undisputed women's world champion. Betty Boucher ended her longstanding as champion in 1966, only for Ellison to restore rule weeks later. She also traded it to Yukiko Tomoe, on a tour of Japan in ’68.

Banned from wrestling at its most noted home for the sport, Madison Square Garden, women’s wrestling entered a new era of monumental historic change on July 1st 1972, as Moolah became the first woman to ever wrestle in the garden itself. Female wrestling was shifting into a rapid change worldwide. Lifting a ban with the New York Athletic Commission, Moolah persuaded the state of New York to accept female wrestling in June 1972, cementing a legacy encouraging all females after her.

Stronghold to the title and reforming female stance on the sport, in the late 70s, Ellison bought legal rights to the championship. She went on for another six year reign after being without said championship for two days, when transitional champ Evelyn Stevens held it in 1978. 

During ’83, the WWF was expanding. Vince McMahon Jr, (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) convinced Moolah to sell him the championship. Issuing a national outreach, the WWF acquired the title, where Moolah and McMahon, bartered exclusivity to the company and in doing so went on to became the first WWF Women’s champion.

Plunged into a new era, pop/rock icon Cyndi Lauper began a fierce war of words with Captain Lou Albano. Albano caused enough outrage to create a topic of mainstream culture from the feud, sparking the highly influential Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection. Requiring a powerful female to silence Lauper’s protégé Wendi Richter, the pair met on PPV. Representing Albano, Moolah’s title found itself on the line. Richter downed Moolah’s attempt in a hotly anticipated challenge for the title at PPV, The Brawl to End It All. Albano joined Moolah’s corner in support. The pay-per-view was broadcast on the MTV music channel, beginning the WWF's major dominance in media relations. The company made public knowledge of Moolah’s accomplishments, spanned over the previous twenty-eight years as champion.

Moolah featured in a programme supporting Leilani Kai in her battle with Richter as champion in February 1985; however the underlying tension backstage was becoming somewhat sour. The relationship between the WWF and Richter was waning. Moolah, instructed to don a mask saw her regain the championship on November 25th in what would be a controversial decision. Ugly scenes unfolded as Richter had not been informed beforehand she was scheduled to lose the title to Moolah, shielded by her mask as “Spider Lady.” This was classified as the original screw job reminiscent to the Montréal double-cross in 1997 involving Bret “Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels. Livid, Richter decisively quit the organisation swiftly whilst Moolah continued on as champion over the coming two years.

Moolah continued on in battles with Velvet McIntyre and Sherri Martel (Sensational Sherri) over the next two years.

June 25th, 1995 approached where Moolah accepted her honours as first female wrestler to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Meeting old friend Pat Patterson, Moolah then re-surfaced for one last run in the WWE. Now featuring slender females, and archaic framed bikini models fully engrossed in sexually motivated angles, Ellison featured on Smackdown in 1998, receiving a guitar over her head by Jeff Jarrett. Accompanied by her trainer and friend Mae Young both added to comedic angles in a tastefully humorous display with sheer skill given. They proved equals to the younger girls on offer, despite the aging process.

Utilising her experience, Moolah returned to action, teaching then champion Ivory a lesson on the Raw brand, in September 1999. Meeting at No Mercy, Moolah, at a gracious seventy-six years of age proved to the world once again how to strengthen women’s wrestle, removing the title from Ivory to become the most respected ever in the sport. Ivory would relieve her of the title eight days later.

In her downturn period away from the business, Moolah also trained females and sought bookings for them with federations. Girl Wrestling Enterprises (GWE) was opened with business partner and later husband of nine years Buddy Lee. The company had high aspirations and a demanding schedule with its goals which included appearance maintenance with hair and make-up presented accordingly whilst acting womanly while dating men who were in the professional wrestling business was advised against.

Moolah came under fire also, accused of supplying talent to promoters with unsuspecting females to provide sexual affection. Susie May McCoy (Sweet Georgia Brown) spoke of being raped on occasions, confided to her daughter while trained by Moolah and Lee. Alternative statements revealed promoters wouldn’t extend agreed wrestling payment until further demand was fulfilled romantically in the ‘60s. Allegedly, Moolah forbode females attending gay bars and influenced them to consider becoming heterosexual, a response met with contradiction. Accused of being a shrewd businesswoman, females under her tutelage conclude Moolah demanded half of their payments received when booking against high profile talent including a couple of matches lined up with Wendi Richter. Moolah was accused of pinching bookings for herself at later dates. Launching the IWA (International Wrestling Association) a non-profit organisation aiding retired wrestlers in the late ‘80s – early ‘90s, she spent the remainder of her years training in Colombia, where she switched to support men learning.   

Unstable Diva Victoria soon fell to Moolah on September 15th, 2003. To celebrate her birthday, she became the first octogenarian to compete in a WWE ring. Seeing an opportunity, “Legend Killer” Randy Orton strode out to congratulate Moolah’s victory. Marking his respect, Orton laid out the 80-year-old with an RKO. Moolah signified another bout of professionalism and adoration for the fall fabulously.

She would make appearances in 2006 and 2007, including Wrestlemania 23 and the draft lottery, while also featuring with Vince McMahon and William Regal. That would be her last showcase in August 2007.

For a young female in a male dominated world, aiming to put female wrestling onto the radar in a positive light, The Fabulous Moolah became the beacon of light to all females around the world inspired to make something more of themselves and the audience. Realising a lucrative market, she sent the benchmark for all aiming high.

Personal differences and issues of allegations, for which Moolah sidestepped in part, took the long way around. Training, booking and wrestling without sexual influences herself, created the platform of female wrestling rather than eye candy gaining notorious respect by all her peers years to come and in the future. The only pinnacle of female wrestling in the ring, able to re-structure an entire division, Moolah remains Queen of the ring. The biggest challenge for the future will be upholding that legacy for females worldwide. No one will ever emulate Moolah, and no one is trying to, but aiming to maintain the platform she created should continue to be a priority.

With a career filled with yearly reigns, everyone meaningful and monumental with influence, it is no wonder this female grappler left an air of hope for all of today’s performers. If they can find their niche, and work at it tenfold, perhaps, on some level, those parameters of women’s wrestling can resurface in a somewhat backward portrayal.

The Fabulous Moolah, at 84, stood the test of time for every decade of her life in the ring. Blossoming from a fifteen year old girl to a fully fledged leading lady; Mary Lillian Ellison truly became the “First Goddess of the Squared Circle” where this woman changed an entire dimension in the sport she loved. Ellison passed on November 2nd 2007 due to a blood clot from shoulder surgery. R.I.P. X

© Max Waltham 30th October 2012

Friday, 26 October 2012

AJ Resigns as Raw GM

AJ Resigns as Raw GM

Well that lasted long. General Manager of the Raw brand, a Smackdown superstar, AJ chose to resign her post on Raw’s October 22nd broadcast.

After laying her hands on superstars and staff, juvenile antics and inept business decisions, aided by Mr.McMahon, AJ stepped down after “hours of meetings” with the Board of Directors.

Lasting one day short of three months, her last big choice for the boot was “fraternising with a superstar” on the current roster. Super stud John Cena was named as the one whom AJ had an affair! Gasp! You can see the inspiration for this here  - John Cena's affair exposed and here - Who should Max Waltham have a relationship with (Originally titled "affair" )

So, why did AJ leave her post?

AJ’s entrance theme to happy bunny bouncing music with that very hoppish behaviour in a suit did not encapsulate the future in any respect. How can Raw be guaranteed to make it to “the next 2000 episodes” as McMahon spoke on the Raw 1000 show on July 23rd.

The original plan to draft in Ric Flair for the role was put on hold after its halting process marred by TNA, and Flair being lined up for the role to manage Dolph Ziggler instead, saw a newly named “Managing supervisor” of Raw. The role went to Vickie Guerrero. Heyman shrewdly asked for the role of GM, which McMahon declined. AJ's removal was planned last week and weeks prior decided, though delayed for other reasons. The role was too advanced for her.

It was a short sighted choice WWE made as officials were “high” on her in her crazy chick angles with CM Punk. We at Wrestling Wonders explained to some extent that the role in the CM Punk – Daniel Bryan – Kane saga was fair, though was not going to last in a higher role. WWE rushed the decision, as usual, not thinking long term. With viewing figures down and AJ unable to make enough headway in the position, nor gain any credibility longstanding, it was only a matter of time before she fell. WWE should have protected her from this by not giving her the role so whimsically.

Should have married Daniel Bryan after all

Of course, parts of this was another knock at yours truly from WWE’s perspective once she gained the role, to a degree, and in mimicking us, WWE, through its egotistical bravado and nonchalant personification, once again ruined itself from within. In desperate attempts to feel they “won” whatever it is they try to say without making it clear, if we are point scoring as THEY are, (we couldn't care less) then, they lost.

Serial Sex Pest Cena adds AJ to the list

Some will still stick with AJ, naturally, though how much of her credibility to WWE has now been damaged? Of course, WWE will line up a future Diva’s (Unified Women’s) championship run for her, which will highly disinterest people once more. 

© Max Waltham 26th October 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Metamorpha-Miz! Set to reclaim title picture?

The Miz to return to 
top of the title picture?

WWE plan to reintroduce the former WWE champion into high profile feuds before being able to work back into the area of top tier performers.

As mentioned previously on Wrestling Wonders, Miz should have been positioned back towards headline status upon his return to the Money in the Bank 2012 Pay Per View. WWE should also have considered, and followed through in our opinion, to turn him as a babyface.

Many fans are pleased to hear the hot hunk with oily legs and impressive coat return to the top formation. Others however feel the late move by WWE is reason only to gather mainstream media attention, despite Miz’s improvement and commitment to the sport.

Miz recently dropped the Intercontinental championship to Kofi Kingston, who hasn’t been seen with it, nor Miz being witnessed losing the title, which was a daft move for both parties which could have encouraged audience interest.

Miz will be thrust into stand out, notable feuds to re-work his profile back to the top spot, instead of being inserted up there, like Ryback, most recently, who is devoid of personality and technique, without earning his spot at all.

WWE had shelved a lot of The Miz’s start/stop treatment to make others excel and now realise Miz needs esteemed raising as one of the company’s constant strongholds in all areas.  This is a valid move, however needs to be a serious push and not “when WWE get bored” because the audience are already bored and a good proportion have abandoned the product altogether.

The Miz will feature on this year’s Survivor Series poster.

© Max Waltham 24th October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk attacks innocent fan

WWE Champion CM Punk 
attacks innocent fan

During the end of the main event match on Monday 8th October 2012, WWE champion CM Punk attacked a fan in the audience live on Raw’s televised broadcast.

Vince McMahon, Punk’s opponent of the evening was in the ring, having drove  him into the fan pit in the stalls. McMahon said Punk would have to choose to fight Ryback or John Cena at the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, though instead fought a fan instead.

Unsuspecting victim Charles Schmidt, who was attacked, chose not to press charges initially, though is now rumoured to be seeking legal advice with an attorney.

With Vince McMahon returning to WWE Raw to address the “State of the WWE” – which you can see formed from our address here - State of the WWE  . McMahon, who did not address any state in the evening, set a main event with the WWE Champion. McMahon is said to be “livid” with the WWE champion over the incident. Punk earlier battered Vince McMahon, as scheduled in the ring.

Is this the beginning of the end 
for McMahon’s WWE?

With John Cena injured and losing steam eventually, Orton in the doghouse and Sheamus unable to provide, with Ryback and Big Show as company spares that cause more mayhem possible adding to decreasing ratings and no one in sight as the new star to rise, is the company destined to fall within a five to ten year timespan?

Either way, the WWE champion launched an attack on a live fan in attendance. Be A Star!

WWE released this public statement - "WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk's persona as a 'bad guy' fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck him in the kidney and on the back. WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment."

Earlier in the week, McMahon removed Brian Gewirtz as head writer of Raw since ratings plummeted to an all-time low back to back last week and the week before it. Gewirtz had been highly respected since his arrival in 2000. Click here -  Brian Gewirtz demoted as Raw head writer .

WWE can thank CBS13 reporter Laura Coles for creating this sh*t storm, whom WWE allowed into their live arena. Even with a coup under her nose, she still provided a crap story.

Though we were surprised invited guest journalist Larry King, who was involved in the programme, failed to pick this story up. 

You can view the incident below. 

© Max Waltham 10th October 2012

Lead writer of Raw, Brian Gewirtz demoted

Lead writer of Raw demoted

Brian Gewirtz, the lead writer of Raw, for its creative writing department, was unceremoniously removed from his post as head writer for the Raw brand, since his debut in 2000. One source on the creative writing team stated “No one saw this coming” as Vince McMahon sternly asked the team to give him “results or resignations” after seeing a rapid decline in viewership.

Last week (1st October) saw the worst ratings for Raw in years. It came a week after the then worst Raw happened on September 24th where WWE assumed it would increase afterwards. “When you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me.”

Gewirtz was sent home from Raw that evening. Gewirtz occasionally played on-screen stand in roles. He looks quite cute, doesn't he? Gewirtz is said to be remaining with the company as a "consultant."

Appeared on WWE TV in 2001.
Looks like WWE could use someone clever enough to get their product over to the audience. Pride costs ratings.

© Max Waltham 10th October 2012

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hulk Hogan sex tape leaked online - 1m Preview!

Hulk Hogan sex tape 
snippet released online

Since storming the net in March with revelations of a saucy sex tape, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan featured in his own grainy tape.

Terry Bollea, 59, can be seen running wild in the minute long snippet naked with an unidentified babe rumoured to be best friend DJ Bubba The Love Sponge’s now ex-wife, Heather Clem. Hogan can be clearly seen romping with the female on the bed, full with audio, making an impact with full penetrative action after receiving hands free oral sex. That’s just lazy, brother.

He also took a phone call in between assuming his son Nick, famous for causing a fatal injury to his best friend in a car accident some time ago. It wasn't Hogan’s son calling as Bollea initially assumed. He continued to inform that Nick’s female partner's twin sister wanted to 'date' the 59 year old “commodity.”

In the impact zone

Hulk and his lawyer, David R Houston are sticking to the story that Hulk was unaware the tape was being secretly filmed without his knowledge.

Houston added - "We are going to do everything in our power to figure out who did it. Anyone displaying the tape will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law."

No bars to hold on to...

The Xplosion came after website Gawker featured the clip on its site here – (this is, of course, our source) [Be warned, adult content may be viewed, if offended don't view it] - Gawker show Hulk sex tape here 

After the deed, Hulk claims he “felt like a pig.”

Porn exec’s including Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment still hope to convince Hulk to release the tape as a money making venture of mass proportion. A copy of the tape is alleged to have been burned and sent to the Hulkster. Hogan blamed his divorce with then wife Linda for his rampant behaviour.

© Max Waltham 06th October 2012

TNA's British Boot Camp: Valid or a disaster in the making?

TNA's British Boot Camp:
Valid or a disaster in the making?

Spud and his entourage

British Boot Camp is a mini series, which TNA Wrestling have initiated in order to find some British ‘talent.’ The show, featuring a record four contenders, including 'Rockstar' Spud, the Blossom Twins (Hannah and Holly) and the odious Marty Scurll aims to find a victor, then rewarded with a TNA contract and place on the UK TNA tour in January 2013. The show is due to air in December this year on TV gaming show station, Challenge in the UK.

Scurll and Spud, who had both pretended to have a real life feud before the show was announced to create tension and gain brief exposure to their lesser names in pro wrestling, have also featured on tasteless reality shows. Spud appeared on “Snog, Marry, Avoid” a show which takes horrific looking people and gives them a “make under” to become a natural beauty. Scurll on the other hand was so desperate for any attention he chose to apply for a dating show.

The desperate 24 yr old, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, who uses media attention to gain attraction only to abuse those who launch his platform, featured on the show, Take Me Out, to gain a date with loose ladies, infamous for staging sex orgies, of which Scurll, one of near 40 people was involved. Media whore Scurll was caught on the front page participating in the orgy being straddled by a female who didn’t pick him for a date. Another male was seen cheering him on nearby as others watched.

Scurll, participating in a mass orgy

Trashed mansion

Boozy Scurll, who also admitted on the show he is 'back to school' studying for a degree at college, in case wrestling doesn't work out as his ‘back up plan’ was also expelled  from WxW in Germany last year after causing fights with other members of the roster. His date of the show didn't wish to continue seeing the failed cruiserweight, caught leaving their hotel room after a saucy all-night collaboration.

String bean Scurll

Scurll, who has often had naked fights in McDonalds restaurants with his partner Zack Sabre Jr furthers immaturity and ungracious dignity. Scurll happens to be best friends with TNA superstar Magnus, many assume has tried to ‘sneak him in the back door’. Martin also mentioned recently “I’m not sure what TNA bootcamp is.”

During filming, near two weeks ago, underachiever Scurll expressed his problems maintaining the process of schedule, claiming it was “the most stressful day ever.”

Blossom Twins Hannah and Holly

With TNA’s knockout division at an all-time sufferable low, if they have sense they will offer the Blossom’s a contract. TNA needs reliability and those able to hack it. The Twins often hand out cupcakes when approaching the ring. Not exactly Jeff Jarrett’s taco’s, though all the same, with beauties and food, what more do you need? The Blossoms, who add a unique trait, could benefit the company. Scurll and Spud will continue their fictional feud for mainstream attention once TNA parts ways. Would it be a valid investment by TNA to employ washed up, struggling Indy talent unable to get over? Or take unique acquisitions that benefit one and all?

Trainer, Hogan

All four contestants will be trained by supreme wrestler Hulk Hogan and Rollerball Rocco.

On September 30th, minor Indy promotion PROGRESS Wrestling kicked off with Jeremy Bore-rash introducing the TNA British boot camp with a preview to warm its crowd of ‘fans’ from a derelict garage in London.

© Max Waltham 06th October 2012